What's The Best Hot Sauce? (Taste Test) 

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Today, we're determining what the BEST HOT SAUCE is. GMM # 1987

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Try out these popular sauces and let us know YOUR #1!
* CHOLULA HOT SAUCE: amzn.to/3zEV5ux
* TAPATÍO HOT SAUCE: amzn.to/3wOi2td
* FRANK'S RED HOT: amzn.to/3vPxqUS
* HUY FONG FOODS SRIRACHA: amzn.to/3xG40df
* TEXAS PETE HOT SAUCE: amzn.to/3xE2Rml

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23 jun 2021



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thenonexistinghero 16 timmar sedan
This seems pretty hard to do with crackers because sauces are the type of food that exist to improve the overal experience. A sauce that tastes bland on its own might be amazing in combination with the right food.
Matt 4 dagar sedan
I tried the Cholula after watching this and OMG my new go to favorite now!
Jeff Bruce
Jeff Bruce 4 dagar sedan
Melinda’s is better than all of them IYKYK
Victoria Rombach
Victoria Rombach 5 dagar sedan
Christopher Luth
Christopher Luth 6 dagar sedan
Valentina is my favorite, initial taste reminds me of juicy fruit gum for some unknown reason.
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 8 dagar sedan
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 8 dagar sedan
Brooke Desbien
Brooke Desbien 9 dagar sedan
Ahhhh Texas Pete is my favorite!
Werlike 10 dagar sedan
The sauces Mexicans they are the best Greetings 🤠🇲🇽
Claire Wiersma
Claire Wiersma 11 dagar sedan
How does sriracha win over Texas Pete.. I’m depressed
Matthew 11 dagar sedan
If you look closely to the Cholula label, the person looks like Danny Tanner from Full House
Kayla Ferryman
Kayla Ferryman 12 dagar sedan
Do the best ranch, honey mustards, and bbq sauce !
Erika Anne Roth
Erika Anne Roth 12 dagar sedan
Team Tobasco and Texas Pete forever
Bzz Vlog
Bzz Vlog 12 dagar sedan
Sambal belacan.. Or roasted shrimp paste mix with grind chillies..
C A 12 dagar sedan
Charlie Sauce forever!
Been Real
Been Real 13 dagar sedan
franks all day..
Jesse James
Jesse James 13 dagar sedan
Franks for wings coluahafor tacos
Jesse James
Jesse James 13 dagar sedan
Lol I keep both in my pantry
clint d'souza
clint d'souza 13 dagar sedan
Get sean Evans on here to discuss its only fair he has the most experience by far.
katiebkatieb 13 dagar sedan
Johny Boat
Johny Boat 13 dagar sedan
Frank's in Sriracha on my go-to favorite
Šeki 14 dagar sedan
13:42 Rhett is Illuminati, confirmed
Hoglaw1776 16 dagar sedan
Where was the El Yucateco?!
Kaeci Dehnert
Kaeci Dehnert 16 dagar sedan
You should try Tattoo Polynesian Sweet & Spicy, at least Rhett should.
YouTube Alias_ yeah
YouTube Alias_ yeah 17 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie, the hotsauce intro thingy gave me anxiety lol
Faith Port
Faith Port 17 dagar sedan
I almost didn’t watch this video because I wasn’t sure I’d find it interesting. I almost missed cotton candy randy!! 😰
ATV Rider
ATV Rider 17 dagar sedan
I saw these guys at L.A.X when they weren’t popular. Look at them now! Way to got GMM!
ScottGH 18 dagar sedan
Chili Garlic Sauce, by Huy Fong Foods
Phoenix2215 18 dagar sedan
I'm glad to see Franks and Cholula did well, both are personal favorites of mine.
MuzsAIDS 18 dagar sedan
La Valentina no es picante xd
Green 19 dagar sedan
Where's the Steve-O hotsauce!
The Guru
The Guru 19 dagar sedan
Omg, someone from where I live in the credits! That's amazing, I figured I would never see it cause of how far spread all of the gmm fans are
Zotob 19 dagar sedan
I forgive you.
OhhhEquinox 19 dagar sedan
Love Rhett’s initiation to the illuminati at 13:40
Christian Parker
Christian Parker 20 dagar sedan
Great take.
