What's The Best Hot Sauce For Wings? (Taste Test) 

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gamerCi Dag sedan
rare sight of rhett’s top lip 12:22
TheRealMichaelE 3 dagar sedan
You didn't have anchor bar....can't really be a fair test without the original.
sam Lane
sam Lane 5 dagar sedan
So for y'all's personal favorite tho is the ghost pepper sauce
Sean Cohen
Sean Cohen 7 dagar sedan
Where’s Frank’s
Adam Schulze
Adam Schulze 7 dagar sedan
Links face when he spilled the ice 😂
Ashe Gaming
Ashe Gaming 8 dagar sedan
All the comments crying about franks when it's just rebranded Texas Pete/Louisiana.... It's literally the blandest buffalo style sauce
Ashe Gaming
Ashe Gaming 8 dagar sedan
Again, big brand winner...
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 9 dagar sedan
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 9 dagar sedan
Penny 9 dagar sedan
Wild wings did not have good Weck or wings. You and the mythical beasts are not from the home of the wings and haven’t been exposed to any good wings. Come to the Wing fest in Buffalo some year and try a variety of real Buffalo Wing sauce.
Isaac Spradlin
Isaac Spradlin 14 dagar sedan
Frank’s Buffalo Wing sauce should be on this
Dean Petersen
Dean Petersen 15 dagar sedan
Legends say that it's still going
Anisty Kid
Anisty Kid 15 dagar sedan
Mambo Sauce is my favorite Sauce ever.
Malice C
Malice C 16 dagar sedan
Definitely didn't feel like 17 minutes wow. Time flies.
Heat My Shorts
Heat My Shorts 4 dagar sedan
Totally. Such great content! Must put so much work into this! I love it!
Swinterz 16 dagar sedan
Being from Buffalo and listening to them talk about beef on weck cracked me up
Cookies & Milk
Cookies & Milk 18 dagar sedan
I started drooling while watching this 😅😂
otrwarrior 18 dagar sedan
B Dubs won????? Naw man....naw
Bryanna Waddell
Bryanna Waddell 18 dagar sedan
Oh my gosh! Tim from Smosh! ☺️
Ryan Moses
Ryan Moses 19 dagar sedan
Franks is always best.
Mary Parks
Mary Parks 20 dagar sedan
The Melinda's ghost pepper sauce is one of my favorites!! 😭
Madilynn Toomey
Madilynn Toomey 22 dagar sedan
In Minnesota we call Buffalo Wild Wings, B- Dubs
Eric Grooms
Eric Grooms 23 dagar sedan
Could be a regional thing, but people in my social circle have always called Buffalo Wild Wings "b-dubs"
Androkles1922 23 dagar sedan
Obviously Da Bomb is Da best
Heat My Shorts
Heat My Shorts 4 dagar sedan
Which Da Bomb? Beyond Insanity?
Justin 23 dagar sedan
I don’t get why Frank’s wasn’t in the wing category…Isn’t that the standard?
Darren Florentin
Darren Florentin 24 dagar sedan
What happened to Frank's original buffalo sauce? Why isn't Frank's in the line up!!
Jamal Peoples
Jamal Peoples 25 dagar sedan
No Frank's. This is a sham.
Buck's Shots
Buck's Shots 25 dagar sedan
From buffalo here and beef on weck is delicious
Adam Reichert
Adam Reichert 25 dagar sedan
Why are they dipping them instead of just having them on there
Adam Reichert
Adam Reichert 25 dagar sedan
Need franks
Kippers 25 dagar sedan
Rhett looks like if Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston had a kid
2 Os 2 Syllables
2 Os 2 Syllables 26 dagar sedan
Melinda's habanero honey mustard is their best sauce.
Mr. Horton
Mr. Horton 26 dagar sedan
Every time they double dip all I can think about is Links Cold sores and them spreading.
Crathion 27 dagar sedan
Mythical morning reminds me of a radio show, however these host are funny, and entertaining.
J Buskk
J Buskk 28 dagar sedan
I know you guys go with the top picks, but in upstate New York, Sal’s Bird Land Sauce is the bees knees. I would love to see you guys try this on the show.
