International Lays Chips Taste Test 

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Where in the world do these international Lays chips come from? GMM # 1995

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12 jul 2021



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Patrick Doss
Patrick Doss 13 minuter sedan
I lose no sleep not thinking about you
Patrick Doss
Patrick Doss 14 minuter sedan
Personally I'm a fan of Pringles
ruben nulens
ruben nulens 12 timmar sedan
Belgum for the win!!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 13 timmar sedan
Link: "I would like a flavor chip that makes me feel like I've gotten away with a crime." Rhett: (zero reaction at this point)
TealAppeal 19 timmar sedan
my local asian supermarket has lays chips with strange flavours such as : Cucumber, lime, Peach soda, yougurt soda, peaking duck, and Spicy korean bbq!
Haylee Willis
Haylee Willis Dag sedan
$hirt, $ymb0ls. Gross 🤢
Haylee Willis
Haylee Willis Dag sedan
Links shirt?
Haylee Willis
Haylee Willis Dag sedan
Anyone? 😡
Adrian Davis
Adrian Davis Dag sedan
Link gets to be a little too much
dolita windo
dolita windo Dag sedan
Would've been hilarious if the "rhett's mom cam" was on a pulley that they'd bring down right over Link when he's about to throw, then back up right after
Genevieve D.
Genevieve D. Dag sedan
Boycott Frito-Lay for inhumane practices towards their workers.
Marilyn Antoinette
"I don't wanna do crime, but I want to taste what it feels like to have gotten away with it." This is officially my new favorite link quote 🙌 😂
Falah Nadeem
Falah Nadeem Dag sedan
Ok its unfair to let them use the advantage on the mystery round
dolita windo
dolita windo Dag sedan
since i had fun with the energy drink episode. redbull and monster. how about international energy drinks?
Grace Munie
Grace Munie Dag sedan
I just realized link changed his glasses
R V Dag sedan
12:06 Rhett's reflexes 😲💪
Rhys Lloyd
Rhys Lloyd 2 dagar sedan
We have the KFC ones in the UK, it's not exclusive to Thailand
Rhys Lloyd
Rhys Lloyd 2 dagar sedan
Plus the prawn cocktail
sokin jon
sokin jon 2 dagar sedan
“I don’t think it matters.” And their reaction. 😄
Savvas 2 dagar sedan
wouldn't shoplifting chips give them a shoplifting flavor?
SwollenRhino 2 dagar sedan
You both need a haircut & shave
Nix 2 dagar sedan
In Belgium we also have the kfc Lays but they're from a limited time collab. They taste nothing like kfc.
superdrummerboy1028 2 dagar sedan
12:04 Is no one gonna talk about that smooth catch?
sokin jon
sokin jon 2 dagar sedan
To those asking... i really think Rhetts mom is alive and well? I havent seen a single episode where he's said she passed. Pretty sure the camera is just a joke♡
Jake Allen
Jake Allen 2 dagar sedan
Rhett wins like 90% of all the games they play.
Flamecrew9 At roblox
Flamecrew9 At roblox 2 dagar sedan
We missed you.
T0xicity0 3 dagar sedan
I think link might be related to Dana carvey, like the similarities are wild
Juice Box
Juice Box 3 dagar sedan
You can get dill pickle in Canada to and they are soo good
Flub 3 dagar sedan
Isn't there also KFC Lays in the Netherlands?!?!?!?
Nicholas Foucrier
Nicholas Foucrier 3 dagar sedan
The various hidden cameras every time hahahah amazing
Joshua Pecson
Joshua Pecson 3 dagar sedan
since i had fun with the energy drink episode. redbull and monster. how about international energy drinks?
Twitch 3 dagar sedan
KFC CRISPS ARE UK!!! first uk then thailand
Apsin Trapsin
Apsin Trapsin 3 dagar sedan
ret the marsupial soup souper
Red Chain
Red Chain 3 dagar sedan
Rhett is so- 😩😭
JustMiniBanana 4 dagar sedan
Vegimite is more solid than marmite
Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller 4 dagar sedan
KFC and prawn cocktail are both available in the UK too.
