What's The Stretchiest Cheese In The World? 

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Today, we're seeing which cheese is the stretchiest. GMM # 1992

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30 jun 2021



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AnEv 37 minuter sedan
Link: we need to bring the intensity down.. Link: BRING IN A BOX! BRING IN A STOOL! BRING IN SOMETHING!
Joanna Dzenowski
Trevor in the back ground is adorable😊 taking a bite of the quesadilla and getting excited over the cheese stretches😂
Heroeyes 2 dagar sedan
I want quesadillas now.
Random Nerd
Random Nerd 2 dagar sedan
Oaxaca cheese should have won. Have been to Oaxaca and that cheese is stretchy.
kyuranger Rider
kyuranger Rider 5 dagar sedan
It's not like the way he pronounced The 2nd cheese means fart or something
Kelsey H
Kelsey H 5 dagar sedan
Try every cotton candy flavor to see which is #1
Filtrated Mars
Filtrated Mars 6 dagar sedan
"Good mythical morning" Doing the things we haven't the time or energy to do ourselves
Micole Erin Madrid
Micole Erin Madrid 6 dagar sedan
2:04 Trevor’s face and Nicole’s nod on the Mythical “pool boy”😂😂
luvfitall 7 dagar sedan
luvfitall 7 dagar sedan
Lmbo Link “guys, we gotta bring the intensity down” 😂
Unprofessional Drinker
Has anyone meme’d everything Trevor does this entire episode yet???
soulassassin0g 8 dagar sedan
Oaxaca was robbed.
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 9 dagar sedan
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 9 dagar sedan
IT'S SO STRETCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shelbie Atwood
Shelbie Atwood 9 dagar sedan
This episode was so incredibly satisfying
Samuel Jacque
Samuel Jacque 9 dagar sedan
Nichol: "youve got one more cheese left" Rhett and link: " We dont need it"
Charlotte Brackenbury
Charlotte Brackenbury 10 dagar sedan
Brie would do well
David Gummersall
David Gummersall 10 dagar sedan
You can always count on Link to screw things up. When this channel ends, it will be because Rhett gets tired of Link's stupidity. Without fail, if something gets screwed up, Link had a major part in it.
Kendal Harris
Kendal Harris 10 dagar sedan
I definitely need some "Justice for OAXACA" merch after this one 😂 lol!
Shane Verge
Shane Verge 10 dagar sedan
A grown man watching two other grown men stretch cheese. Life is great.
Sheba Sunday
Sheba Sunday 11 dagar sedan
Thank God I came across Dr IGUDIA at the right time and I saw a lot of testimonies and how he has cured a lot of people from Hepatitis B virus then I contacted him for help and he actually cured me, he also has a cure for other form of STI
Nadine Schurink
Nadine Schurink 11 dagar sedan
Love that my city wonn😇
GrizzlyNina 11 dagar sedan
I desperately need the behind the scenes of this video. The change of gloves. The hair pulled back. The hat?? The additional measuring tools. The ladder. And at the very end they all just seemed to want it to end. Please. Tell us what the cheeses did to you all.
Home Recorded Sound Effects
Mukbangers: You dare challenge me?
abcdefg. 12 dagar sedan
In the famous words of Marshall Erickson... "Seriously, don't sleep on the Gouda."
Whitney Veihl
Whitney Veihl 12 dagar sedan
No Raclette?
Whitney Veihl
Whitney Veihl 12 dagar sedan
I wish my ponytail was half as glorious as Rhett's.
Jaydeee Lady!
Jaydeee Lady! 12 dagar sedan
Lmao when he said "I wanna eat that " and they were taking the plate away. 🤣
Jade Sage
Jade Sage 12 dagar sedan
Gouda… is pronounced Howda. It’s a hard h with phlegm. Ghowda.
Jewely W
Jewely W 13 dagar sedan
Provolone deserves another chance🤣
Hillz HaveEyesShadow
Hillz HaveEyesShadow 13 dagar sedan
Haha this was amazing!!!
Kickins 13 dagar sedan
I appreciate the hustle for cheesy science 😤
LeeAnn Lyons
LeeAnn Lyons 13 dagar sedan
This brings back best noodle memories
Nerf Family Studios
Nerf Family Studios 13 dagar sedan
Ahh yes the mythical pool boy 2:00
dreanna bugas
dreanna bugas 14 dagar sedan
should have taken the average from every cheese instead of the best score
Charlotte 14 dagar sedan
Louis Sanchez
Louis Sanchez 14 dagar sedan
Love these guys 😍😍
Let's do let's talk about cheese
Liz C
Liz C 14 dagar sedan
"Us?" - Nicole 2021
Oliver Henaine
Oliver Henaine 14 dagar sedan
Rhett's comments Everytime the cheese changed got me rolling hahahaha
Sarah Aldrich
Sarah Aldrich 15 dagar sedan
So Mythical mom Lorhetta really liked that pool boy
Jacob Cameron
Jacob Cameron 15 dagar sedan
I’ve grown up watching these guys and now they lost there touch ig
preet inderjit Singh
preet inderjit Singh 15 dagar sedan
I cam feel the low budget in this episode 😂
4x4Hermann 15 dagar sedan
"A gentle pull will make a successful pull" - Nicole 2021
4x4Hermann 15 dagar sedan
Link at @4:52 reminds me of when a teacher does something on accident that makes the class erupt in laughter and then has to calm them down.
Bobby Campbell
Bobby Campbell 15 dagar sedan
Mozzarella needs to cool some before it becomes stretchy
Kennedy Wilcox
Kennedy Wilcox 15 dagar sedan
Before watching this video, the answer is dairy free cheese. It stretches like glue! 😂😂😂