Eddie Jones
Eddie Jones 28 dagar sedan
I wish LTAT was still around 🤷🏻‍♂️
Adam Murray
Adam Murray 28 dagar sedan
At 6:38 Rhett knew what the sauce tasted like before he had even tried it...
Nate Rees
Nate Rees 28 dagar sedan
Should do regional food taste tests. Idk what beats the northeast pizza, wings, beef on weck, philly cheesesteak
Darth Tunger
Darth Tunger 29 dagar sedan
Beef on Weck is a Buffalo, NY thing. The "weck" roll is a basic roll with salt and rye seeds on it. A little gravy and a lot of horseradish and it is delish
Brenda Johnson
Brenda Johnson 13 dagar sedan
@Darth Tunger I’m a Buffalonian also! Whatever way we describe it, it’s delicious! Go Bills💙❤️
Darth Tunger
Darth Tunger 28 dagar sedan
@Brenda Johnson I know what's on a beef on weck. I live in Buffalo and it happens to be a favorite food of mine. I eat them a lot
Brenda Johnson
Brenda Johnson 28 dagar sedan
Caraway* seeds and it’s an au jus not gravy
Austin Faught
Austin Faught 29 dagar sedan
yall saving the episode for when chicken sandwiches are irrelevant? want some views? want some likes? do it.
Austin Faught
Austin Faught 29 dagar sedan
Austin Faught
Austin Faught 29 dagar sedan
Austin Faught
Austin Faught 29 dagar sedan
already commented 4 days ago. ZERO likes???? so ill do it again. redo the blind chicken sandwich taste test. now. asap. immediately. im not playin with yall.
Ace Wav
Ace Wav 29 dagar sedan
I love Melinda's ghost pepper sauce with air fried wings
Dyn 29 dagar sedan
Who here from the shorts
Nikki K
Nikki K 29 dagar sedan
So they did wing sauces and didn’t include Anchorbar sauce? The place that created the Buffalo wing?! 😬
Shane N
Shane N 29 dagar sedan
A beef on weck is an amazing sandwich that is huge in buffalo and is very delicious slow cooked roast beef on a Kiser roll topped with kosher salt and kemeweck seeds and a side of ajus sauce and horseradish
corey Harris
corey Harris 29 dagar sedan
Moore’s Buffalo sauce was snubbed
T Hatab
T Hatab 29 dagar sedan
Jim Bob
Jim Bob Månad sedan
What's up with the "1,2,3,4,5, etc seed" thing?
Emma A
Emma A Månad sedan
I just realized I have a Melindas sauce that I have been using and absolutely love! Its Naga Jolokia pepper sauce, which i guess is ghost pepper. Tastes so good!
John Pierce
John Pierce Månad sedan
You should taste the sauce without knowing the brand
efogg3 Månad sedan
B Stremmel
B Stremmel Månad sedan
I’m loving links hair in this episode!!
Camilla Chrum
Camilla Chrum Månad sedan
I remember the play doh video 🥲
LayLow Tayloe
LayLow Tayloe Månad sedan
I was just looking through wing sauces in the store the other day and couldn't decide what I wanted, this video helped a lot. Imma try bw3
famzao Månad sedan
I'm more impressed you got the rights to the Sportscenter jingle
Happy Goth
Happy Goth Månad sedan
I just came from lost pause latest episode and Rhett's sauce joke opening threw me for a loop
Eric Papke
Eric Papke Månad sedan
Beef on weck is more common in Buffalo New York
JeremyJasonA Månad sedan
Bdubs :P
Magpie Morgan
Magpie Morgan Månad sedan
As a DC Native, comparing Mambo Sauce to Mcdonald's is sacrilege.
Shannon Donovan
Shannon Donovan Månad sedan
We buy our Melinda's by the box
Christian Roybal
Christian Roybal Månad sedan
Very surprised Frank’s did not make it
Emily Crane
Emily Crane Månad sedan
No Frank's!! That is blasphemy, it's the OG! As a Buffalonian I am upset.