LavenderLunacy 4 dagar sedan
Best Good Mythical Summer set yet!
Sirena Jansen Van Rensburg
To those asking... i really think Rhetts mom is alive and well? I havent seen a single episode where he's said she passed. Pretty sure the camera is just a joke♡
SusserLive 4 dagar sedan
Not going to lie you can find these lays ketchup, dill pickle and salad chips in Canada lmao 🤣
Bradley F
Bradley F 4 dagar sedan
Nah the uk has kfc chips too
Zach C
Zach C 4 dagar sedan
That catch Rhett made on the shrimp cocktail bag, was impressive.
Remiden 4 dagar sedan
hang on we have marmite chips in the UK??
lynsey 4 dagar sedan
america doesn’t have prawn cocktail crisps?!??!
christhestampeder 4 dagar sedan
Back just in time to promote Lay's during a worker's strike. Nice.
Laura Long
Laura Long 4 dagar sedan
Was checking comments to see if anyone else mentioned this. Workers been working 12 hour days, 7 days a week for 6 months straight.
Elizabeth Kensinger
Elizabeth Kensinger 4 dagar sedan
Vye-eena sawsiges
Cole 1046B
Cole 1046B 4 dagar sedan
I wonder do all the chips get eaten?
Milky Vee
Milky Vee 4 dagar sedan
Logan Daniels
Logan Daniels 4 dagar sedan
Link’s shirt made me wipe my screen at least 3 times
Olivia 4 dagar sedan
“I don’t think it matters.” And their reaction. 😄
mmorgann 5 dagar sedan
dont forget Frito Lay workers are on a strike right now- don't cross the picket line!
Paul Villapiano
Paul Villapiano 5 dagar sedan
I was hoping to see some seaweed Lay's, since I've had them in Taiwan. They might also have them in Japan, though.
Paula Reis
Paula Reis 5 dagar sedan
Nice video
jen law
jen law 5 dagar sedan
Judging from the comment section, prawn cocktail is in quite a few countries
Lightning Lance
Lightning Lance 5 dagar sedan
"The only place where you will find all three is Belgium" No, we have them in the Netherlands too 🤣
Lewis Sharples
Lewis Sharples 5 dagar sedan
I feel so bad for Americans who can't eat Prawn Cocktail crisps like we can here in the UK
dvex 5 dagar sedan
The KFC Lays flavor chips have been around Western Europe for a while now too not just Thailand.
Chris Heikes
Chris Heikes 5 dagar sedan
The international dart game should be its own channel!!!!!!!
angie 5 dagar sedan
Boycott Lay's until the workers in Topeka are given better working conditions!!
callum crook
callum crook 5 dagar sedan
We have kfc walkers max in the UK
Neel Ghost
Neel Ghost 5 dagar sedan
I’m from the uk and don’t say I’m getting ucked up it 😂😂😂😂 search it up in urban dictionary what uck is
Aidan Powell
Aidan Powell 5 dagar sedan
Rhetts catch at 12:04 is actually insane
Joselynne C
Joselynne C 5 dagar sedan
Please do international bread next.
jph 5 dagar sedan
I was hoping my Snack Crate subscription would help me, but I didn't get these in my Thailand box.
Xaniss 5 dagar sedan
W-we have prawn cocktail in the UK too, it's my fav lol
Xaniss 5 dagar sedan
Nevermind I just got to the part where she said it's in another country.
SaVii 5 dagar sedan
I haven’t watched GMM in over a year. Did something happen to Rhett’s mom?
LostMikeHat 5 dagar sedan
6:08. Wow. So satisfying.
Kelsey H
Kelsey H 5 dagar sedan
Try every cotton candy flavor to see which is #1
Christina Thomas
Christina Thomas 5 dagar sedan
@11:08 Chase….what are you looking at…?
