Where Will The Ball Go? (Game) 

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Matt O
Matt O Dag sedan
Rhetts shirts is tiny and Links shirt is way too big hahhaa the nuances in the comedy
Tatourice Reaver
Tatourice Reaver 2 dagar sedan
Disturbing xD
Ryan Corner
Ryan Corner 3 dagar sedan
BenoProductions 5 dagar sedan
8:46 if only it said, "Good job Rhett!"
uhklee 6 dagar sedan
anyone say Sea instead of Eye ? 😭😭
Juliette Anglehart
Juliette Anglehart 6 dagar sedan
talented who made it tho
Emily Winslett
Emily Winslett 7 dagar sedan
Ok but real talk.... Rhett and Link for sure won the glow up challenge
Andy Vartanyan
Andy Vartanyan 7 dagar sedan
The way Rhett says golf. “Gof”
David Atkins
David Atkins 7 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure the answer to Links opening riddle is actually "Y" or "Why". That fits better with the 2020 part... Because WHY would 2020 be great for anyone???
Triston Loux
Triston Loux 7 dagar sedan
I thought the answer to links riddle was “why”
F S 9 dagar sedan
I liked the way they creatively decided to set new goals to keep the game interesting! :D The way they played it made me forget how cool was the original setting :))
elder_turtle 10 dagar sedan
Beardless Rhett is something I never want to see again 🤣
Laura G
Laura G 10 dagar sedan
the fact that Rhett always takes pictures of Link sleeping is lowkey adorable lol
Crxupted 10 dagar sedan
For the letter I said c/see/sea
DSL CLAPZ 15 dagar sedan
Zirkitri 16 dagar sedan
This episode feels like a GMMore episode
DeadSkeleton 16 dagar sedan
I'm watching this during dinner B)
Catherine Gilbert
Catherine Gilbert 16 dagar sedan
My favorite episode. Those guys who made the machines are so clever.
Lavoris Fields
Lavoris Fields 17 dagar sedan
It’s Rhett not listening to the riddle😂
Murp 17 dagar sedan
This was a good video
Laura Rose
Laura Rose 19 dagar sedan
Please make an official wallpaper the moment they hold each other hands and have their head inside their shirts and laughing, being chaotic with each other please. That was such a brosome moment. Full of happiness
krysa boyce
krysa boyce 23 dagar sedan
My guess was “why” for links riddle
Sydney Whalley
Sydney Whalley 24 dagar sedan
Rhett- the ummm coffee maker on the right Stevie- the kettle? Rhett- um yeah the um glass kettle whatever it is
iMaTru3cObRa 24 dagar sedan
Perfectly balanced as all things should be
GR Comics
GR Comics 25 dagar sedan
idc abt anything now i saw rhett without beard
Gabriel CHAMAT
Gabriel CHAMAT 28 dagar sedan
9:40 lolol
Skyler York
Skyler York 29 dagar sedan
Can y'all please do every episodes with holes in your shirts!?!!!!
Skyler York
Skyler York 29 dagar sedan
The best thing on the internet 🤣🤣🤣
Samantha Worthen
Samantha Worthen Månad sedan
The gap in rhett's shirt kinda looks like a potato
Anna Dickens
Anna Dickens Månad sedan
Oh lordy, Beavis and Butt-Head flashbacks 😂
Adam Gough
Adam Gough Månad sedan
Quick note, Rhett: The “l” in golf is not silent. Ok, carry on. 😂
JershDaHersh Månad sedan
So collectively they scored 0 points
lily Månad sedan
Imagine this being someone's first GMM episode
Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter Månad sedan
Huge disadvantage to go first since it's multiple choice. Not sure multiple choice really works for this game format.
Massanti Müller
Massanti Müller Månad sedan
-16 / 16... let that sink in lmao
Samantha Louise
Samantha Louise Månad sedan
mystery countdown theater are my favorite episodes
Maximus Eppinga
Maximus Eppinga Månad sedan
I watch the show for the perfect symmetry. .yrtemmys tcefrep eht rof wohs eht hctaw I
RadStone Rae
RadStone Rae Månad sedan
😌 Zamboni 😌
Tim Weldon
Tim Weldon Månad sedan
These are my favorite games
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith Månad sedan
9:40 How many times can Link accidentally flip the bird? Stay tuned for more.
Cody Powers
Cody Powers Månad sedan
Bring back ltat
Donika691 Månad sedan
I love how it went from competitive to cooperative. Best ending.
B B Månad sedan
Day 157 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us
North34stern Månad sedan
This reminds me of that one episode of Tom and Jerry 😂😭
Jace Hunter
Jace Hunter Månad sedan
Can we get a compilation of rhett saying "Goff" (or as normal people say "golf")
Kelsey Isbill
Kelsey Isbill Månad sedan
Can you make those link shirts merch available! I love the look
Elisa Carrillo
Elisa Carrillo Månad sedan
Not me thinking the riddle answer was queue...
Charmaine Elysa R. Sy
link leaving the middle finger😭
Steve Jarvis
Steve Jarvis Månad sedan
I have never even seen what Rhett looked like without all the hair 'til Link showed that picture of him on his shirt.