Youmo60 Månad sedan
I’m astonished that they put The Classic on the bracket and didn’t also include The Last Dab.
ShaneTweezy Månad sedan
This episode caused the wing shortage
Andy Peterson
Andy Peterson Månad sedan
Wow they actually took the espn duh-duh-duh duh-duh-duh for themselves
FreezyPuffs Månad sedan
Mumbo sauce is the best sauce to put on any chicken
Saad Shari
Saad Shari Månad sedan
Where’s Kieths wing sauce
KDGamer Månad sedan
Gmm should try nandos peri peri sauce
Baz Grey
Baz Grey Månad sedan
When Link said “Now my problem is” after tasting Melinda’s the first time (3:43) did anyone else think of Shayne and Damien’s Good Mythical Crime Scene Investigation bit on Smosh try not to laugh?
Tori Krauland
Tori Krauland Månad sedan
Tim in the vest came over to visit from Smosh
Nick Cosentino
Nick Cosentino Månad sedan
How many wings did Rhett eat while filming this episode???????
Aliana Roman
Aliana Roman Månad sedan
I love Rhetts hair 🥰
toni shaul
toni shaul Månad sedan
What about RED HOTS ?????
1515AC Månad sedan
These taste tests are easily predicted without watching....Is there a major company involved? If yes, they win, period. Wonder how much they pay them ;)
Jake Wittig
Jake Wittig Månad sedan
No Frank’s?????
Uglyprincw Månad sedan
where yall get ya wings from?
Hells Malice
Hells Malice Månad sedan
y'all were busy dying to the ghost pepper but it actually has a really nice flavour. It's very fruity before it starts sucker punching every inch of your insides
Frag-grenade 69
Frag-grenade 69 Månad sedan
I remember watching you about 6 years ago and i still love this channel
Kassidy Clatworthy
Kassidy Clatworthy Månad sedan
Lucas Scheps-Brown
Lucas Scheps-Brown Månad sedan
Def gonna try this sauce next time I make wings
MeghanSunayna Månad sedan
How is Frank’s not in this
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine Månad sedan
12:07 "By the far the hottest the far sauce that I've ever the eaten today." -Link 2021
Lindsay D T
Lindsay D T Månad sedan
Yes! I remember it being called BW3s, we'd call it B Dubs. I mentioned that to someone recently and they didn't know what I was talking about xD
Dylan Haggerty
Dylan Haggerty Månad sedan
12:10 link becomes joe biden😂
lamnoodles Månad sedan
The way link eats flats disturbs me so much. Lol
Darth Nemesis
Darth Nemesis Månad sedan
And there it is folks....sauces whose main flavor components are heat and vinegar have had their day. Move along, nothing to see here.
mattew0113 Månad sedan
Love to see IT guy tim at 1:53
andrew daur
andrew daur Månad sedan
That had to be one of the corniest intros ever
Kyle Kuchurean
Kyle Kuchurean Månad sedan
How is franks Buffalo not here
Richard Rowland
Richard Rowland Månad sedan
Did you try the arizona ranch and the golden garlic wing sauce by quacker steak and lube?
camille marie
camille marie Månad sedan
Something about the way Rhett eats wings scratches my brain
Chairman Potato
Chairman Potato Månad sedan
"I prefer the simple packaging of this sauce" can we get a GMM episode of link just rating great products poorly because he prefers the look of a bottle to the actual taste of the product?
B B Månad sedan
Day 164 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us
Kahless 01
Kahless 01 Månad sedan
Taste tests should always be done blind. Not blindfolded but don't show which two you're tasting.
congoballs Månad sedan
i agree with them made to share
Red oloo
Red oloo Månad sedan
WAIT A SECOND, was that TIM? Master of IT and Flavor?
Kevin McFadden
Kevin McFadden Månad sedan
Time machine please take me three days into the future so I don't have to watch this.🙄🥱😩
It's Me
It's Me Månad sedan
And we just call it "B Dubz" for the way u say "W" plural 😂
brad c
brad c Månad sedan
Wheres the Frank's
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This'll get ya a high five
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