Fruit Hot Sauce Taste Test 

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This is DAY 2 of our hot sauce tournaments and today, we're determining the best fruit hot sauce! GMM # 1986

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Do YOU want to try any of these fruity sauces? Tell us what you think!
* DIRTY DICK'S: Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce: amzn.to/35INAF6
* BURNS \u0026 MCCOY: Devorandum Cherry \u0026 Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce: amzn.to/3wZQVvD
* FAMOUS DAVE'S: Pineapple Rage Hot Sauce: amzn.to/2SJDWPL
* ANGRY GOAT PEPPER CO: Purple Hippo Hot Sauce: amzn.to/35IKy3y
* HEARTBEAT: Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce: amzn.to/35H5AzB
* TABASCO: Raspberry Chipotle Sauce: amzn.to/3cXlSbt
* ANGRY GOAT PEPPER CO: Hippy Dippy Green Hot Sauce: amzn.to/2SW5bGF
* FAT CAT: Strawberry Serrano Hot Sauce: amzn.to/3zJFXfi

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22 jun 2021



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Rose Taylor
Rose Taylor 22 timmar sedan
I’ve been watching my boys for years and I hope there will b years to come. \(^-^)/ they r so adorable!
Shota Aizawa
Shota Aizawa 4 dagar sedan
These two have officially reversed they song my hair goes up. Lol
Cas L
Cas L 6 dagar sedan
I did not need to be more attracted to Rhett
Derrick Clinchof Derrick Clinchof
Kristie Amaya
Kristie Amaya 9 dagar sedan
For the first time ever, I'd like to very gently say that the art department really took a snooze on this one with the table. There are so many more creative & better things they both could have done & were capable of. It doesn't even look like anything on camera.
Ferina Queensylla
Ferina Queensylla 10 dagar sedan
sambal nanas lmao
flowers for the dead
flowers for the dead 10 dagar sedan
Raspberry Chipotle slaps
Tatted Won
Tatted Won 14 dagar sedan
man they cant take heat.
Bryanna Waddell
Bryanna Waddell 18 dagar sedan
Link has a Jade patch on his jacket!! Did he have a Jasper one too, I couldn’t tell! XD
ImAbjee 20 dagar sedan
buzzy boodog
buzzy boodog 21 dag sedan
Link, you do realize that you picked the sauce with the little kid's drawing on the label?
GameTesterDev 23 dagar sedan
how tf is there no Mango Habanero?????
Noemi Molinari
Noemi Molinari 25 dagar sedan
I truly loved this episode!
chevon1920 25 dagar sedan
Oh man, I really didn’t need a slow motion of link sucking up the berries, 😕
Tanya Jessica
Tanya Jessica 25 dagar sedan
The fanfic writes itself at this point
Mikaela Settle
Mikaela Settle 26 dagar sedan
I love the look Link gets when he finally does something really cool.
Googly Bear
Googly Bear 26 dagar sedan
Idk how I feel about that berry vacuum thing
Marth593 26 dagar sedan
How do they mention mango habanero but not have it in the episode? I'd assume because it would too easily win.
kade ilia
kade ilia 26 dagar sedan
heartbeat hotsauce pineapple!!
Andrew Boccasino
Andrew Boccasino 27 dagar sedan
9:49 Rhett “This would be good on Mexican cuisine.” Link - Facial expression. “Yeah….”
nknahakata 27 dagar sedan
I got 100% PAIN im my fridge :D
jason hughes
jason hughes 27 dagar sedan
peppers are fruits
TXTROOPER 27 dagar sedan
Start a Business ☆ Invest in Real Estate
lovesmusic916 27 dagar sedan
What's the budget here? Can someone fix Rhetts squeaking chair.