Xavier Paquin
Xavier Paquin 20 dagar sedan
The point of sriracha is that it's garlicky 😠
doom nipple
doom nipple 21 dag sedan
Tobasco is easily the best
Leanne L
Leanne L 21 dag sedan
13:40 Rhett admits he’s in the Illuminati just saying
cotch85 21 dag sedan
I dont know how far cholula gets, but for me it's hands down the best, the chipotle version is so tasty.
Priscilla Ng
Priscilla Ng 21 dag sedan
that greeeen sauceee plss
Priscilla Ng
Priscilla Ng 21 dag sedan
Frank's is good!! it's gotta be both!
Abby Johnson
Abby Johnson 21 dag sedan
Blind run through next time!
Mary-Anne B
Mary-Anne B 21 dag sedan
Frank's is my favorite!
CottonCandyRandy 22 dagar sedan
Critter73 22 dagar sedan
Why is El Yucateco n not on here? It's the best that's commonly available in my opinion.
izoli 23 dagar sedan
Y'all are absolute nuts going Franks over Valentinas sauce. Franks is like a 5/10 and Valentinas is a solid 8/10 in terms of taste.
izoli 23 dagar sedan
I think I like Cholula more than Valentinas though, but not by much. The only other sauce I like more than either of them are home made sauces. Or a sauce I have never had before maybe.
Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis 23 dagar sedan
Can we give chase his own show? Or if he is part of one I need to be informed
Justin Dean Griffith Joy and Happiness
Cholula is my favorite all around, but, all sauces are best on specific stuff.
Cornchip 23 dagar sedan
Yall need to come to Texas and taste some heat.
charqui31282 23 dagar sedan
Yay! I missed Cotton Candy Randy!
Hannah Perez
Hannah Perez 23 dagar sedan
Why didn’t you use Truff
David Welch
David Welch 24 dagar sedan
I'm sad Yucatan Sunshine isn't more well known.
Jilayne Miceli
Jilayne Miceli 24 dagar sedan
And only thing I really use Tabasco for is bloody Mary's! Lol oh and it's soo good in kraft Mac and cheese
Jilayne Miceli
Jilayne Miceli 24 dagar sedan
Frank's is perfect for eggs, pizza, chicken, etc. It really can go on everything! But I do love cholula and valentina better for Mexican foods
A H 24 dagar sedan
Was hoping to see some Secret Aardvark in this competition... maybe next time?
Bilobo Baggins
Bilobo Baggins 24 dagar sedan
Cotton Candy Randy is like a muppet and my sleep paralysis demon morphed together.
246kisses 24 dagar sedan
Yaaay!!! Cotton candy Randy Is back!!
Alex Davis
Alex Davis 24 dagar sedan
tapatio forever, man
DScritchy 24 dagar sedan
I don’t care about the results of this test... the answer is garlic cholula..
Esque es la VALENTINA NEGRA, :,C
Kyndra Sharp
Kyndra Sharp 24 dagar sedan
If Cholula didn't win I was gonna be a lil mad. I especially love the chipotle version. It's great on so many things. However, I don't think Valentina got the credit it deserves.
Alyssa Scott
Alyssa Scott 24 dagar sedan
Green Tabasco is delicious, I don’t like the red
Cube Kitty
Cube Kitty 24 dagar sedan
I like Frank's the least of all the sauces..... I feel like Frank's is only good on chicken, or pizza. It's not as versatile as Sriracha, Sriracha amps up hundreds of food dishes, whereas Frank's just makes everything taste like Buffalo sauce; not complimenting the food, but overpowering it
Michael James
Michael James 25 dagar sedan
Franks over Valentinas? your're crazy.
Mitch Rose
Mitch Rose 25 dagar sedan
Green Chile Chalula all the way
Bhumika Modh
Bhumika Modh 25 dagar sedan
The finger snap at 16:48 is so well done ❤️
andrew herman
andrew herman 25 dagar sedan
Texas Pete is way bette then siracha
Tylr iii
Tylr iii 25 dagar sedan
13:42 Rhett is Illuminati confirmed
nightwolf Shadow
nightwolf Shadow 25 dagar sedan
Tabasco wasn’t going to move up it’s a bad flavor taste by itself but if you put it on hash browns then its really good
Papa Echo Zulu
Papa Echo Zulu 25 dagar sedan
Siracha should not be in this bracket. It's technically more of a sambal than a pepper sauce which all the other sauces could be put into.
