Is It Time To Cancel Pokemon? 

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Today, Rhett is ranting about Pokemon just needs to stop. GMM # 1988

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24 jun 2021



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RockyFaith Dag sedan
I laughed to hard at this lol I love the concept of Pokémon they are cute
Kod Cee
Kod Cee Dag sedan
What are other episodes like this?
Kod Cee
Kod Cee Dag sedan
“This is the official Rhett and links Pokémon card” “this is official?” Lol
Dylan Paquette
Dylan Paquette 2 dagar sedan
1 thing, its pronounced pok-a-mon not pok-e-mon
Fus Ro DAB
Fus Ro DAB 3 dagar sedan
I love this 🤣 but I’m sorry Rhett, I’ve caught them all
AwesomeCat2012 4 dagar sedan
Everyone is taking about Pokémon, but I am just interested in that ending where Rhett went into full Dad mode. 🤣
Jordan green
Jordan green 6 dagar sedan
I met my boyfriend when we were set up on a blind date. Trying to make conversation I say "do you like Pokémon?" And we start talking about it. Next thing I know, the bartender starts playing the Pokémon theme song over the PA system. My boyfriend and I have been together over 3 years thanks to Pokémon!
Noel Vera
Noel Vera 7 dagar sedan
Rhant and Rhave Cheetos edition
KFC Jesus_ZRDR_DelRio
KFC Jesus_ZRDR_DelRio 7 dagar sedan
Sorry Rhett, but I don't listen to women, especially educated women.
Katelyn Pace
Katelyn Pace 8 dagar sedan
Nahh. Pokémon is iconic
K B 9 dagar sedan
me eating pokemon themed cereal while eating this 🤨😳
Tylor 9 dagar sedan
I've caught 819
AJ 10 dagar sedan
I don't think they know that Pokemon isn't just an outdated card game lol.
Joseph Elliott
Joseph Elliott 10 dagar sedan
Me, who's caught every pokemon... huh interesting
void light
void light 10 dagar sedan
the internets response to this was " OK BOOMER "
Kaio Marchini
Kaio Marchini 10 dagar sedan
hahahaha ok, this is great, the dislikes just show how the satire is perfect hahaha gj
Sheba Sunday
Sheba Sunday 11 dagar sedan
Thank God I came across Dr IGUDIA at the right time and I saw a lot of testimonies and how he has cured a lot of people from Hepatitis B virus then I contacted him for help and he actually cured me, he also has a cure for other form of STI
Acus9999 11 dagar sedan
I honestly wanted link to argue every point just as serious
Rage Viral
Rage Viral 12 dagar sedan
Pikachu and Betty are.....oh my
Kile Taylor
Kile Taylor 14 dagar sedan
My little brother is a pokemon lover but I'm not
REALKINGREXY123 14 dagar sedan
Rhett doesn't know what he's talking about.
Dhruv Gupta
Dhruv Gupta 15 dagar sedan
Is it time to cancel good mythical morning?
Leanne L
Leanne L 15 dagar sedan
Rhett at 9:10 - don’t eat those Link - immediately eats those
Leanne L
Leanne L 15 dagar sedan
Link you need one of those things you use to grab far away things.
Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia 16 dagar sedan
lighten up carol
Joe Ramsey
Joe Ramsey 16 dagar sedan
How dare he is speak of pokemon that way
FUGIFOX 16 dagar sedan
No don't cancel pokemon im a Poke fan
Jordan Lempert
Jordan Lempert 17 dagar sedan
Hey it me i clicked on dis Lol never played pokemon so ill support your endeavors. Down with the Pokemon
Diesel Dawg
Diesel Dawg 17 dagar sedan
"Will...it...Pokemon?" "Let's talk about that." *GMM intro*
Diesel Dawg
Diesel Dawg 17 dagar sedan
Garrett Terwilleger
Garrett Terwilleger 17 dagar sedan
You’ve gone too far gmm
Gamer Eagle
Gamer Eagle 17 dagar sedan
only ogs remember have a flying chicken that breathes fire s the intro
RADÖRNIC 14 dagar sedan
Roope Rontu
Roope Rontu 17 dagar sedan
Ah Pokemon... The franchise everyone except me loved in elementary school. I guess the times haven't changed a bit from those days.