Eugene Naputi
Eugene Naputi Månad sedan
Honestly the riddle at the beginning could’ve also been “bee” considering that giant bee craze happened in 2020 🤔
Lynx Crossing
Lynx Crossing Månad sedan
“It looks like a pube face”😭😭
Julia Moncrief
Julia Moncrief Månad sedan
i think sometimes rhett and link forget they have the entire internet as an audience and i love that
Ana Margarida Modesto
This was the best episode ever, from that messy start until that ending xD
Abhishek Choudhary
Abhishek Choudhary Månad sedan
It seems FUN 😂
Mario486 Waluigi
Mario486 Waluigi Månad sedan
Even though the Mystery Countdown Theater game is very competitive, it's still interesting to watch.
East weast
East weast Månad sedan
Alternative answer to the riddle is see instead of eye
Veer Chulki
Veer Chulki Månad sedan
They honestly look more energized than ever
Cat Borger
Cat Borger Månad sedan
I miss this show, why did i stop watching
Vanessa Medina
Vanessa Medina Månad sedan
I can honestly say this is one of my favorite videos.
Mr. Elliot
Mr. Elliot Månad sedan
So Wtf Rhetts arms are Huge. Good job bruh
Rachel Cowell
Rachel Cowell Månad sedan
I'm getting pastor vibes from Link's shirt 😂😂 You guys are awesome though!
AGF Månad sedan
Love the episode also ronstadt was amazing hope to see more
Killer Croc
Killer Croc Månad sedan
The game kinda established that Rhett is definitely the smarter one
Bello DaBoss
Bello DaBoss Månad sedan
Could the answer to your riddle also be “WHY”?
ArcticWhiteWolf Månad sedan
Video starts at 4:30
Hannah Conroy
Hannah Conroy Månad sedan
My husband has watched maybe 30 gmm episodes with me, and he says this is his new favorite. 😍🙌
GQ Månad sedan
“I am the great cornholio”
Austin B
Austin B Månad sedan
Isn’t that pic of link sleeping from lily? 😂
Cici Woods
Cici Woods Månad sedan
I think for maximum luck Link needs to minimize the number of holes in his shirt by wearing a sheer body bag and Rhett needs to maximize the number of holes in his shirt by wearing a mesh/net shirt
Sternritter Månad sedan
Rhett is really smart
Hay Bale
Hay Bale Månad sedan
Detschizm Månad sedan
c is the 3rd letter of the alphabet. So wouldn't it be see?
MIddleName Neilson
MIddleName Neilson Månad sedan
I'm offically smarter than rhett lets go
pankaj sharma
pankaj sharma Månad sedan
Boy link got annihilated in this one😂😂
The Cozy PizzaQueen
The Cozy PizzaQueen Månad sedan
Links shirt makes him look like a trendy priest 0:51
AppleSlayer333 Månad sedan
POV: You witness Cornholio reincarnate as two middle aged men watching rube goldberg machines
Shikha R
Shikha R Månad sedan
I need a talking fish that says "boobaloobaloobaloobies!" 🤣
Бошко Димитријевић
Link: “Pronounced as a letter, and written with three; the year 2020 seemed perfect to me.” Me: “See?” Link: “Eye.” Me: “Close enough...”🤷🏻‍♂️
Tim Foxworth
Tim Foxworth Månad sedan
Rhett is very smart ,way smarter than link .
Jamey Hurst
Jamey Hurst Månad sedan
Simply put, this was hilarious.
satriamas Månad sedan
Link is so fun
John Eaton
John Eaton Månad sedan
7 minutes in, new merch idea
Doug JB
Doug JB Månad sedan
The current iteration of Link resembles the prior iteration of Rhett printed on his shirt *way more* than does the current iteration of Rhett.
Claire Månad sedan
What a wholesome ending to a chaotic episode 😂
Lachimolala Månad sedan
I'm going to remind link abot the goatee in 36 months
NowI'mMe Månad sedan
"Pube Face"! That needs to be a thing.
Jeffrey Meixner
Jeffrey Meixner Månad sedan
Can we buy those holey shirts on the merch store??? BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
KOG CyborgBoy
KOG CyborgBoy Månad sedan
I guessed what was gonna happen on the 4th one literally perfectly
Kittikat4124 Månad sedan
Link better have a goatee tomorrow
Scrofar Månad sedan
god Rhett's engineering professors must be FREAKING proud of him
Dave Harack
Dave Harack Månad sedan
I love the chaotic energy of this episode
りゅざき_ ひろかい
Can we discuss the absolute majesty of that rubric cube art?
Natalie Aleman
Natalie Aleman Månad sedan
This is the best show on SVdown.
Courtney Nicole
Courtney Nicole Månad sedan
“Goff” instead of GoLf 🤣
antisocialxgrl Månad sedan
Head like a hole!
J Fuzzi
J Fuzzi Månad sedan
7:00 Rhett's arms🥵
Jeremy Zimmer
Jeremy Zimmer Månad sedan
Is it just me, or does anyone else really love that shirt on Rhett? hahahaha
ExtraPulpyJoosh Månad sedan
The shirts disturb me so much this episode
Madalyn Bascom
Madalyn Bascom Månad sedan
please do this again
LeadTrumpet1 Månad sedan
Pronounced as a letter but written as three also applies to B (bee), C (see/sea), G (gee) , I (aye) , J (jay), P (pee/pea), R (are), T (tee/tea), U (you), and Y (why). Dialects will likely change the answers to this riddle.
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