Garlic vs. Mint Swap Taste Test 

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Today, we're turning the tables on garlic and mint. We're trying garlic mint food vs mint garlic food! GMM # 1969

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28 maj 2021



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bacon ok
bacon ok 3 dagar sedan
Mint sauce goes good on everything I dont see how mint would be bad with savoury stuff
Will B
Will B 14 dagar sedan
Mint already works in a number of savory dishes... This was kind of a no brainer
Cpt.Chimp Månad sedan
Instead of putting ketchup on meatloaf do BBQ sauce+Chili powder+Small amount of ketchup. It's so much better
Brantson W
Brantson W Månad sedan
I’m not a Mythical Society member myself but a good idea would be to give the members a scorecard and whoever guesses everything correctly gets a prize or a bigger discount on merch or something.
PyroAnimus Månad sedan
Eva Hamaker
Eva Hamaker Månad sedan
As a teen I went through a mint phase where I put mint and mint extract into everything
Angelz garcia
Angelz garcia Månad sedan
Link be power tripping LOL god bless rhett
Tapolah Al-Batoul
Tapolah Al-Batoul Månad sedan
So no one is gonna talk about how they both said "Not great" in the same exact time?
Stefanie Kao
Stefanie Kao Månad sedan
The lemon/garlic drink is more of a dipping sauce in Asian countries. Never thought of drinking it though. LOL!
Sunglass Dubsteps
Sunglass Dubsteps Månad sedan
They should do Strawberry vs Blueberry swap taste test
May Månad sedan
stop at 1:32
Sylvia Nguyen
Sylvia Nguyen Månad sedan
If you guys hadn't liked those garlic knots, you could have said it was "knot mint" to be 😅
UToPiAN Månad sedan
Rhett should probably play Zeus in anything related to Zeus. He kinda looks the part.
amanda Sondergaard
amanda Sondergaard Månad sedan
I can’t unsee it now lol
C M Månad sedan
Ok but, OpinionCassarole makes my heart so happy, and needs to be something, starting now.
PiousMoltar Månad sedan
Mint mashed potatoes are a real thing...
andrixun Månad sedan
The drink should have been a (garlic) mint julep
B B Månad sedan
Day 148 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us
BonBong World
BonBong World Månad sedan
mint bread and garlic chocolate chip ice cream
Josiah Bradley
Josiah Bradley Månad sedan
I would unironically eat all of these.
Joeseph Espinosa
Joeseph Espinosa Månad sedan
We need an episode where they guess whether a patent is real or not.
AwesomeCat2012 Månad sedan
I feel like this all made so much sense. Lemon garlic as a flavor profile... more of us should have thought about that!
IvoryTrance Månad sedan
represent Ottawa!!
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis Månad sedan
Who drinks minty lemonade???
ChesuMori Månad sedan
You'd really think they would go the obvious route of garlic first, and mint to get rid of the garlic breath.
Wendy Muller
Wendy Muller Månad sedan
Delicious accident: my sister mistaking meatloaf mix for ground beef and using it to make spaghetti and meatballs!
Victoria Dunn
Victoria Dunn Månad sedan
Salt and vinegar swap with cinnamon sugar would be awesome!
taylormxrie Månad sedan
Garlic > Mint
Ashley Lovato
Ashley Lovato Månad sedan
I love both garlic and mint, so these dishes just make me so conflicted 😂
katherine the mouse
katherine the mouse Månad sedan
the existence of the garlic lemonade implies the real-world existence of mint lemonade, which is...not a thing that exists. ??
