We Try EVERY Starbucks Iced Coffee 

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Today, we're putting our tummies to the test and trying EVERY Starbucks iced coffee. GMM # 1994

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2 jul 2021



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Project Bricks
Project Bricks Dag sedan
Trying every cambell soup
Uriah Garcia
Uriah Garcia 2 dagar sedan
Unfortunately Starbucks doesn’t use honey packets in a lot of drinks unless you request it They got a honey blend syrup that just tastes bad :/
Kali Ruthard
Kali Ruthard 2 dagar sedan
Next: we try every bellozzo pasta flavors
Tabby 3 dagar sedan
The last 4 minutes of aggression from caffeinated Link made me squirmy wormy.
Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor 3 dagar sedan
Their ranking of caramel made this episode worthless to me
A Pisces
A Pisces 3 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but this episode is hilarious
zephyrThaumaturge 3 dagar sedan
Rhett: Sorry about everything. Link: Sorry about NOTHING
Joshua Castillo
Joshua Castillo 3 dagar sedan
Rhett: You know I’m sorry Link: WHAT TIME IT IS
Ryan Hagedorn
Ryan Hagedorn 3 dagar sedan
Do every Oreo flavor!!!
Rebecca S.
Rebecca S. 4 dagar sedan
This episode turned very Canadian at the end!
Em Ebury
Em Ebury 4 dagar sedan
Starbucks has a big menu? Have you ever been to dutch bros sir?
Mike Nesmith
Mike Nesmith 4 dagar sedan
Link had me rolling on the floor laughing ! That caffeine got him angry 😤
Amy Lutece
Amy Lutece 4 dagar sedan
"I think we're going to have to take this outside" xD xD xD Caffeine makes link very cranky xD xD xD xD xD
Brielle Banks
Brielle Banks 4 dagar sedan
Drinking Starbucks as I watch 🤣
Victoria Lee
Victoria Lee 4 dagar sedan
I love the consistency of this channel. I’ve watched so many channels get “big” and then fade away for whatever reason. But this channel has always been entertaining and does a great job staying fun and current
Jonathan Zapinski
Jonathan Zapinski 4 dagar sedan
Good Mythical Morning tries EVERY Oreo flavor
Danielle Clayton
Danielle Clayton 4 dagar sedan
You guys should do every smoothie flavor at Jamba Juice!!
GatCat 5 dagar sedan
Link needs a nap after caffeine.
andrew scott
andrew scott 5 dagar sedan
Rhett : "you know im sorry "
jenreifu 5 dagar sedan
Link woke and chose violence
Pugtato Grace
Pugtato Grace 5 dagar sedan
Knowing why Rhett stopped drinking coffee, this episode makes me feel so bad for him lol.
Justin 5 dagar sedan
Congrats to Stevie for realizing it’s not about her. That needs to happen more often.
Elijah Baisden
Elijah Baisden 5 dagar sedan
Java chip is the best
Kelsey H
Kelsey H 5 dagar sedan
Try every cotton candy flavor
cadence hoskins
cadence hoskins 5 dagar sedan
Ahhh before all the shortages ❤ As a barista this is simultaneously my favorite and least favorite episode
16:54… i think he just divorced Rhett
The Music Kid
The Music Kid 6 dagar sedan
i feel bad for her bc she’s been doing gmm for awhile and link just comes for her job
Bryson Nedley
Bryson Nedley 6 dagar sedan
Link really went I happy now 😃 to ITS OOVVEEEEERRR
CasketsGaming 6 dagar sedan
im sorry
GNamedreagan 6 dagar sedan
Sorry vanilla is better then the Carmel 😹
Thomas Shelmire
Thomas Shelmire 6 dagar sedan
15:17 This is when all that caffeine hit Link
sdiponioXx 7 dagar sedan
I dread to think how much this episode cost 😅
William Wyn
William Wyn 7 dagar sedan
Rhett and Link, you guys should do a Nature Valley snake bars gut check. In the categories of crunchy, protein, sweet&salty, and others, according to their website. They have so many!
Wajner 7 dagar sedan
Starbucks coffee makes you angry :D
DeathAngel 7 dagar sedan
so... a separate video for the secret menu?
MR. SOCIALLY AWKWARD 7 dagar sedan
Don't worry link Starbucks coffee makes me angry to 😡
MUT 7 dagar sedan
Rhett really knows how to push Link's buttons and I love it haha
YoItsXziuto 8 dagar sedan
This would of never happened if you guys could just accept everyone’s opions
Sybarite Sphynx
Sybarite Sphynx 8 dagar sedan
Link being angry because the episode didn’t go as he had hoped + caffeine
Mr. Freak
Mr. Freak 8 dagar sedan
Look what caffeine is doing to people... STOP FIGHTING!!!!
john jon
john jon 8 dagar sedan
The caffeine and sugar really hit Link at the end there.
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 8 dagar sedan
JulezDaCoolz 9 dagar sedan
10:48 LINKS FACE 😂
Ivan Hahn
Ivan Hahn 9 dagar sedan
Is link hard to work with? Lol
Ben 9 dagar sedan
14:25 is when link's tantrum starts.
Emily Oliver
Emily Oliver 9 dagar sedan
Their ratings on the mochas and iced shaken espressos fits in with my fantasy 😌
Eshana Shah
Eshana Shah 9 dagar sedan
They forgot to do green tea frappe 😟
Kayla Marten
Kayla Marten 9 dagar sedan
Sheeeeeeeessssshhh 🤣
chevon1920 10 dagar sedan
I thought stevie’s hair was red. I get so confused with hair colors, 🤷🏿‍♀️
The Piston Cup
The Piston Cup 10 dagar sedan
