We Got Scammed On Ebay (Discontinued Snacks) 

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Today, we're getting a taste of history and eating some discontinued snacks! GMM # 1996

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14 jul 2021



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Andrea Hennes
Andrea Hennes Timme sedan
I want the Carmel apple twizzlers to come back, I remember them and they were soooooo good
Brian D
Brian D 2 timmar sedan
Hey! Eric Bana has a great career and is one of my favs! Haha
Max Merrill
Max Merrill 2 timmar sedan
Jar squatter enema
The Willow
The Willow Dag sedan
There used to be twizzler filled of a diff flavor in the early 00s and I was obsessed with them. Then they disappeared forever.
MING! Dag sedan
Reboot the caulk
Ash Cosplays
Ash Cosplays Dag sedan
"I love caulk. We need to hit that L. CauLk
Derrick Pack
Derrick Pack Dag sedan
Love you guys keep on with the episodes
Mardali Dag sedan
Is not end of the world pls
Mardali Dag sedan
Jugmeant day pls
Mardali Dag sedan
Not gonna lié pls
Vince young
Vince young 2 dagar sedan
Discontinued liquor episode please
Cast Iron Cooking
Cast Iron Cooking 2 dagar sedan
*I noticed you have been making a lot of the we got scammed discontinued snacks on EBay, you’re not supposed to eat them these are collectors items!😂*
Jonah Cook
Jonah Cook 2 dagar sedan
"Eric banner" 😂😂 I dont think they watch Marvel
Jay 2 dagar sedan
I ate those twirlers before and I still have some in my cabinet Just ate some and it’s flavorless
Kainland 2 dagar sedan
ayo what he said at 9:18
pugsowe2 2 dagar sedan
Sam Kumpe
Sam Kumpe 3 dagar sedan
Y’all are like the definition of a “dynamic duo”
Meme 3 dagar sedan
When he mentioned when the word goes to 00, the whole world will collapse, is from the time every computer was about to reach year 2000, and they believed that would collapse the entire stock exchange and everything that is relied on the internet. True story
Erica Brewster
Erica Brewster 3 dagar sedan
I’d really like an update on the wood bar guy. 😅
Heartofthedragon20 3 dagar sedan
My dad was born in 1978… meaning link is the same age as my dad, and Rhett is older by a year😂
Shorouk A
Shorouk A 3 dagar sedan
I forgot about the title and was watching which made it even funnier when they found they got scammed lo
krista bruner
krista bruner 3 dagar sedan
“Chocolate and mouse nuts”🤣🤣❤️❤️
BaamBaam 3 dagar sedan
What. I'm... speechless. It was wood they got scammed
Gypsie Rose
Gypsie Rose 3 dagar sedan
Boohoo ya take ur chances buying junk from the internet
DrOmnic 3 dagar sedan
Tastes like CAUlC
Captain Oma oma
Captain Oma oma 3 dagar sedan
Water goes stale after 6 months
MechaMaster20 4 dagar sedan
Maybe those were the display candy bars
Calli Nowobielski
Calli Nowobielski 4 dagar sedan
bring back calk twislers
LavenderLunacy 4 dagar sedan
Unless the listing said it was edible chocolate, I feel like those bars were meant to be collector set-piece style items.
May Masar
May Masar 4 dagar sedan
The Evian water bottle looks like a Gnome
Cosmic Lightning
Cosmic Lightning 4 dagar sedan
I want to see rhett and link hunt down this wood bar scammer.
Rikke 4 dagar sedan
I never realised link is cute-cute before that smile around 6:40 🤭
Stuff and Nonsense
Stuff and Nonsense 4 dagar sedan
An important L.
Furry Control
Furry Control 4 dagar sedan
it’s just chocolate bark
Mack 4 dagar sedan
The way they could’ve said “we got planked” instead of we got pranked 😭
Dee Z.
Dee Z. 4 dagar sedan
My favorite episode of the year lmao 😂. That WAS a wild ride!
Colby Long
Colby Long 4 dagar sedan
I want Link’s tshirt 🤜🏼💥🤛🏼
iam robynn
iam robynn 4 dagar sedan
I kind of wanted them to bite the wood to see their reaction
Clinton Brendle
Clinton Brendle 5 dagar sedan
Local kernersville resident here. Where do i need to look for the culprits?
Jiordan Burris
Jiordan Burris 5 dagar sedan
Idk why I heard them say THE hulk and I thought “hulk hogan had a cereal ?!”
lepper456 4 dagar sedan
Caulk Hogan is what my crazy brain kept screaming. I laughed till my stomach hurt this whole episode.
Der Graf
Der Graf 5 dagar sedan
Getting scammed on Ebay. What else is new : P
Super Cosmic Mutant Honey Candle Squid
Each video, Rhett gets hairier and hairier.
pstrick19 5 dagar sedan
Between this whole caulk moment and the Japanese robot Hitachi on their tiktok, someone needs to stop these men.
Veronika Angeles
Veronika Angeles 5 dagar sedan
These episodes are really 13.3333333333% better I can tell
Liam Smart
Liam Smart 5 dagar sedan
That water bottle was ahead of its time if the lid was supposed to be used as a cup, it means you can't put your cup down until you finish it meaning it can't be spiked, as well as when you do need to put it down you can just put it back on top of the bottle.
Christine R.
Christine R. 5 dagar sedan
This is a chaotic episode
Hella Kels
Hella Kels 5 dagar sedan
Honestly, I was kinda digging that Evian water bottle lol
Itzpanda213 2 dagar sedan
same looks really cool ngl
darren shelton
darren shelton 5 dagar sedan
i missed this
Nala15 DA-Artist
Nala15 DA-Artist 5 dagar sedan
TomJane 5 dagar sedan
...did they literally just say "Eric Banner"? >:
