What's The Best Sound In The World? (Test) 

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Christina Eguiants
I have never disagreed with Rhett and link more 😂
Rainbowchap 2 dagar sedan
Cat purring is 100% best
Bigos Amigos
Bigos Amigos 7 dagar sedan
I can't get no satisfaction
karnik Donepudi
karnik Donepudi 7 dagar sedan
12:05 Rhett needs a new change of pants
Aaron Woods
Aaron Woods 9 dagar sedan
Dirt going up a vacuum isn't even there?
Sarah '93
Sarah '93 9 dagar sedan
Popping popcorn is also a great one......
NoNeed 12 dagar sedan
I feel like the card Shuffle is Underrated
TX Eclipse
TX Eclipse 14 dagar sedan
The swish of a basketball hitting nothing but net is my favorite.
That Guy Called Tunde
That Guy Called Tunde 15 dagar sedan
Take it to the TOOT!
Abby Reaves
Abby Reaves 15 dagar sedan
Y’all are wild. Bowling Strike 100% deserved the win🙄😤
Soviet Platypus
Soviet Platypus 17 dagar sedan
Only car guys know (the ding that comes from quick release steering wheels) 😩❤️😩❤️😏🍆🍆🍆
Eric Lancaster
Eric Lancaster 22 dagar sedan
Thunderstorm should’ve been there
Addison Morley
Addison Morley 22 dagar sedan
I feel like people will most definitely eat me up in the chat, but I actually agreed with the guys’ justification for eliminating crackling fire.
Jess Maskell
Jess Maskell 23 dagar sedan
The rustling of bed sheets as you get ready to sleep.
BigTwinkiesGTO 23 dagar sedan
Wtf is that car rev that isn’t a sports car???
K.oMoDoKreate 26 dagar sedan
Uhhhhhh basketball “nothing but net” swish??? Even the blacktop metal chain?!
quiet artist animations
I live in Texas and i can tell that snow isn't fresh lmfao- any snow I've stepped on is only fresh snow cause it's gone in a day, so it's all i know.
Mikko Ojala
Mikko Ojala 28 dagar sedan
where is popping of the popcorn??
Sheri Zeedik
Sheri Zeedik 29 dagar sedan
Update y’all ~ ~ My brother has a French bulldog that puuurrrrsss like a kitten when we pet him. True, and he never barks.😑😬 sorry Rhett
Kim Månad sedan
Connor Hatch
Connor Hatch Månad sedan
You know what they say about men with big ears...
BlueDaisyPlayz Månad sedan
I love crunchy things
Pizza Månad sedan
Making scrambled eggs would have been great especially that part when it peels idk just me?
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Månad sedan
Destiny McCoy
Destiny McCoy Månad sedan
I disagree with so much in this one
Malk Månad sedan
I wanna know who found that car rev satisfying.
miippi Månad sedan
Can someone explain to me, why when Rhett talkes like a sportscaster Link twirls like he's the tribute from district GMM?
Ariel Jackson
Ariel Jackson Månad sedan
Someone's daughter: *mac n cheese noises*
Cat Borger
Cat Borger Månad sedan
scissors on paper should have been scissors gliding on laminated paper.
Jeta Banks
Jeta Banks Månad sedan
I will say my Husky does purr. We thought it was a grumble growl, but he only does it while happy or sleep/content.
Isaac Van Drimmelen
Isaac Van Drimmelen Månad sedan
Typewriter should have won!!!
Make me reach 1001 subs for no reason
Where is sond of poker chips
Chase Power
Chase Power Månad sedan
Nothing better then opening a beer while walking through the snow
Emma Loeber
Emma Loeber Månad sedan
How was rain not in this
Matthew Mole
Matthew Mole Månad sedan
rain on a tent would have done well here :(
Flo Trizzy
Flo Trizzy Månad sedan
David Donaghy
David Donaghy Månad sedan
When you ask the love of your life to marry you and she says “yes”.
Di148 Månad sedan
I think the striking of a match would've made a better representation for the fire than the crackling, because of the point Rhett made about the resolution.
Ariday Velazquez
Ariday Velazquez Månad sedan
The massage song would’ve won
Rudra Singh
Rudra Singh Månad sedan
Should have been sponsered by coca-cola
Ben Vito
Ben Vito Månad sedan
A golf putt that goes into the hole is way more satisfying than a thwack imo.
Shalini Pehrinparaj
Shalini Pehrinparaj Månad sedan
Hey hey Rhett, cutting can be creating too! ✌🏽
Jeff Bonds
Jeff Bonds Månad sedan
yall should do a video reacting to chiropractors cracking peoples joints
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock Månad sedan
damn the fact that rain fall didnt make it in this is sad
Jay Kritch
Jay Kritch Månad sedan
TheMowens Månad sedan
Fresh snow doesn't crunch like that. I'm revoking their East Side Card.
Kceam Månad sedan
I disagree with this whole episode!
Yatouberri Månad sedan
"Scottish people invented golf in 1457" I googled it and it says Scottish people *banned* golf in 1457
Babu Frik1167
Babu Frik1167 Månad sedan
A baseball hitting the perfect spot in the mitt.
