Frozen vs. Fast vs. Fancy Taste Test 

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Jim Bob
Jim Bob Dag sedan
Why do they repeat everything the announcer says?
MaxLPQueen 2 dagar sedan
This was just two southern boys enjoying BBQ and I'm here for every second of it.
Lord Tested
Lord Tested 3 dagar sedan
Mid tier prices are most likey the best deal your gonna get
Tayler Dowdy
Tayler Dowdy 4 dagar sedan
Fancy versus mythical chef
David Reed
David Reed 5 dagar sedan
These two speak with subtle hilarities. Just two friends being themselves and having a great time doing it. So fun to watch. Insane chemistry. Thanks for making me laugh fellas.
Charlie Stokes
Charlie Stokes 5 dagar sedan
BBQ isn’t meant to be fine dining it’s supposed to be casual
Nick Coleman
Nick Coleman 6 dagar sedan
This episode made me hungrier than any other
Cool-kid pig guy
Cool-kid pig guy 6 dagar sedan
The half second at the start before they say there lines is so unimmersive and yes I get immersed in SVdown videos deal with it.
chris bruchak
chris bruchak 7 dagar sedan
I dont trust a single thing someone has to say if they eat pulled pork without sauce. Its literally the most important part. Its not covering anything up. Thats like saying, "Well I think this pizza is hiding behind this really nice cheese." xD
TheoneGodfather 8 dagar sedan
I think fancy , expensive places are to highbrow to understand the fine art of good bbq.
Kaeden G
Kaeden G 9 dagar sedan
11:43 lmfaoo🤣
Get To The Point Already
I love how they repeated everything Stevie said with each selection. Lmao
Lav Vukotić
Lav Vukotić 11 dagar sedan
3 letters hmmm.. GMO
Colby Kitto
Colby Kitto 12 dagar sedan
Nick Tam
Nick Tam 12 dagar sedan
I feel like I've seen enuf of these to say there's nothing fancy pants about the way Rhett dances
Clementine♑ 12 dagar sedan
ricotta?! Link, sir, are you okay? 🤣
Dale Kay
Dale Kay 13 dagar sedan
Smokehouse must have NO ONE from the south.
Ally Sally
Ally Sally 14 dagar sedan
Are they vegan?
amanda Sondergaard
amanda Sondergaard 3 dagar sedan
scott mansfield
scott mansfield 14 dagar sedan
They forgot one three letter food you can trust: a s s
willy Pete
willy Pete 15 dagar sedan
shouldve added cornbread to this!
Alex Gambrell
Alex Gambrell 15 dagar sedan
SiLenT366 15 dagar sedan
Shocking that a Cali bbq "fancy" play has no clue how to do it.
Will Cloud
Will Cloud 17 dagar sedan
If you don’t take your bbq seriously, are you even from the south?
TheAngryDanishViking 17 dagar sedan
This just seems to show that going cheap-o will lessen the quality. But going with a baseline or sit-down place, you get the base experience. Fancy seems more... well, MORE. like there's done too much.
Nedaa Hamamra
Nedaa Hamamra 17 dagar sedan
Rhett eats two meals worth of food in these episodes!! 😂
Ski Skrt
Ski Skrt 17 dagar sedan
Yeah no shot you’re paying more than $20 for a full bbq plate down here in Georgia, that’s definitely all better than every single place showed here
Finland Six
Finland Six 18 dagar sedan
Jr's not ashamed of his brisket at $20+ a lb lmao
Pad Foot
Pad Foot 19 dagar sedan
I want an episodeDedicated purely on nachos
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 19 dagar sedan
Abbi Morin
Abbi Morin 19 dagar sedan
isn’t the J-R youre pronouncing just junior’s not J-R
Addison Shorter
Addison Shorter 19 dagar sedan
Pulled pork needs sauce in my opinion
Nico 19 dagar sedan
I like how they gave link a spoon because they knew he would hurt himself with a fork
CallMe King
CallMe King 20 dagar sedan
That fact that they didn’t like woodys told me everything I needed to know about them
KhezuWiggles 20 dagar sedan
“I trust any food that can be contained in three letters” **MRE**
Asia Seaborough
Asia Seaborough 21 dag sedan
Rhett! You’re invited to my family’s family reunion. Seriously, we all love you in my household 😊.
ThePokéBros 21 dag sedan
I’m gonna have to stop watching this... ur making me crave bbq food... I fr wanna eat some ribs and brisket rn
NATHANIEL POTTS 22 dagar sedan
Tell me someone’s from LA without telling me someone’s from la
I T 23 dagar sedan
LA Barbecue looks so sad
Edmund52 23 dagar sedan
Should do the same thing but with star ratings on Google for categories
Calvin Poole
Calvin Poole 23 dagar sedan
I love these episodes
xhmodx7 23 dagar sedan
This is the best friendship duo in all of SVdown I don’t care what you say
J O N O 23 dagar sedan
I'm new here and I love these guys haha but what's the wheel thing for? Just curious
\_\_Prongs2_/_/ 23 dagar sedan
They said no sides but I feel like cornbread should have been tested too because that also can be either really good or really bad
Shadow Hunter
Shadow Hunter 24 dagar sedan
as a son of a chef who works at a fine dining restraunt a true pulled pork has a lot of sauce on it but yes Some places do "oversauce"
David King
David King 24 dagar sedan
As a Kansas Citian - KC BBQ is the best
DEMONIC_D 24 dagar sedan
Raio 25 dagar sedan
I'm entertained, Link. :)
Yahomboiweasl 21
Yahomboiweasl 21 25 dagar sedan
All ribs are frozen
Geoffrey W
Geoffrey W 25 dagar sedan
Culver City has some decent food, huh?