Fehmida Chutoo
Fehmida Chutoo Månad sedan
Kinda a reference to a mojito I'm guessing
Soldagg Månad sedan
This is too easy. Of copurse garlic will not taste good on anything other than dinner/lunch/breakfest food
Mistal Månad sedan
Can you guys do an episode where the mythical kitchen follows recipes online of popular sauces (like canes sauce, Wingstop ranch, Casaole green sauce, etc.) and do a blind taste test to try and guess what was the real sauce and what was the recreated one?
hollie-yt Månad sedan
Them saying chiffonade over and over is like when a toddler learns a bad word and keeps saying it all the time
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson Månad sedan
Amen Rhett, AMEN
Aaron B
Aaron B Månad sedan
Rhett looks like he could be in the live action Lion King
Ryan Posadas
Ryan Posadas Månad sedan
Lemon chicken water without the chicken 😂
astudios Månad sedan
I'm watching an episode of GMM after years of not watching, and I have no memory of Link having a southern accent.
Gracie Flood
Gracie Flood Månad sedan
please go back to writing your own intros please please please
Miss Amanda's world
Miss Amanda's world Månad sedan
my mother food is nasty my dad was cook i now mostly cook for self.
Hashmitha Suresh Kumar
can u do an international bread video
Maymona Sh
Maymona Sh Månad sedan
In middle eastern cuisine, mint is usually used in savory foods especially salads. Everything you ate with mint looked yummy to me
Lee Coffill
Lee Coffill Månad sedan
yall seriously didn't do mint-dill pickles or garlic gum
Jessica Nelson
Jessica Nelson Månad sedan
My grandmother had famous turkey stuffing every Thanksgiving. The first year my husband had Thanksgiving dinner with the family we talked to him about how great it was for weeks leading up to the meal. That year she changed the recipe and added carrots and raisins, it was repulsive. 🤮My husband has never let me live it down.
CharlieLNF Månad sedan
Garlic lemonade kombucha
Nadeen Morsi
Nadeen Morsi Månad sedan
2:55 - Link: “but the mint is... umm ... suBtle” me: the s is SILENTTT
justinethatsme Månad sedan
Once I accidentally put garlic powder in my chai instead of ginger :( it was so bad lol
Emily DeGruise
Emily DeGruise Månad sedan
food swap btw cajun and italian seasoning
Tia Be-Trippin
Tia Be-Trippin Månad sedan
😂😂 The preaching moment!!
Zeelyle Månad sedan
I've never heard of putting mint in lemonade before. I'll have to try it.
bonbony Månad sedan
Rhett looks like Bo in his new special
Besmo Månad sedan
Did someone fart at 11:56 ?
TIA P. Månad sedan
Honestly that looked like pasta to me till the guys said it was mashed potatoes
Colton Stone
Colton Stone Månad sedan
9:02 to 9:06 is a MOOD
Selena Kley
Selena Kley Månad sedan
They should taste every clif bar flovor
Ryan Forsythe
Ryan Forsythe Månad sedan
I don't know about your grandmas but my memaw was peppermint extract crazy, which would've been overwhelming on a lot of these dishes, so I can understand the herb use.
Jaysoddfutr Månad sedan
I hope you guys know we’re not gonna listen to a hotdog is a sandwich and we won’t use tht hashtag
Emiliasss Hinesasa
Emiliasss Hinesasa Månad sedan
The distinct frog optically roll because rule repressingly spill worth a sweet arithmetic. public, six philippines
MT Månad sedan
Speaking of movies, Stevie's a babe.
David Ritch
David Ritch Månad sedan
Old things new vs new things old !!
Jen Light
Jen Light Månad sedan
Mint can already be savory, but it's hard for garlic to be sweet. In the middle east we eat garlic and mint yogurt as a side to many rice dishes, and in the uk we have mint on lamb often!
Ricky Gent
Ricky Gent Månad sedan
I've had a rough few years and haven't watched for a couple of years. Glad to be back. Just wanted to say that hair is amazing.
Alexis Vasquez
Alexis Vasquez Månad sedan
Daddy garlic fingers
genesiscda Månad sedan
I think all the mint stuff looked so gross 🤢
Deema Diab
Deema Diab Månad sedan
It's no Brainer that you could replace garlic with mint and it'll taste okay since mint can be used in savory food and desert
MrsBungle78 Månad sedan
I wouldn’t say Starbuck’s dominates in coffee. It’s some of the weakest swill I’ve ever had!