Troy Lester
Troy Lester 5 dagar sedan
Bring back the vlogs
Midnight Witch
Midnight Witch 5 dagar sedan
Belgium food is the shizz, especially there chocolate ❤️
Eshtaq Khaliq
Eshtaq Khaliq 5 dagar sedan
KFC flavour are also available in the UK in2 flavours, original recipe and spicy zinger
BdogEllie Hammeraze
BdogEllie Hammeraze 6 dagar sedan
This is super ill-timed with what’s happening at Frito-Lay and the worker abuse. Would’ve been a great video to give awareness to the worker strikes :(
Merry Merry
Merry Merry 6 dagar sedan
KingKristo _
KingKristo _ 6 dagar sedan
Who came to watch Their birth year episode? Like if you’re from 1995 😬😬
Gina Michael
Gina Michael 6 dagar sedan
Kate D.
Kate D. 6 dagar sedan
4:53 Rhett's mom joke making a come-back!
The Radiator Potato
The Radiator Potato 6 dagar sedan
UK has the kfc flavour and prawn cocktail lol
Syrsa Archive
Syrsa Archive 6 dagar sedan
we have KFC flavour in the UK, too!
Jos Batenburg
Jos Batenburg 6 dagar sedan
KFC flavour is available in the Netherlands as well. Or at least they were for a short period.
HFollman 6 dagar sedan
okay but why is no one commenting on Rhett's catch at 12:06 bc that was so smooth lol
Dizzy D
Dizzy D 6 dagar sedan
"Rhett's momma cam" is my new favorite thing. More mama please
haroldson grace
haroldson grace 6 dagar sedan
Link: "I would like a flavor chip that makes me feel like I've gotten away with a crime." Rhett: (zero reaction at this point)
Erick Thompson
Erick Thompson 6 dagar sedan
Nice guys
Salemwasvods__ 6 dagar sedan
always miss u guys when you take a break :}
Squid Ink
Squid Ink 6 dagar sedan
Rhett's Going to Brazil guys
Michael O'Keefe
Michael O'Keefe 7 dagar sedan
It's the show you tune in the morning instead of the Eyewitness News.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 7 dagar sedan
why is Morocco just a half country? Please guys, I've asked about this before. You're cutting my country in half whenever you show it
iamtoasty 7 dagar sedan
I love the old intro there ogs
Benjamin Halter
Benjamin Halter 7 dagar sedan
Rhetts mom cam 😆 😭
RdL 7 dagar sedan
crocy is better than lays
Will B
Will B 7 dagar sedan
Y'all should do a blindfolded dart game. Start closer, have Chase aim you towards the middle, and you have to use some innate geography skillz
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 7 dagar sedan
Chase hit that dab pen before work. Lol
Frank Warner
Frank Warner 7 dagar sedan
Have to get them internationally, the U.S. Lays factory in Kansas is on Strike. I need my Funyions 😔
Laura Long
Laura Long 4 dagar sedan
Workers have been working 12 hour days, 7 days a week, 6 months straight
MrGledMann 7 dagar sedan
Unc_ Gamer
Unc_ Gamer 7 dagar sedan
Is no one gonna talk about that smooth catch Rhett had at about 12:05 that was pretty awesome
Dogs are the best
Dogs are the best 7 dagar sedan
It’s a chase munck
Adrian 7 dagar sedan
Dad joke is on point😂
j1mmy enkoodabaoo
j1mmy enkoodabaoo 7 dagar sedan
This might be this first time in 6 years I have rooted for Rhett in a game
Cathy 7 dagar sedan
Link nice merch. t!!
Morgan Lewis
Morgan Lewis 7 dagar sedan
This brand choice sure aged poorly in a matter of days 😭
I Dunno
I Dunno 7 dagar sedan
You're close with mustard, except it's ketchup.
Lanny Valenzuela
Lanny Valenzuela 7 dagar sedan
Vmez 7 dagar sedan
Freemason’s checkered floor? 👀
Srah 7 dagar sedan
Wait what you're telling me prawn cocktail is not a common flavour in other countries??
Temir Van Horn
Temir Van Horn 8 dagar sedan
Chase hit that dab pen before work. Lol
"What does this say?"
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Try Not To Gag Challenge
"What does this say?"
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