The BTS lover
The BTS lover 18 dagar sedan
Btw I meant the wedding garder
The BTS lover
The BTS lover 18 dagar sedan
Ret u realize the ring and banshee are four kids.
Brendon Neal
Brendon Neal 18 dagar sedan
You can catch them all in Pokemon GO! For the legendary pokemon we just have to be friends with other players.
Domenic 18 dagar sedan
Is he actually being serious or is he being sarcastic?
Mary Pesko
Mary Pesko 19 dagar sedan
i miss the easel! and the "HELLO!".
David Ketter
David Ketter 20 dagar sedan
i’ve caught every pokémon 18 times
Victoria Dougall
Victoria Dougall 20 dagar sedan
This is one of my favourite episodes
ً 21 dag sedan
"They can't fit into one Pokéball" Yeah cuz you have to catch each of them in separate Pokéballs.
Play Fancy
Play Fancy 21 dag sedan
2:59 you got the cojones 😂😭💀
Mikaela Settle
Mikaela Settle 21 dag sedan
why isn’t finland on the board?!?!
Adrena Contreras
Adrena Contreras 22 dagar sedan
I love rhetts rage in this 😂😂
Björn Emil Karlsson
Björn Emil Karlsson 22 dagar sedan
Who are these videos for?
Scott Vermiliion
Scott Vermiliion 23 dagar sedan
I'm thinking over half their fanbase are pokemon fans.
Neha A
Neha A 24 dagar sedan
Well then, now I really want to buy that Pokemon cereal cup.
blake keating
blake keating 24 dagar sedan
blake keating
blake keating 24 dagar sedan
You can't win them all.
Isaac nope
Isaac nope 25 dagar sedan
I actually have all the pokemon... just saying. :P (Yes I know I have no life. :P)
JumperJonah 25 dagar sedan
Carole? More like Karen
Ethan Jeffries
Ethan Jeffries 25 dagar sedan
Lol i love rhett and link, and this is ridiculous Pokemon is awesome. Ive met tons of friends in the community and the games are wonderful, though newer ones are a little weak in substance. This was kinda comical though
waste of time and space
Dude it is satire....
James Lionheart
James Lionheart 25 dagar sedan
master j
master j 25 dagar sedan
What about the Good Messages in Pokémon
DemiJak Stuudios
DemiJak Stuudios 25 dagar sedan
He playing with fire on this one 😅
Brian 26 dagar sedan
We, hopefully, all know this is satire, and this may be one of the funniest episodes I’ve ever watched
Kazues 26 dagar sedan
I feel personally attacked.
Jaime Bas
Jaime Bas 26 dagar sedan
As a Spanish speaker, hearing Rhett say "cojones" was hilarious.
Nogy 26 dagar sedan
Jste jedni z nejšikulinkaťoulinkatějších šikulků z celého Šikulkova na celém šikulkovském světě. :)
laurajeanist 26 dagar sedan
I'm getting John Oliver vibes and LOVE it
Google Account
Google Account 26 dagar sedan
time for Digimon to step up
Jen shurb
Jen shurb 26 dagar sedan
Jared Washburn
Jared Washburn 26 dagar sedan
Rhett…. EXACTLY.
Ben Anasarias
Ben Anasarias 26 dagar sedan
I kinda want someone to tweet Rhett about catching ALL the Pokemon and the shinies. Just to flex on him.
Christos Binos
Christos Binos 26 dagar sedan
Why so many dislikes? 😱
RADÖRNIC 14 dagar sedan
Buncha pokeman kids
Robert Pirlot
Robert Pirlot 26 dagar sedan
You can tell that no one really wants to watch this video because it has only half the amount of views their other videos have. Even I gave up part way.
