When Was This KFC Food Invented? 

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Today, we're learning about the finger lickin' history of KFC. GMM # 1977

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9 jun 2021



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Kommentarer 0   
King Vire
King Vire 2 dagar sedan
Link is wearing a cotton candy randy shirt I feel like this hurting the cannon of the gmm I know
Crimson Gixxer
Crimson Gixxer 4 dagar sedan
KFC is good only when you can't get bojangles
н е б о л а ј а
its so biiig too, i love it!
Mike Ginder
Mike Ginder 4 dagar sedan
Why don't they call it "year eye with two straight guys"?
nantwon 5 dagar sedan
KFC “honey” is corn syrup
nantwon 5 dagar sedan
🌽 🍯
todd vincy
todd vincy 6 dagar sedan
Please change it back to “year eye with two straight guys”
stewielouie408 8 dagar sedan
Link getting mad about "crisping technology" is the funniest thing I've seen all day. Night y'all.
Agremen 9 dagar sedan
Ya we know stony stevie you like it big!
Ethan Molnar
Ethan Molnar 12 dagar sedan
Link was so upset when Rhett didn’t acknowledge his highschool joke.
Michael Fresta
Michael Fresta 13 dagar sedan
****New Rules with bumps/rearranging the board.**** Each round Rhett and Link can obtain 2 points. 1 point if they can guess the right year. And 1 point if their piece ends up closer to the right answer. Hmmmm......
Katie Greenwood
Katie Greenwood 13 dagar sedan
just letting link know his joke was very much appreciated
Katie Greenwood
Katie Greenwood 13 dagar sedan
idk what anyone says 8:15 is the best part of the episode 😌
AwesomeCat2012 14 dagar sedan
The last round was the only round I had a solid guess for. Strangely glad I was actually right. 🤣
Edgardo Salas
Edgardo Salas 19 dagar sedan
5:25 that's what she said
Owlgirl26 19 dagar sedan
You're in the lead son. So you go first!" I love how R&L have never lost their southern accents & roots! 😄
Johnathan Davis
Johnathan Davis 20 dagar sedan
Link is a fruit cake
Sour67 20 dagar sedan
Link is always salty 😂
hk; hhkf
hk; hhkf 24 dagar sedan
5:25 without context
Téa Snow
Téa Snow 24 dagar sedan
Anytime they say Idaho, I feel like a celebrity 😂
Harper Tracey
Harper Tracey 26 dagar sedan
How cooked the biscuits are is whoever's sitting over the stove when they're cooking and how quick they need them and now the biscuits are again just Frozen biscuits that come in cases and you filtrate and then you throw the trays in the oven when you need them
Daddy Nitro
Daddy Nitro 27 dagar sedan
Krispitech. A subsidiary of 3M.
Trần Thư
Trần Thư 28 dagar sedan
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Månad sedan
Alicia White
Alicia White Månad sedan
I'm so over Rhett in these games.
JJ Violet
JJ Violet Månad sedan
Anyone else a little upset that Rhett and Link didn’t like the Famous Bowl?
SamIAm1260 Månad sedan
Put it back! When the years are in the right order, at least you get rewarded for good logic if you are close...
Reed Osullivan
Reed Osullivan Månad sedan
It isn’t that good but I’m still eating it
PositivePasta14 Månad sedan
Famous bowl is good when it's fresh, just saying
Britton Green
Britton Green Månad sedan
BIG fan of the randomization of the decades and bumps
Jeff Drawz
Jeff Drawz Månad sedan
U know KFC is the best when it is litteraly finger lickin good like how
Mulholland’s Drive
Fries and Bhicken
blake keating
blake keating Månad sedan
Loved this one.
K P Månad sedan
When I saw Link wearing this cotton candy randy shirt it had me like "awww I miss Jordan:(" and then he was on today's episode! What a nice treat 😋
Trần Thư
Trần Thư Månad sedan
Trần Thư
Trần Thư Månad sedan
Trần Thư
Trần Thư Månad sedan
Laura Gittins
Laura Gittins Månad sedan
To bump or not to bump...that is the question.