UnDr3W 28 dagar sedan
1:38 got me there
Sarah '93
Sarah '93 28 dagar sedan
Sarah '93
Sarah '93 28 dagar sedan
Oh my
Tim Hill
Tim Hill 28 dagar sedan
I would try the pineapple but sadly I'm allergic
Cale Burke
Cale Burke 29 dagar sedan
I like when Rhett done the intros 😂😂
James Parthenides
James Parthenides 29 dagar sedan
I still believe heartbeat pineapple habanero should have placed higher. One of my favs
Benjamin Wright
Benjamin Wright 27 dagar sedan
You, sir. Are correct. One of my favs too, i have 2 at home currently. Plus the time they take to infuse it with their local beer makes it even better with a touch of personalization
Kelly Strongtree
Kelly Strongtree 29 dagar sedan
Now I’m in a fruity mood today as well, Rhett. Those strawberries in my fridge aren’t going to eat themselves...😄
Crispy_Clapz_ Månad sedan
Guys I’m pretty sure a beaver-duck is just a platipus
WatchIT Månad sedan
7:12: "beaverduck" also known as platypus!
Danny Månad sedan
The heartbeat one is Canadian
Steven Friedman
Steven Friedman Månad sedan
7:11 Beaver-duck? Isn't that just a Platypus? 🤔
froopty Månad sedan
sweet an heat are a great combo that people gloss over too easily, this one jam I buy from a farmers market I use like a sause and I put it on everything
ICantEven Månad sedan
“I’m in a fruity mood today” Happy pride, y’all
Exquisite Fails
Exquisite Fails Månad sedan
I know for a fact Link can’t do better than that purple hippo! 🤣
Duncan Hord
Duncan Hord Månad sedan
I don't want to be that guy... But peppers are fruits.
Joshua Barber
Joshua Barber Månad sedan
Famous Dave's W00t! Wisconsin represent!
J C Månad sedan
I love Carolina Reapers…
Matthew Raven
Matthew Raven Månad sedan
We have 100% Pain here in St Cloud MN at Lilys wing burgers and things. I get it every time.
Molly A
Molly A Månad sedan
I wanna know what’s going on inside that clear box on the table…
Aaron D
Aaron D Månad sedan
How can you *NOT* include a blueberry ghost pepper?
R. Tristen
R. Tristen Månad sedan
Aren’t peppers already fruits
Jerm Jordan
Jerm Jordan Månad sedan
Without having even watched this episode I can say with complete certainty that Famous Dave's pineapple rage is one of the best sauces I've put on any chicken (just my opinion)
schasse2011 Månad sedan
I feel like Rhett needs a scrunchie on standby for impromptu berry vacuuming
Dekz Månad sedan
Rhett: i’m in a fruity mood today me: now kith
José Miguel González Wachter
12:40 NOOOO!!! WHYYYY?!?!? xD
Berend Brokkenpap
Berend Brokkenpap Månad sedan
I want to put the tabasco one on a peanut butter sammich
Josh Månad sedan
I can’t stop looking at rhett’s shirt
tragically.rachel Månad sedan
Pali_og Månad sedan
Mango habanero should’ve been on here and would have one
Ethan Davis
Ethan Davis Månad sedan
Yeeeeeo where did Rhett get that shirt from? I godda know!
valtryek TSB
valtryek TSB Månad sedan
3:50 No it would be like 4#
Elan Soto
Elan Soto Månad sedan
Nigel R
Nigel R Månad sedan
Thats was an endorphoine dump from that first sauce. Heat can be fun!
Faye Miester
Faye Miester Månad sedan
The OG Tabasco Chipotle is amazing. I didn't know there was a raspberry one, but now I need it so bad.
CTRL-SHFT-QQ Månad sedan
12:50 sussy........
Dactrin Månad sedan
I'm dying 🤣 those noises and the music ....
mark flynn
mark flynn Månad sedan
Seriously thought someone was going to choke on a berry durring that tie breaker
Z J Månad sedan
This episode was cute
Paul Kieffer
Paul Kieffer Månad sedan
Yet another mythical and epic intro!!!
CJ jernigan
CJ jernigan Månad sedan
any fruit based sauces, i have never liked , :/ sowwy
Sir Frederick
Sir Frederick Månad sedan
That was very Slick
DEtermin8r Månad sedan
Hola Guys
Z R Månad sedan
@3:24 Link says "smell-a that " Where is Damien Haas?