Soupysoup27 25 dagar sedan
Valentina and Sriracha are my favorite
Sean Burke
Sean Burke 25 dagar sedan
Smh disrespecting Texas Pete
Berserk Berserk
Berserk Berserk 25 dagar sedan
i was a big fan of this channel then one day i got fed up with Link being a TRYHARD. im sorry for his kids if they read this comment ... pls help this guy being someone else entirely. love the crew, can't stand the scarecrow.
Jordan Ference
Jordan Ference 25 dagar sedan
“everyone knows i’m millionaire bruce wayne” 😂😂 jordan thinks of things so quickly to say it’s amazing and so funny😂😂
Matheus 25 dagar sedan
Living in Brazil I only had Sriracha and Tabasco (the only ones available here among these) and Sriracha is just perfect, wish I could taste them all
Kimberly Slagle
Kimberly Slagle 25 dagar sedan
Oh how I’ve missed Cotton Candy Randy!!
Christian Shiels
Christian Shiels 26 dagar sedan
Cotton Candy Randy!!!!😱😱😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙
Jarrek Lucke
Jarrek Lucke 26 dagar sedan
For some reason peanut/almond/chickpea/ flavor completion needs to be put to the test by good mythical morning. FYI, chili lime floats my boat.
Alexandria Dickson
Alexandria Dickson 26 dagar sedan
Valentina on oranges is really good.
Bailey O'Brien
Bailey O'Brien 26 dagar sedan
That literally came up to my dad’s favorite and mine and I won! Thank you Cotton Candy Randy!!! 😂
Jacob Keller
Jacob Keller 26 dagar sedan
Oh man I have missed cotton candy randy!
Rowan Phillips
Rowan Phillips 26 dagar sedan
Bruh y’all’s are trying some mild @$$ sauce…
Kassandra Mejias
Kassandra Mejias 26 dagar sedan
I didn't pick but these are good choices
The Hound
The Hound 26 dagar sedan
You guys are crazier than I ever though. Franks over Valentina?!? Get outta here.
Tyler Fuller
Tyler Fuller 26 dagar sedan
This is the video I’ve been waiting for my entire life. I love all these sauces and I think they’re all #1.
Tim McDonald
Tim McDonald 26 dagar sedan
Cholulua is literally tomato sauce lmao
Christopher Hernandez
Christopher Hernandez 26 dagar sedan
Tapatio rules, chalula drools
Tim McDonald
Tim McDonald 26 dagar sedan
Valentina for the win!
Sammy Branwen
Sammy Branwen 27 dagar sedan
i would have tied it between Cholula and Sriracha lol
Dylan Dillpickle
Dylan Dillpickle 27 dagar sedan
Valentina might as well be ketchup
BIGDADDY D 27 dagar sedan
What i love tobasco it is literally the first origional hotsauce
samuel mercer
samuel mercer 27 dagar sedan
Girlfriend said Rhett looks like a Cocker Spaniel(did I spell that right?) and now I can’t unsee it.
John Conner
John Conner 27 dagar sedan
Rhett is part of the illuminati confirmed.
Wired Wrong
Wired Wrong 27 dagar sedan
For health reasons Cotton Candy Randy should get a new beard and parts every show he is on, because other wise its a health issue.
ianh1984 27 dagar sedan
How can you not like sriracha?!? I could put it on anything and it makes the eating experience better.
The Flash Stickman
The Flash Stickman 27 dagar sedan
I don't understand why they didn't try TIGER SAUCE! It's so dang good. Such a unique flavor.
Ricky McLean
Ricky McLean 27 dagar sedan
For me it’s Tabasco or shirocho the chicken one
Koolkats 27 dagar sedan
Tapatio is the best hands down no matter what anyone says
Kolchak357 27 dagar sedan
Cholula and Valentina’s are my go to for Mexican, Crystal for fried seafood, Tabasco on eggs, and Frank’s for chicken. That’s how I roll.
Mark Matias
Mark Matias 2 dagar sedan
Who cares
David Rogers
David Rogers 27 dagar sedan
I’m a cayenne man. I also like the flavor of scotch bonnet or ghost pepper in some sauces.
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