ProXYoDa 420
ProXYoDa 420 Månad sedan
Wow link is a professional choke artist
MrTzekov Månad sedan
No biscuits here at kfc Australia we have the dinner roll however are these what we call scones
SweetxDreams1318 Månad sedan
I LOVED KFC. But recently I was one of the unlucky fee served a raw chicken sandwich. 😣 Sadly can't bring myself to eat there anymore. 😟😓
stecky87 Månad sedan
"This isn't good, but I'm still eating it" is SO on brand for Rhett XD
Guin Månad sedan
I like the shuffle of the decades but prefer the one bump rule.
Amazingpig256 Månad sedan
That's what she said 5:25
Debbie Flaherty
Debbie Flaherty Månad sedan
💁🏻‍♀️KFC gravy is a mixture of beef AND chicken base….AND IT TASTES AMAZING ON KFC SLAW!
Reagan Leonard
Reagan Leonard Månad sedan
How do they not like the famous bowl?
Yaboigotmoney Månad sedan
Alexander Byron
Alexander Byron Månad sedan
I watch shuffleboard for the scroll. Put that on a t-shirt!
Bännylicious Månad sedan
Yes, finally the decades are shuffled again! Imo that's more entertaining, but I prefer the "One bump per game" :p
Alexander Byron
Alexander Byron Månad sedan
I always lol that America calls scones biscuits! And then you don't even have jam (jelly) and cream on them! (from a British person)
Olena Gayvoronska
Olena Gayvoronska Månad sedan
All men needed healthy diets plenty vegetables and fruits, fresh made juces and stay far from junky food. You advertise food unhealthy. Sorry
Kelarys Månad sedan
Finally the game feels fun again! I will say though that in my mind I thought Link won way more since the dates had stopped being scrambled
Samuel Fotheringham
Samuel Fotheringham Månad sedan
Its like the nfl rulebook damn lol
Quick ICE Car Reviews
Back to the way it should be!
ChaoswarriorX Månad sedan
I was prepared for them to say bumping would be required every time
Andrew Barcoe
Andrew Barcoe Månad sedan
This has been the first shuffleboard game I've enjoyed since you clumped the years together, and the bumping rules for this game really added to the fun. I definitely support keeping these current rules for a while!
Gene Edwards
Gene Edwards Månad sedan
And now I need that Cotton Candy Randy shirt.
Connor O
Connor O Månad sedan
They finally found the best set of rules. Bumps and non-sequential decades.
Connor Patterson
Connor Patterson Månad sedan
Taco Bell wins the difference between dine in and take away. Drive thru Taco Bell means you had a great night, stopping to eat in at a Taco Bell means you might be depressed.
Groovy Dog
Groovy Dog Månad sedan
Cool bro’s mixing it up🤟
The Virus Uk
The Virus Uk Månad sedan
Though links last one was 2010 and the answer was 2006 so he should have won right
Nicolai Lenskjold
Nicolai Lenskjold Månad sedan
Year Eye is one of my favourite games! It's very interesting to learn new and useless information 😁
Flamecrew9 At roblox
Toy story was 1994..
Kaath Kilo
Kaath Kilo Månad sedan
TIL American KFC's don't serve dinner rolls
Shelby clarke
Shelby clarke Månad sedan
I prefer this type of shuffle board with the mixed up dates !
Imagine Wagons
Imagine Wagons Månad sedan
Ah, the gravy. I always drown my rice in gravy when I at at KFC's.
Yurii Vavrin
Yurii Vavrin Månad sedan
Steve's phrase "It's so big too, I love it" is worth putting everywhere without a context, as a meme.