TYM Zay Månad sedan
Bowling for me
Dessy Bennett
Dessy Bennett Månad sedan
That’s insane I’m sorry Fire is 100% a win then my second favorite would probably be like waves crashing on a shoreline or rain against a window
Justin Carter
Justin Carter Månad sedan
If the "sporty car" had been a muscle car, this would not have been a contest.
MtnDrew406 Månad sedan
reese west
reese west Månad sedan
the fact that car tires on gravel isn’t on here makes me sad
rgerber Månad sedan
no rain and thunder?
Devoreaux Vanwinkle
Devoreaux Vanwinkle Månad sedan
It’s the fire and snow for me.
Alexandr Bohler
Alexandr Bohler Månad sedan
I watch too much ASMR to not know what I find satisfying.
Paige Shephard
Paige Shephard Månad sedan
Typewriter got robbed
Raven Reigns
Raven Reigns Månad sedan
Rhett did not say opening up a can of whoop ass 🤣🤣🤣
Raven Reigns
Raven Reigns Månad sedan
Rhett's need for completion has to correlate with him being a Libra, coming from a fellow Libra myself, even though I don't agree with his decision about the fire crackle
Tobias Wright
Tobias Wright Månad sedan
No M1 grand, the engine should of been a V10, no JDAM strike, missed opportunities.
Vivi Marquez
Vivi Marquez Månad sedan
Adam Drivel so true lol
Salamex Månad sedan
If you voted for the typewriter you probably have a mechanical keyboard
Zlazk Månad sedan
Nails on chalkboard
Flik Månad sedan
Try a V10 F1 engine 😍
Luke Keeley
Luke Keeley Månad sedan
Rain on a tin roof.
Bryant Cantrell
Bryant Cantrell Månad sedan
Rain would have won
Bodhi Rus
Bodhi Rus Månad sedan
I agree with the end result although not every step along the way.
Sabrina Rittner
Sabrina Rittner Månad sedan
ice skates for me
Sky Månad sedan
Nintendo Switch *click* should have been in this.
The Daily Trails
The Daily Trails Månad sedan
You people who voted for stirring Mac n cheese..😏
asdfghjjklkj Månad sedan
Cant believe Kid Cudi hums didnt win
Stevo1361 Månad sedan
7:20 what in the world was that?! It might as well have been a vacuum cleaner or a prius!
Casandra Meza
Casandra Meza Månad sedan
They could have chosen a better sounding engine to rev.
hadi the legend
hadi the legend Månad sedan
Amazing intro. 👌🐔
PyroDaveProductions Månad sedan
That is not a sports car 😂
StarswiftBorzoi Månad sedan
Rain 🌧
Vickie Tran
Vickie Tran Månad sedan
I have so much disagreement.
Rachel K
Rachel K Månad sedan
I can't believe they disrespected the crackling fire like that
UNCcollector Månad sedan
Rain on a tin roof for me
Molly Le
Molly Le Månad sedan
Me watching this still up at 4am: 👁👄👁 god I want a soda so bad 👅
JM Månad sedan
Rain on a tin roof
Andy Hodgson
Andy Hodgson Månad sedan
Me: *sees Rhett and Link pick Strike instead of Fire* Also me: reeeeee
Andy Hodgson
Andy Hodgson Månad sedan
Oh, and NOW you move on the snow? There is no justice leaving the fire
starr baby
starr baby Månad sedan
rhett’s face every time that soda can opens 😭😂😂
Joseph Dickey
Joseph Dickey Månad sedan
I would have went for creek in a forest
Jaden Orewiler
Jaden Orewiler Månad sedan
opening a snapple is the best
Burbankster YouTube
Burbankster YouTube Månad sedan
Should have added the swoosh of the basketball net
Emily Winne
Emily Winne Månad sedan
My 8 year old son is in full summer mode apparently because his vote is for a cannonball in water. 🤪
Cyndi Disanza
Cyndi Disanza Månad sedan
NOPE! I do not agree!!
zoe poush
zoe poush Månad sedan
macaroni in a pot. that’s some WAP.
Fishing with First
Fishing with First Månad sedan
Link: I had a lot of fun in that class Me: so fun you forgot you took it Lamo
IHearCrickets Månad sedan
Loons calling, ocean waves, a cat purring, rain
Sean Proffitt
Sean Proffitt Månad sedan
Amanda Odeay
Amanda Odeay Månad sedan
Im surprised crashing waves wasn't an option
stecky87 Månad sedan
bowling DOES NOT beat crackling fire. Ever.
B B Månad sedan
Day 152 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us
averythesuperhero Månad sedan
I will never understand how bowling strike made it that far. I find nothing satisfying about it lol
Trey Knight
Trey Knight Månad sedan
How is putting bacon on a skillet not in this video!?
Kathy Månad sedan
Maybe if the car was a muscle car.
Catarina Cosme Ferreira
How come you didn’t mention ocean waves and opening a bottle of wine? Those are the best! 😍
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