Celestial• Siren
Celestial• Siren Månad sedan
The recipe for the garlic lemonaid plz lol im super curious
katie dobrowski
katie dobrowski Månad sedan
Okay I might just be under the influence BUUUUT you guys should do a remake of the 'My hair song' but swap who sings what verses now that Rhett's hair goes down and Link's goes up
Dylan Tube
Dylan Tube Månad sedan
Missed opportunity to call the mint mashed potatoes "mashed mintatoes".
Ab Echeverria
Ab Echeverria Månad sedan
When are y’all visiting Coats? (Next to Buies Creek) lol
Becca B
Becca B Månad sedan
I think we need an episode inspired by the cinnamon deviled egg comment: "will it deviled egg?"
Houston Hotdog
Houston Hotdog Månad sedan
Whoa!!! Lavern and Shirley really got hit hard by menopause. Daaaaammm
1will2000will1 Månad sedan
Catnip biscuits
Garfield Brooks
Garfield Brooks Månad sedan
awwww winnie is such a cute little pupper!!😊
BaGChasinG. Kai
BaGChasinG. Kai Månad sedan
I swear I don’t watch GMM for like 2 months at a time and everytime I come back there’s a new intro
Sierra Hartdige
Sierra Hartdige Månad sedan
I love how Link's hair goes up and Rhett's goes down. Thumbs up if you see the irony in this, if not, boy do I have a song for you.
Brandon Powell
Brandon Powell Månad sedan
Since when did my favorite guys ...only do food reviews ....
Loaded gsmez 420
Loaded gsmez 420 Månad sedan
Collaborate with epic meal time
Angel Milton
Angel Milton Månad sedan
niffthesniff Månad sedan
he said smellathat
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio Månad sedan
1:09 I love that word, "Garlicky".
Arya Stark
Arya Stark Månad sedan
CrystalAvenger Månad sedan
Arya Stark
Arya Stark Månad sedan
NATASHA F P Månad sedan
R their videos stress buster for anyone else or its just me
Giles S
Giles S Månad sedan
I feel like Nicole has to
Hamza Hassan
Hamza Hassan Månad sedan
Surprised they didn’t include Andes mint
Hamza Hassan
Hamza Hassan Månad sedan
@CrystalAvenger Yeah i know that
CrystalAvenger Månad sedan
but they didnt
Jordyn Boyd
Jordyn Boyd Månad sedan
Stevie is my favorite.
Naviathegamer -.-
Naviathegamer -.- Månad sedan
Only ogs remember the play do video
Lily A.
Lily A. Månad sedan
Is it just me or has gum gotten garlickier lately?
Robert Cozad
Robert Cozad Månad sedan
Basil mint wings are pretty good.
killjoys make some noiz
there's a Thai savory dish called larb/laab, usually made with minced chicken/pork with lime juice and we put a lot of mint in it.. 😁
Megs Månad sedan
I really thought Rhett was going to say: and which will be icky. But honestly idk why
Blandmanboredo Månad sedan
Who tf eats thick garlics?
Gecko&KingGaming Månad sedan
James Bond
James Bond Månad sedan
This video made me throw up
vlonexnick Månad sedan
Electrowave Månad sedan
Is mint with potatoes not a thing in USA?
Catarina _
Catarina _ Månad sedan
ginger is also a really strong flavour
imnotgay u are
imnotgay u are Månad sedan
there is lituarily a lemon and garlic tea sooo.....
Jojo Lamoo
Jojo Lamoo Månad sedan
Kisaki Sakura
Kisaki Sakura Månad sedan
Gosh, I just want them to have reusable straws!
CrystalAvenger Månad sedan
rijat oaoky
Alessio Gallo
Alessio Gallo Månad sedan
Speeeiissse valle….. ops ho sbagliato video
phillip dunne
phillip dunne Månad sedan
You guys are looking exceptionally mythical. Link went from swoop to pomp and Rhett went from pomp to knot to lion. What are you guy’s hair care products and how do you keep your hair so amazing and lustrous!
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