Alan Otero
Alan Otero Månad sedan
UFC Wheel of Mythicality in the KFC video, clever
Baked Pepperoni
Baked Pepperoni Månad sedan
I worked at kfc and original is definitely not cooked in a pressure cooker, all the chicken is fried in the same fryer, in the same grease, the original is 1 layer of thier special recipe, extra crispy is sever layers refried
greyson berndt
greyson berndt Månad sedan
Kfc picnic on the 4th of july as it gets dark and you're waiting for the fireworks to start. That's the best way to eat kfc
kill me
kill me Månad sedan
KFC and ufc
H8RNs TRIPLE Månad sedan
"Be safe, be holy, ye olde scrolly"
Steven Guilkey
Steven Guilkey Månad sedan
Unlimited bumps?! Let's party🎉
Hunter Månad sedan
Now I just really want KFC lol 😆 can’t wait till they get the veg chick’n at all locations but I always get mashed potatoes and gravy and biscuits and fries
Thomas Mcdougall
Thomas Mcdougall Månad sedan
Did you know KFC done BBQ ribs as well
Danial Tl
Danial Tl Månad sedan
Caleb Steele
Caleb Steele Månad sedan
Link: "I'm not competitive" Me and everyone else: Sure. Whatever you say, bud...
Apaz Månad sedan
Should do a bump fest with rails on the side!
Arina Månad sedan
5:25 That's what she said.
Frank Advice
Frank Advice Månad sedan
I haven't had a good experience at KFC in 20 years.
Tom Spiller
Tom Spiller Månad sedan
im sorry, a KFC pot pie?! my mind is blown and where can i get this?!
TheMangledTriangle Månad sedan
That was the coolest game shoutout ever at the end
Skye Månad sedan
I love the bumpfest, but I think I preferred the organized layout of the decades
Alex McGauchie
Alex McGauchie Månad sedan
This is a much better board style! Glad you went back.
Some Talent Required
Nice Shoes Link! They Are The Same Shoes That I Wear Everyday!
neversaygoodbye Månad sedan
Thank you for going back to the bumps! We see y’all seeing us!! These are some of my favorite episodes! ❤️
itsVP9 Månad sedan
2006 is closer to 2010 so Link was the winner today. (*_>*)
Dr. N PsyaD
Dr. N PsyaD Månad sedan
I only watch these videos on 2x speed. It is the only way.
Leshalle Chow
Leshalle Chow Månad sedan
I fricking LOvE the KFC potpie! the crust is so flaky and buttery and its only $5 for the potpie meal! They ALWAYS forget my chocolate chip cookie though.
alexandria jones
alexandria jones Månad sedan
I just love Rhett and Link!! And all their pleasantly, friendly, competitive games. So freaking sweet, thems two!!
David Albers
David Albers Månad sedan
I find it an interesting but positive choice to have The Boys(TM) doing the measurements when things get close @11:00
Candace Tolbert
Candace Tolbert Månad sedan
I'm like 1,000% sure Link said at some point that he likes mixing all his KFC together and he just said he didn't like the famous bowl 🤣
Multifister Månad sedan
Stevie’s comment and inflection at 5:25 kind of just made my day a little bit not gonna lie
Conner Harlacher
Conner Harlacher Månad sedan
You guys should put bumpers on the sides to make bumping even more interesting.
Jack Clark
Jack Clark Månad sedan
i want stevie to read me bed time stories
logan kerr
logan kerr Månad sedan
if haven't done so yet, do McDonald's next time
Janessa Davies
Janessa Davies Månad sedan
9:16 🤚I laughed link! Lol
Bud Bud
Bud Bud Månad sedan
Just a reminder that link is actually tall (6 feet), and Rhett is just 6’7
David Scobie
David Scobie Månad sedan
We have poutine in Canada at KFC. So bad and so good for you at the same time. You have try it!
Matthew Feirstine
Matthew Feirstine Månad sedan
Wasnt the last episode of this the oreo episode? Link won that not rhett
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