Mandi Poling
Mandi Poling Månad sedan
The slow mo on the sucking berries! 😂🤣
Ryan Månad sedan
Iink is starting to look like Jay Leno....😐 bro needs a new dew imo.
Chel C
Chel C Månad sedan
That heartbeat sauce is amazing!!! Sad to see it go.
Zgilly21 Månad sedan
Chipotle Tabasco is the GOAT
Victoria Spencer
Victoria Spencer Månad sedan
I rewatched the berry vacuum way too many times. I need help
Wweald Månad sedan
The second Link hears there's an ingredient he typically doesn't like he completely changes his opinion from good to bad, what a dork.
bhpchen94 Månad sedan
The damaged grandmother angiographically unpack because health mostly settle of a neighborly mountain. phobic, impartial milkshake
Nicolas Scaletta
Nicolas Scaletta Månad sedan
All purple hippo lives matter 💜
Aaron Kaulay
Aaron Kaulay Månad sedan
Only if Rhett had more chin! He would have EASILY dominated the berries.
Sydney Savoy
Sydney Savoy Månad sedan
anyone else trying to find where they can buy Tabasco Raspberry Chipotle and not finding it?
brittany Martin
brittany Martin Månad sedan
Absolutely loved this episode! I laughed so hard😂😂😂
Wes Månad sedan
BWW Mango Habanero is the best
S O Månad sedan
Someone needs to bottle the flavor of Canadian Hawaiian Pizza X scotch bonnets!
T Brown
T Brown Månad sedan
Pickapeppa!! Pickapeppa!! Pickapeppa!!! How was this not an option?
David DeGrarmo
David DeGrarmo Månad sedan
The seeds should be unknown...they can influence final decisions
Unabashedly Broken
Unabashedly Broken Månad sedan
Pineapple habanero sauce by Robert Rothschild. It's amazing as a glaze.
Elizabeth Dufur
Elizabeth Dufur Månad sedan
Link is all excited about new flavors, this is what happens Link when you actually try things and not just say I don't like this and not eat it without knowing.
Hannah Ward
Hannah Ward Månad sedan
Link's reaction to the Devorandum cherry sauce reminded me of Madeline Kahn from Clue- "flames...on the side of my face..."
Joe Cambo
Joe Cambo Månad sedan
Nothing from pepper palace AGAIN??!
Mustafa Kilinc
Mustafa Kilinc Månad sedan
8:50 pomegranate concentrate is actually a super common sauce/topping in Turkey and is going to be offered with salad at the majority of restaurants
Violet None Of Your Business
I've had it on Greek food and it was really good.
B B Månad sedan
Day 165 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us
whosmakingthatsound Månad sedan
Evan C
Evan C Månad sedan
After watching this- me at BWW "OH I think I can handle this mango habanero" In fact, I could not handle it.
woe Månad sedan
The heartbeat pineapple habanero is my fav. I'm glad they tried it :)
Joe Bleasdale
Joe Bleasdale Månad sedan
What is it with Link being unable to pronounce “Minotaur”? 😂😂😂
Lubna HM
Lubna HM Månad sedan
It is really upsetting me that the purple hypnotize is not even purple
Beth Huston
Beth Huston Månad sedan
Kega Månad sedan
make the weirdest drinks from how to drink and well vote which ones we think youll like more
Yori Lamaz
Yori Lamaz Månad sedan
About them ducks, actually, all ducks go to bed!
Logan Dorman
Logan Dorman Månad sedan
your channel Rhett and link is so close to 5mill its at 4.99mill
Yang Xiao Long
Yang Xiao Long Månad sedan
What if Rhett adn Link tried a sauce called AWKWARDSAUCE that would be so cool
Daniel Adames
Daniel Adames Månad sedan
I love you guys thanks for being awesome and making me feel better
Da Pando
Da Pando Månad sedan
Blind Sweetener Taste Test
Will It Cheetos? Taste Test
Shocked by an Electric Eel!