Zak Stone
Zak Stone 5 dagar sedan
Did you check the Milk Chocolate 🍫 bar?
Kelsey H
Kelsey H 5 dagar sedan
Try every cotton candy flavor to see which is #1
suzz 5 dagar sedan
Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller 5 dagar sedan
Link please, where do I get the shirt
amandas asmr
amandas asmr 5 dagar sedan
the evian bottle looks like food coloring LMAO
Victoria Mitchell
Victoria Mitchell 5 dagar sedan
this is probably one of my favorite episodes holy 😭😭😭
bananaface888 5 dagar sedan
As a resident of Kernersville, NC... I am not surprised, and I do apologize.
Lucas Quakkelaar
Lucas Quakkelaar 6 dagar sedan
this episode was awesome
Thomas Mcdougall
Thomas Mcdougall 6 dagar sedan
Do you guys want any haggis from Scotland
Leanne At Work
Leanne At Work 6 dagar sedan
I'm shocked this is the first time you've ever been scammed in one of these episodes.
Leanne At Work
Leanne At Work 6 dagar sedan
How did I not know until today that Evian is naïve spelled backwards??? And this is the second time I watched this episode!!
Icey Pies
Icey Pies 6 dagar sedan
That water thing reminds me of the food coloring droppers
Blake Hammond
Blake Hammond 6 dagar sedan
I can’t be the only one who’s had their OCD affected by how eBay displays in the title?
SaltyHQ 6 dagar sedan
Links new glasses are way better than his old ones. Gonna be honest, I didn't like the old ones
Mtimmc 6 dagar sedan
wood update let’s go
Steven Tarsitano
Steven Tarsitano 6 dagar sedan
technically Mark Ruffalo is playing the same character as Edward Norton. technically the Edward Norton hulk is cannon to the MCU. so Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo both played the same role, it's just that Mark Ruffalo didn't act in the standalone movie.
Anthony Gill
Anthony Gill 6 dagar sedan
Everybody looking for the chocolate updated meanwhile I’m waiting for a Boggs interview
Satiric Games
Satiric Games 6 dagar sedan
Eric Bana is an Aussie icon how dare you.
Lewis Mierka
Lewis Mierka 6 dagar sedan
I love ronstadt
Selena B
Selena B 6 dagar sedan
I love how much Link brought up Shrek this video.
ATeamFan007 6 dagar sedan
The crew definitely either planned that or got a refund from Ebay against the seller lol
Austin Glenn Kimmel
Austin Glenn Kimmel 6 dagar sedan
Popcorn you can actually buy you can actually buy that popcorn still a day what you need to look for when looking for is glass gem corn
wolfrig2000 6 dagar sedan
Why do rhett and links hair dos look like Dogman from Spaceballs and the girl from Hotel Transylvania
Amber Puckett
Amber Puckett 7 dagar sedan
Okay, but I swear I vaguely remember colorful popcorn like that from the early 2000s. I need confirmation that that happened someone else please remember too!!!
Jeff Tsalote
Jeff Tsalote 7 dagar sedan
That's pretty good switching the chocolate for wood haaha good stuff
Nolvert Larriv
Nolvert Larriv 7 dagar sedan
When I get older and have kids first thing when they turn teenagers that I’m going to show them are gmm I’ve been wacthing since I was in 5th grade with my brother which was 17 and now I’m 9th grade gmm basically grew up with me
Tim #34
Tim #34 7 dagar sedan
surely you would have to check the 3rd unopened bar?
Mr Tweedy
Mr Tweedy 7 dagar sedan
You missed the best: "tropical fruit" lifesavers
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez 7 dagar sedan
im enjoying the extra 2 minutes of Rhett and Link's wood
ExtraSpooky——er 7 dagar sedan
10:11 for anyone wondering
Michael Vu
Michael Vu 7 dagar sedan
Eric Bana was also the villain in the new Star Trek
Sweet Sweet
Sweet Sweet 7 dagar sedan
This is my favorite episode.
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith 7 dagar sedan
The caramel apple twizzlers were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.
Wendy Melton
Wendy Melton 7 dagar sedan
That was so fun! Wade Boggs!
Joey Teter
Joey Teter 7 dagar sedan
Actually, Marvel isn’t allowed to make a solo Hulk movie because the holders of the rights of the Hulk (can’t remember which studio) would have to distribute it. So we only get him in other people’s movies lol
MrGledMann 7 dagar sedan
Evelyn Parker
Evelyn Parker 7 dagar sedan
This was the funniest episode they’ve made in forever lmaooo from the cereal mole to wade boggs
M. Evripidou
M. Evripidou 7 dagar sedan
Its for wrapper collectors
wolftitan 7 dagar sedan
Wait a minute... Cameo is still a thing?
desiree oakes
desiree oakes 7 dagar sedan
Think you guys need new content…. Same stuff all the time
Luz Garcia Melendrez
Luz Garcia Melendrez 7 dagar sedan
More plants please :) I love how the set looks
BOG_ DOG 7 dagar sedan
Commenting on every video #4
Readester 7 dagar sedan
The caulk really made this episode it's own.
Gilbert Gottfried
Gilbert Gottfried 7 dagar sedan
Shrek 2 is the best
Mildburner 567
Mildburner 567 7 dagar sedan
you changed the title of the video
Damogus 7 dagar sedan
I love meself some wooden mickey bars
Damogus 7 dagar sedan
1:54 oh my god that is so true
Damogus 7 dagar sedan
choccy bars
Me 7 dagar sedan
Rhett and Link: what flavour is this hulk cereal? Me: it's on the box! Look at the side of the box!
Jack Collins
Jack Collins 7 dagar sedan
Soooo cool they got the Boggs😂😂😂