Robot Gaming
Robot Gaming 25 dagar sedan
Oh I’m entertained lol 😂
chance diamond
chance diamond 26 dagar sedan
Automagicly is now a word LOL
Sister Blogs
Sister Blogs 26 dagar sedan
“It tastes like styafrom!” *tastes another bite”
Sister Blogs
Sister Blogs 26 dagar sedan
I was taught that BLT means bacon lettuce and tomato who else thought that ?
Emily Karr
Emily Karr 26 dagar sedan
Since living in California I've decided they can't make barbecue. They think it's brats and burgers.
TheMightyCongueror 26 dagar sedan
I disagree with Rhett's assessment on pulled pork, Pulled pork needs BBQ sauce with it, without sauce, it would be too dry, it would be like eating a homemade sloppy joe without Manwhich, you're just eating ground beef at that point.
Erin True
Erin True 26 dagar sedan
Frozen vs fast vs fancy is one of my favourite series and I have no idea why but I love it
Tsha 5
Tsha 5 26 dagar sedan
Rhett & Link videos are always the best to chill with
The Journey
The Journey 27 dagar sedan
Link took the smallest bites I’ve ever seen on those ribs….
Lemon Miller
Lemon Miller 27 dagar sedan
The best bbq is always in a small family restaurant that has a pit outside
Jessica Darlin
Jessica Darlin 27 dagar sedan
I watching this From Texas and Laughing California BBQ come on Now 😜
Geeky Gretta
Geeky Gretta 27 dagar sedan
Now for Korean BBQ...
WoW Guy
WoW Guy 28 dagar sedan
Is the fancy pants dance instrumental from mr rogers? if it is, im cool with it
brady l
brady l 28 dagar sedan
Emma W.
Emma W. 28 dagar sedan
BBQ and fine dining is NOT something that mixes. It’s never good. Mom and pop shop is the way to go! They’re always mid tier price wise
Undead Alpha
Undead Alpha 24 dagar sedan
You're absolutely sexy asf 😍😍
jennac0re 28 dagar sedan
Link, the whiteness in JR's mac and cheese is likely milk and not ricotta.
Silverbeetnut23 28 dagar sedan
The hair game is super fly this week guys 😎
Qwacken 28 dagar sedan
Rob D Music
Rob D Music 28 dagar sedan
If you unfocus your eyes Rhett and Link blend together as one super human.
Ian 1111
Ian 1111 29 dagar sedan
I can tell you if you come to Texas the best BBQ will not be coming from some fancy restaurants.
Jeremy Ashraft
Jeremy Ashraft 29 dagar sedan
are there local fast casual restaurant for bbq?
Owen Gladwell
Owen Gladwell Månad sedan
favorite series
Brett Hone
Brett Hone Månad sedan
This... is my comment
Ashlyn Christensen
Ashlyn Christensen Månad sedan
Checking in after they picked Slab... There's something magical about that second slot for them.
Kaylo Price
Kaylo Price Månad sedan
Love this series
Ryan Månad sedan
Rhett wouldn't have all that hair if he was stuck in the south
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly Månad sedan
Outback has the absolute best ribs to me
Jabberwocky Månad sedan
2:11 Minecraft villager nearby?
Chase&Bowman Nation988
Best pulled pork sandwich is at iron pig alehouse in San Diego just went there a few days ago before I came back to Virginia
Maya Li-Rahman
Maya Li-Rahman Månad sedan
You guys should come to england...do a meet and greet...get some of our overpriced Michelin starred food and rate it in comparison :)
Aliyah's Toy Channel
It taste like styrofoam Rhett and link is so Funny, thanks for the good laugh I really Enjoyed watching it. 😂
Elessar Telcontar
Elessar Telcontar Månad sedan
Link: "coz we both have a certain amount of pride" as Rhett gnaws a rib like a lion on a zebra in the Serengeti.
Blake Antos
Blake Antos Månad sedan
This further confirms my theory that fancy people don't know how to barbecue.
WILSONWHY Månad sedan
I love these calmer episodes just, no gross foods just nice and simple
omgwerockhard Månad sedan
If i ever go to USA im getting bbq from The Hollywood way looks nice
GOOP Månad sedan
Why no bob evens mac and cheese.
Jarub Månad sedan
How do you put macncheese in this over corn on the cob???
xAmaZziNx Månad sedan
Pretty fitting that Link got 5150 for an average meal cost lol
Rossie Ruiz
Rossie Ruiz Månad sedan
I just had smokehouse BBQ ribs in Vegas last weekend and I actually really liked them 😭😭😭 also you guys should've had chick fill A Mac n' cheese
Andreea Raluca
Andreea Raluca Månad sedan
Oh Stevie again. Guess she wants to be Stevia. LGBTQ month so I see
Mallory Harding
Mallory Harding Månad sedan
Love how much Rhett ate in this, I don't think I've seen him pick at everything so much
Reilly Turk
Reilly Turk Månad sedan
Chirag Arora
Chirag Arora Månad sedan
At what point does a burger become a sandwich and a sandwich becomes a burger?
Daniel Welsh
Daniel Welsh Månad sedan
How many left overs do they have after these kids of videos?
ptothelahey Månad sedan
Great commentary as usual!
xxuntraceablexx Månad sedan
B B Månad sedan
Day 163 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us
James Rodwell
James Rodwell Månad sedan
The wealthy format additionally introduce because crawdad consecutively drip than a daily weapon. lush, flat frown
Top Dog
Top Dog Månad sedan
Slab bbq is awesome !
akris lin
akris lin Månad sedan
The juicy scallion unsurprisingly pause because weasel reassembly complain lest a conscious state. hypnotic, well-made novel
Platoon Goon
Platoon Goon Månad sedan
This show is just a review for restaurants, not price points as you could have some of the best street food in your life for cheaper than fast food.
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