Nexx-Finalis 15 dagar sedan
"gUDa ChEeSe"
Franco Henríquez
Franco Henríquez 15 dagar sedan
Gouda is a type or cheese super common in south America. In Chile, where I live, we use it in fried cheese empanadas which is fried stuffed bread with creamy cheese filling.
Jordan 16 dagar sedan
Im pretty sure pulling the quesadilla at a 90 degree angle is compromising the integrity of the stretch. Its turning from tensile strength to shear strength test.
Evan Pirone Super Mario Odyssey Gamer
Hey guys me and my dad huge fan of yours
Nikki Peltz
Nikki Peltz 16 dagar sedan
Seventeenmango7 17 dagar sedan
Gouda is so good man
Tremo 17 dagar sedan
If osias see this one bagillion dollars
Jesus Gomez jr
Jesus Gomez jr 17 dagar sedan
Cheese 🧀 wet dream 💭
Adam Keif
Adam Keif 17 dagar sedan
"shoulda averaged" -Allie
Derek Paasch
Derek Paasch 18 dagar sedan
when is Lionel coming on the show?
Wojciech Pawluczuk
Wojciech Pawluczuk 18 dagar sedan
lol, u rly say good'a in us? :D
John E
John E 15 dagar sedan
In Midwest we say goo dah
Angry Boris
Angry Boris 18 dagar sedan
What's The Stretchiest Cheese *In The World *?! Why I imagined Jeremy Clarkson ??? :DD
Her Royal Awkwardness
Her Royal Awkwardness 18 dagar sedan
I should definitely start watching GMM in the morning 😂😂😂
Casey Hoolahan
Casey Hoolahan 18 dagar sedan
I always want a quesadilla, now more that ever 😅
Rosie Wurr
Rosie Wurr 18 dagar sedan
Link is a shaky chihuahua and it angers me
abbey14171 18 dagar sedan
I was rooting hard for gouda. Thats my favorite cheese!
BurntPie 18 dagar sedan
I’m watching this at night
Wolf Thorn
Wolf Thorn 18 dagar sedan
Well that's it for me. All of lifes mysteries have been answered.
LadyLakeMusic 18 dagar sedan
That’s got to be the craziest thing I’ve ever watched ha ha Ha I love it!! 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀
partyrockers inthehousetonight
why are they dressed like that
Matt Pressley
Matt Pressley 19 dagar sedan
Nice Dana Carvey doing Micky Rooney "In the World"
Troy Ash
Troy Ash 19 dagar sedan
Trevor episodes are the best!
Fred Roberts
Fred Roberts 19 dagar sedan
can someone please comment on this if they know what stevie looks like
imapieface 19 dagar sedan
This is an important scientific endeavor
sirroxalot 19 dagar sedan
So, a cheese contest without cheddar or American?! This test is invalid.
United Bricks
United Bricks 19 dagar sedan
The best, stretchiest cheese straight from god I cheeseus
mariah oblake
mariah oblake 19 dagar sedan
This episode was an RNG test of cheese. If you actually think those random cooks made accurate meals you're kidding yourself. :)
Dylan Svresky
Dylan Svresky 19 dagar sedan
Nobody needs that vinyl record. Nobody even wants it TBH
Froggy Club
Froggy Club 19 dagar sedan
If this wasn’t a video by you guys I would never watch it, but you guys just make everything funnier and more interesting
Scaggly 19 dagar sedan
Mozzarella: "Yeah, no. You eat, dont stretch."
dog breath
dog breath 20 dagar sedan
Link got the "working in a kitchen" experience. He was told to do something slowly, then told to hurry, then made a mistake and was immediately replaced.
Smokey 420
Smokey 420 20 dagar sedan
Idk if they have a video on this but make one about what cheese goes with eggs
Ace Ggkspade
Ace Ggkspade 20 dagar sedan
Gouda cheese was an absolute cheat
Phantasm Art
Phantasm Art 20 dagar sedan
2:34 Link wanted to say that so bad
Alleigh Bal
Alleigh Bal 20 dagar sedan
Yay! My favorite cheese won! :D
Jacob Canote
Jacob Canote 20 dagar sedan
Gouda is pronounced HOW-duh.
99defnub 20 dagar sedan
shoulda done a back blackground 1 like = 1 blackground
Grace Wedge
Grace Wedge 20 dagar sedan
Never have a craved a melted cheese sandwich more than while watching this video
Technoki 20 dagar sedan
Cool that Gouda is from my homeland: Holland ;)
Larissa Mitchell
Larissa Mitchell 20 dagar sedan
I LOVE the chaotic energy in this episode lol
Jay L
Jay L 20 dagar sedan
This is what should be being studied not trying to cure diseases or useless stuff but the most stretchy cheese🙏
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 20 dagar sedan
Why have the 0" about 1' above the ground? Wouldn't it be easier to have the starting point / 0 inches on the floor??
Ajsantoyo21 21 dag sedan
Gouda went 9ft and 2inch
ishmael arc
ishmael arc 21 dag sedan
How great would it be if link had said in Za Warudo
luke van de Venis
luke van de Venis 21 dag sedan
European mozzarella is stringy as f. It’s very weird to see mozzarella in blocks But good to see our Dutch cheese winning things haha
Sylvia B.
Sylvia B. 21 dag sedan
Kat Mann
Kat Mann 21 dag sedan
rhett with his hair up looks like a final fantasy character
Mike McConeghy
Mike McConeghy 21 dag sedan
They were all so hyper for this one
Saint Derx
Saint Derx 21 dag sedan
Now i want to have a cheese wet dream.
Apurva Surve
Apurva Surve 21 dag sedan
Wow I liked that stretch
Kristen the Pineapple
Why was this so exciting
HAUNTED 21 dag sedan
Oaxaca is the Stretchiest
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