We Try Foods From The Future (Taste Test) 

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Yourpal Mistery
Yourpal Mistery Timme sedan
Your ember that hair song where Rhett s hair goes up and Link’s goes down? Not so true now.
Aidan King
Aidan King 12 timmar sedan
“The futures got SuperLong Test Tubes™!”
Joanna Dzenowski
Joanna Dzenowski 19 timmar sedan
It's the chrome leggings for me😂 I love it
Cernunnas Dag sedan
Kendra Krabill
Kendra Krabill Dag sedan
I think they went back in time for the chicken nugget jello!😂 like the 60s?
rupert robertus
rupert robertus 2 dagar sedan
the hair went from: nerd - normal - crazy. you guys overshot the mark when you shed your inhibitions. its just looking weird , now. both of you.
MERCHIODOS 2 dagar sedan
Does the GMM coupon for Hello Fresh work on exsisting customer cause my sister been on Hello Fresh for 2 years and that'll be a nice coupon for her
mapoyc 3 dagar sedan
Rhett does not look good with pigtails I bet he was hesitant on getting that done to his hair
Adi Gamache
Adi Gamache 3 dagar sedan
Jordan’s soul depleting in real time
R J 3 dagar sedan
Is this just another whole episode of Link retching
Leslie's ASMR
Leslie's ASMR 3 dagar sedan
I love Rhett with ponytails’😂😍
Levispooks 4 dagar sedan
Iron soda a soda infused with iron soooo IRN BRU
Delicate Disaster
Delicate Disaster 4 dagar sedan
What's going to be in our mouths 200 years in the future? Dirt. Probably a few bugs. Maybe some tree roots if we're lucky.
Brian Loguidice
Brian Loguidice 4 dagar sedan
One of the funniest episodes Jordan is so funny I love him lol
Crystan 6 dagar sedan
"What's going to be in our mouths in 200 years?" Anthropods. Lots and lots of anthropods.
Kelly Hawkins
Kelly Hawkins 7 dagar sedan
Sooo glad 🐷 tails are fashionable in 5000!
AADavis Starlight
AADavis Starlight 7 dagar sedan
Xenon cosplay in pretty shirt
Dina Parocua
Dina Parocua 8 dagar sedan
love the car freshner detail 😂
Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee 8 dagar sedan
That quesadilla from Hello Fresh couldn't have been very good. Rhett didn't go back for a second bite.
Kellye Blankenship
Kellye Blankenship 8 dagar sedan
So wouldn't it be in today's time and not in the future seeing as you are eating it now
Mom Van Up
Mom Van Up 8 dagar sedan
Link eating tomatoes.....
TJ Carroll
TJ Carroll 9 dagar sedan
Jordan is literally hilarious
Kendall Converse
Kendall Converse 9 dagar sedan
This episode had my husband and I cracking up. Love this episode ❤🙌🏻.
Tr3way 9 dagar sedan
bruh rhett low key looking like a lil girl in this episode
Tr3way 9 dagar sedan
well a lil girl with a huge beard
Doug Huepenbecker
Doug Huepenbecker 9 dagar sedan
Rhett2-d2 and link3po
Hollow One
Hollow One 10 dagar sedan
i like their sales shindig. it doesnt feel invasive, more fun and understanding of how their fans feel about them.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 10 dagar sedan
Finn Gibson
Finn Gibson 10 dagar sedan
Hello it is Stevie from the future, Link you ate b u g s
Daniel Rushton
Daniel Rushton 11 dagar sedan
I LOVE Jordan! PLEASE more of him!
Lodop5 11 dagar sedan
Deez nutz.
Kyle Fletcher
Kyle Fletcher 12 dagar sedan
Stevie (from the future): "....Link you ate.....bugs." XD
Treyton Davison
Treyton Davison 12 dagar sedan
Rhett: you can slide a lot of things in a dumpling I've tried. Hmm what things Rhett?
Andre Ross
Andre Ross 12 dagar sedan
We're did you get that 3d fruit salad and can I get some 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Artemis 13 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who thinks that they look like R2 and 3PO? 🤣
Mariana Ramos
Mariana Ramos 15 dagar sedan
Make a new chanil good mithacil night
Lucas Wise
Lucas Wise 16 dagar sedan
Shilo Reno
Shilo Reno 17 dagar sedan
so much going on. This is prime GMM
TheAngryDanishViking 17 dagar sedan
That's not the future... that's the 70s!
Tronderose 17 dagar sedan
07:14 "Future goo all over you!" xD
Olivia Brito
Olivia Brito 17 dagar sedan
I am convinced Jordan is the funniest person alive.
Mitch Lees
Mitch Lees 18 dagar sedan
That sirs, is a sustenance cube
Hannah Rager
Hannah Rager 18 dagar sedan
I haven’t even watched the video yet but I hope that someone sees this in 200 years and makes these
whitetail1437 18 dagar sedan
I am sorry but I cannot get over the fact Rhett basically ate the plain quesadilla with no toppings around 1:25 and told us it was very tasty, that sent me
Padverus 18 dagar sedan
Rhett looks like he’s going to go film a 90’s workout tape after this, lmaoo.
nathaliedrinkstea 19 dagar sedan
This was awesome! Mostradamus rules, your outfits are great and the food is super interesting. Loved the episode.
NoHeroes94 19 dagar sedan
If 9:52 isn't the face of defeat I don't know what is.