Zahra Abdul Adhim
Zahra Abdul Adhim 26 dagar sedan
How is it a Rhett Rhant without him saying Sheepole?
Mireya Jarick
Mireya Jarick 26 dagar sedan
im not even kinding im 15 and my mom will still not let me buy anything pokemon
Ghost Trainer Pumpkin Slayer
I was literally watching this while organizing my Pokémon cards 😆
Zack Kelley
Zack Kelley 26 dagar sedan
Cartoon cockfighting is my new favorite quote in history
Nahal 26 dagar sedan
Lmao this is weirdly entertaining to watch I can’t stop ☠️
the jimmy rorgen show
the jimmy rorgen show 26 dagar sedan
Lady: p-pokeman ar-are making kids violent Me after beating Pokémon y and omega ruby: I prefer borderlands like where's the blood after making them "faint"
Christian Kruse
Christian Kruse 26 dagar sedan
I like Rhett's thinking hes so right.
Generation Productions
Generation Productions 27 dagar sedan
@Good Mythical Morning I Here By declear a Debate with Rhett ! i will answer his pokemon Questions and debate his debate rant !
jt mountain
jt mountain 27 dagar sedan
i love these episodes, rhett gets so mad and upset and links just like “ok cool!”
andrewsatx 27 dagar sedan
i don't watch these video.
Trevor Spaulding
Trevor Spaulding 27 dagar sedan
Is this what being a boomer is like?
I have a small penis but
It's satire.
Vivan Solace
Vivan Solace 27 dagar sedan
I love Pikachu 💘
Randal Graves
Randal Graves 27 dagar sedan
I just play Pokémon go. They all fit in my phone 👀. I ain’t hurting no one.
Matthew Griggs
Matthew Griggs 27 dagar sedan
mcglubski 27 dagar sedan
Sword and Shield were bad
KamsWarNPeace 27 dagar sedan
Poshwood 27 dagar sedan
There are like 10 times more dislikes on this video than any other GMM episode. 😂
I have a small penis but
Their video with Ninja and the Wish video have 10k+ more dislikes
faizaan khan
faizaan khan 27 dagar sedan
This is so amazing.. All Pokémon fans have to watch it
Kayla e
Kayla e 27 dagar sedan
0:37 lmao the little shake
ThatGuyAron 27 dagar sedan
Next do yu-gi-oh
Trey Brady
Trey Brady 27 dagar sedan
More like cancel this segment.
Leung Hiu Ching Oriana
Leung Hiu Ching Oriana 27 dagar sedan
That is the 1999 when Pokemon aired. Yes. Pokemon Bank Online. I can't take it anymore.
Jay15951 27 dagar sedan
Nah pokemons awsome :P Ps suprised rhett didn't mention that you have to buy multiple editions to catch em all
BloodTroller 27 dagar sedan
The anwser: No
Amy Layt
Amy Layt 27 dagar sedan
I have that Pokemon Monopoly. It's the original one
A 27 dagar sedan
Me as a Pokémon fan of 20+ years and a GMM fan of around 7 years: DECISIONS WILL BE MADE TODAY (also I own that mug lmao)
Urshifu 27 dagar sedan
Trevor Eischen
Trevor Eischen 27 dagar sedan
The “Link, screen” bit is one of my absolute favorites. I need more. 😂
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 27 dagar sedan
Lmao there were better things to ironically pick on than the Pokémon community 💀
Eli Egts
Eli Egts 27 dagar sedan
Rhett:you cant get all pokemon Me:just watch beatemups video
Kyle Grainger
Kyle Grainger 27 dagar sedan
Someone's drank just a tiny but too much of the crazy juice.
Andrea 1
Andrea 1 27 dagar sedan
My buddy Jarvis Johnson loves Pokemon
Kayla Powell
Kayla Powell 28 dagar sedan
They're exploiting their fans! Me: exploit me daddy!
Kirsten S
Kirsten S 28 dagar sedan
A kid I went to school with won first place in the world championship in Hawaii for Pokémon
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