Rhetts face when she said nitro!😳
Ryan Chandler
Ryan Chandler 10 dagar sedan
Link: IT"S OVER! Haha
John 92
John 92 10 dagar sedan
I would love to see them do one of these but write down their scores on a paper and compare them after because I think they sometimes tend to influence the other without realizing it
Eduardo Manzo
Eduardo Manzo 10 dagar sedan
Why did the end feel so awkward, like I didn't belong here
Bekah Anderson
Bekah Anderson 10 dagar sedan
Starbucks Barista here... They did every iced coffee drink except for the actual iced coffee 🤦‍♀️
Ur Stupid
Ur Stupid 10 dagar sedan
Idk if I’m the only one but I just realized you guys have 17 million followers, I didn’t know that 💀
Trey Boyd
Trey Boyd 10 dagar sedan
Katie Finger
Katie Finger 10 dagar sedan
But those drinks were soooooo melted! 😫
Error Unknown
Error Unknown 10 dagar sedan
They were so hoped up on caffeine that they went crazy 😂😂😂
Resource 11 dagar sedan
Is that Fabio or is that Rhett? 😂
Arnav Kamath
Arnav Kamath 11 dagar sedan
So these are the people who mobile order 50 items
Cindy Freeman
Cindy Freeman 11 dagar sedan
What happens to all the leftover drinks? Just curious and apologies if this has been answered before. I definitely did not read all the comments😊
Sheba Sunday
Sheba Sunday 11 dagar sedan
Once again it's a privilege to come across Dr IGUDIA on SVdown for helping me with his herbal medicine in curing my Hepatitis B completely
Drayden Gee
Drayden Gee 11 dagar sedan
These guys probably spent a grand on coffee for this episode, Starbucks is expensive af
Dreyton Jones
Dreyton Jones 11 dagar sedan
I love Link’s attitude in this episode. That’s why he’s so successful 🤘
Geralgi Amsi
Geralgi Amsi 11 dagar sedan
The caffeine really starts to kick in at the last 4 minutes.
MFJones0117 11 dagar sedan
I love Stevie, she’s great lol
shiio 11 dagar sedan
so caffeine makes link very angry, noted
Blue Streak Studio
Blue Streak Studio 11 dagar sedan
Cady Alcott
Cady Alcott 11 dagar sedan
over-caffeinated Link does Not play well with others
Queen Unlucky
Queen Unlucky 11 dagar sedan
When your favorite drink gets one of the lowest scores🥲
Brookelyn Estrada
Brookelyn Estrada 11 dagar sedan
Link is the great cornholeyo
J 11 dagar sedan
Came here right after seeing the mythical moments clip to see what gwan here...👀 👀
Gamergirl23 11 dagar sedan
me after watching this video: Mm yes starbucks expert.
Myris Stelmer
Myris Stelmer 11 dagar sedan
Yo what’s the deal with this infighting damn.... 👀
Trent Lewis
Trent Lewis 11 dagar sedan
Unpopular opinion: It’s not Stevies show she is a moderator and Rhett was the one that was being passive aggressive.
Trumpetgirl06 12 dagar sedan
Sabo0ora :3
Sabo0ora :3 12 dagar sedan
Brianna Watson
Brianna Watson 12 dagar sedan
My favorite Starbucks flavor is "Mocha Chocolate Chip Frappe" and the "Mango Dragonfruit Refresher." From the Secret Menu, though, the Butterbeer Frappe~! Link looks SO MAD when they did that confetti. X'DDD
Mycah Taylor
Mycah Taylor 12 dagar sedan
looks a lot like eat the menu
Christy Rush
Christy Rush 12 dagar sedan
I think link shouldn’t have that much caffeine
Keddy Duato
Keddy Duato 12 dagar sedan
please do every lindt chocolate flavor
bummerbee 3
bummerbee 3 12 dagar sedan
How do they rate the drinks ? What’s the scale ?
Leugim 12 dagar sedan
Yikes link...
Avenue b
Avenue b 12 dagar sedan
16:53 “I’m happy” “WERE CLEAR! >:(“
Brittney Riepe
Brittney Riepe 12 dagar sedan
Very unpopular opinion i’m sure, but Stevie being so involved in the decisions in this show is honestly one of the reasons why I stopped watching every day. Link had a great point. Stevie is good at what she does, but this isn’t her show. It’s Rhett and Link’s.
TheHelenaPatek 12 dagar sedan
Italians call american coffee l'acqua sporca🥰
Tony Beers
Tony Beers 12 dagar sedan
BoricuaDelight 12 dagar sedan
Rhett is the best! Also the mocha cookie crumble is my go too. That or a Pink Drink
Erin Clark
Erin Clark 12 dagar sedan
Why is it so satisfying when Link gets so passionate and yells?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
xXItz SammyXx
xXItz SammyXx 12 dagar sedan
“Hi, I would like 2 of every coffee drink you have….please?”
SmittySmash 12 dagar sedan
Caffeinated Link is hilarious
Chase Woodfin
Chase Woodfin 12 dagar sedan
Why was link so mad lol
tucci06 12 dagar sedan
The most Canadian ending ever.
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown 12 dagar sedan
Can we just appreciate Eric from flint Michigan’s creativeness
Alleigha Anderson
Alleigha Anderson 12 dagar sedan
The anger from link after the streamers made me laugh so hard 🤣😂
Skeetn H
Skeetn H 12 dagar sedan
Monday Wednesday Friday?
Obed Black
Obed Black 12 dagar sedan
YES!!!!! These are my favorite videos!
FodboldLogoCup 12 dagar sedan
Do ALL Oreos next!
GucciGangYT 12 dagar sedan
Rhett,link, and Stevie = Carly, Spincer, and gibby 😂
Ragan Baker
Ragan Baker 13 dagar sedan
Link: "I'm happy again" Also Link: IT'S OVER! >:(