Wiley Howell
Wiley Howell 19 dagar sedan
Link's gesture at 0:17 will age like fine wine
Rebekah Williams
Rebekah Williams 22 dagar sedan
0:02 Worms? Spiders? Nothing if you get cremated first?
Kyle 22 dagar sedan
It took 4 and a half minutes for the episode to actually start
solarfollower 22 dagar sedan
Haha this such a 90's episode more than future episode, but from another dimension
AndrewMp4 22 dagar sedan
rhett looked surprisingly decent, meanwhile link looked a bit like a really big twix
Vitamin D
Vitamin D 23 dagar sedan
try bugs, real food of the future
Kyle Brake
Kyle Brake 23 dagar sedan
I love your videos!
shea gaston
shea gaston 24 dagar sedan
Link you mainly slept on ur right side that night
EmpireStateofmind_ 24 dagar sedan
Hahaha those ponytails! 🤣 Oh no Rhett 😂😂😂
Samuel Abela
Samuel Abela 24 dagar sedan
Rhett is frank zappa
DoctorFlashSfD 25 dagar sedan
Rhett, get a haircut
Amellia Mullis
Amellia Mullis 26 dagar sedan
hello its stevie from the future link you ate bugs. funnyest part
Holly Pierce
Holly Pierce 26 dagar sedan
Omg I need a shirt that's says ... "In the future, just lickit!"
azen's alt
azen's alt 26 dagar sedan
Didn’t these guys do that waffle skit?
No Information
No Information 27 dagar sedan
im LOVING the pig tails
Sesame Cordial
Sesame Cordial 28 dagar sedan
CottonCandyDamus elevated this.
Evening Whispers ASMR
Evening Whispers ASMR 28 dagar sedan
JORDAN!!! Feels good to see him back!
Erik Gustafson
Erik Gustafson 28 dagar sedan
The best part of this ep is the ‘cool’ after 7:20
Noah Shiffer
Noah Shiffer 29 dagar sedan
This hassss to be a regular episode!!
undeteckted 29 dagar sedan
Future suites look alot like 80's just saying
Error Unknown
Error Unknown 29 dagar sedan
the only thing that’s changed over the years is their hair 😂
ToObserve923 Månad sedan
Geoff Weber
Geoff Weber Månad sedan
Amazing episode!
McRascalSkunk Månad sedan
Helllooo it is stevvviee from the futuuurre... Link, youatebugs.
sircorneilous Månad sedan
So bojack horsemen is the leader of humanity in the future?
sircorneilous Månad sedan
6:54 Stevie just couldn't maintain fun skit character -_- "you ate bugs." debbie downer vibes :/
YeeTBerrY Månad sedan
"you know what else keeps getting bigger?" I thought of "DEEZ NUTZ" 😂😂😂
YeeTBerrY Månad sedan
Ash R
Ash R Månad sedan
Oh no the glitter is a pretty looking wine I would definitely choose that one
stecky87 Månad sedan
I like how their idea of future clothing is 80s
Nerd #D137.
Nerd #D137. Månad sedan
Well, I guess that’s a way to store it.
Tere Engbrecht
Tere Engbrecht Månad sedan
We need Cotton Candy Randy!!
Mary Meranda
Mary Meranda Månad sedan
Nancy Bates
Nancy Bates Månad sedan
Chad Oleszczuk
Chad Oleszczuk Månad sedan
so hello fresh arrives to me within 20 minutes of ordering?
Marty Guy
Marty Guy Månad sedan
This is the best Mexican star wars parody I've ever seen. C3P-LINK is dope
AndrewKidd14145 Månad sedan
Is 3D printing food actually printing or is it like piping a frosting flower on a cake.
Otaku Paradise
Otaku Paradise Månad sedan
Funny I mention mermaid and saw horse yusterday
Otaku Paradise
Otaku Paradise Månad sedan
There edable paint and clutter for cakes and baking good
blake keating
blake keating Månad sedan
Ok...I liked this one. Great job.
Silly Server
Silly Server Månad sedan
Rhett seems to be getting choice on every one
WarMarmot Månad sedan
Hilary S
Hilary S Månad sedan
Definitely think Rhett's outfit is based on Zenon Girl of the 21st Century!
Black Crystal Dragoon
How come you two look like Zoltan followers, but Link looks more like Zoltan from Dude Where's My Car? And is that Cotton Candy Randy in his natural future form @3:15?
Tech Alch3m1st
Tech Alch3m1st Månad sedan
Lmao! Cyber-Fraiser!
Dragon god
Dragon god Månad sedan
I love this
Project Bricks
Project Bricks Månad sedan
Well Link and his goo is landing in a future compilation of clumsy Link!
my pug dog
my pug dog Månad sedan
1:31 the way he said "crema" hurts my Mexican soul😭😢😭😭😭
Jules Wright
Jules Wright Månad sedan
Cyber Frasier !!!
Chloe Contestable
Chloe Contestable Månad sedan
Rhett looks like he could have the opportunity to be the crazy guy from Zoolander
Heather _
Heather _ Månad sedan
Jordan's characters are great 😂 Also Link, respectfully, looks like a futuristic snacc. Respectfully.
Verolution Månad sedan
Yaay Jordan!!
Mary Shuk
Mary Shuk Månad sedan
yay Jordan!
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