Eating 4 Pounds of Meat In One Sitting 

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What does it take to get the meat sweats? GMM # 1989

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25 jun 2021



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Casie Curry
Casie Curry 2 dagar sedan
That steak looks whack
Dan Maler
Dan Maler 6 dagar sedan
Rhett eats the whole thing and Link takes a small bite. Why am I not surprised?
Björn Markus Bätz
Björn Markus Bätz 6 dagar sedan
Das is doch keine Menge 😂 ihr müsst mal zu uns zum schlachte essen kommen.
Mook aton
Mook aton 6 dagar sedan
Grubhub...for when you have an extra 20 bucks you don't want.
Ash Blossom
Ash Blossom 7 dagar sedan
Next is ice cream farts
BbqBoss Man
BbqBoss Man 7 dagar sedan
This is my dream
Aaron Henderson
Aaron Henderson 7 dagar sedan
y’all are the best
Potator 8 dagar sedan
Rhett and Link are so lucky they get to do this for a living.
ChrisTheCoolKid02 8 dagar sedan
Links little bites of steak vs Rhets hunks of steak 9:40
Miscellaneousaurus Rex
Miscellaneousaurus Rex 10 dagar sedan
that vegan teacher is quaking
Krystal Van
Krystal Van 10 dagar sedan
My ex use to sweat no matter what he ate.
Interferenzbrille _
Interferenzbrille _ 10 dagar sedan
nice to have such episodes right in the middle of the climate crisis :(
therese fort
therese fort 12 dagar sedan
*laughs in vegetarian*
G Kos
G Kos 13 dagar sedan
A Greek after Greek Easter: "rookie numbers"
Gareth David
Gareth David 14 dagar sedan
They should've just done ribs
ShaneX 14 dagar sedan
not very good science, no baseline for the lower back sweat made, couldve been there the whole time
Gerrit Coulter
Gerrit Coulter 15 dagar sedan
i think this may be the least good episode ofGMM in a while
Justin Malone
Justin Malone 15 dagar sedan
Stevie is the best!
gregory chumley
gregory chumley 15 dagar sedan
lightweights bet yall ate more poundage at thanksgiving
EZ 16 dagar sedan
This is my favorite episode
Gazza M
Gazza M 17 dagar sedan
sweat cools you down lol :)
Dennis Collier
Dennis Collier 18 dagar sedan
Your carne asada looks like ground beef
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 19 dagar sedan
mattgoldfinger 20 dagar sedan
When you eat blood directs from surface to the gut. Also if you were sweating effectively and evaporating the sweat, Skin temps could be cooler
Romarc Ivhan De Guzman
Romarc Ivhan De Guzman 20 dagar sedan
all the dislikes in this video are probably vegans HAHAHAHA (i respect them)
Raven Finch-alexander
Raven Finch-alexander 20 dagar sedan
Going to my 1st Brazilian steakhouse I ate so much lol
The Wizard Tim
The Wizard Tim 20 dagar sedan
I can't believe they still do the boopidee boop boop boop research thing I was like 12 when they did that the first time
Elite Theking
Elite Theking 21 dag sedan
Gotta get ya proteinnnn
ohhaimaia 21 dag sedan
Y'all should have called in Keith from the Try Guys for this
James Dicks
James Dicks 21 dag sedan
Well done steaks.... Rediculous
ChaoswarriorX 21 dag sedan
So cute how Link presents himself powerful with that knife
RAINE 22 dagar sedan
Why'd they change the title?
clifford hammontree
clifford hammontree 22 dagar sedan
"Put on your googles man" with his tone is great
BigTrain Bricks
BigTrain Bricks 22 dagar sedan
This whole episode is a try not to laugh
Pam 23 dagar sedan
Grubhub charges more than restaurants, plus takes a percentage of profit from restaurants. Order directly from the restaurant and pick up if you can.
Nick Stoker
Nick Stoker 22 dagar sedan
Yeah WTF does the restaurant have to do with outside delivery. The only reason they pay them is blackmail. No joke
Mr Long
Mr Long 23 dagar sedan
Steak is way way way over cooked!! Enjoy that Roast!
hannibot Bot
hannibot Bot 23 dagar sedan
that ribeye certainly wasnt a good look for that restaurant. It looked completely well done and no char at all
Dae 23 dagar sedan
>.< am I the only one who thinks they got the meat sweat meaning wrong? o.o - my understanding was being introduced to meats cooked via an open flame grill (homemade BBQ or my personal favorite Korean BBQ) that after about 30-45 minutes of nibbling on those oil soaked meats, you start to sweat and have an increased urge to purge the bowls.
Talia Grace
Talia Grace 23 dagar sedan
14:13 I love Link
Kristen Goss
Kristen Goss 23 dagar sedan
7:41 👀 Reminded me of my dogs. They like to walk right up to my face and do this exact thing 😂
Derek D
Derek D 23 dagar sedan
That steak was so overcooked. Yikes.
patrick hall
patrick hall 24 dagar sedan
2:54 he invented split hotdogs? Where uncles not knowing how to grill and, that 🐙 🌭 maker, fever dreams of mine?
Annie 24 dagar sedan
as someone (normal, like the rest of the world) who doesnt use fahrenheit, hearing Link say "you're a little cool" because Rhett was juust 1 degree below him got me baffled lmao
Jeremy Cook
Jeremy Cook 24 dagar sedan
That rib eye looked like it came from sizzler.
Autumn Colors
Autumn Colors 24 dagar sedan
Rhett's reaction to Link burping in his face cracked me up so much. 🤣 7:40 just in case I need a good laugh again
Joshin Luiz
Joshin Luiz 24 dagar sedan
You guys should do the 10000 calorie challenge together!
AverageLocalGamer 24 dagar sedan
The temperature going down makes sense since when you sweat it evaporating cools your skin.
ZeidGho 24 dagar sedan
Let's stop using plastic straws While enjoying this food wrapped 17 times in plastic wrap
Bill Brasky
Bill Brasky 24 dagar sedan
That turkey leg looked soooo gooood
Lucy Harvist
Lucy Harvist 24 dagar sedan
This was not a good episode to watch while being nauseous 🤮
Trey&Kelsey Tippie
Trey&Kelsey Tippie 25 dagar sedan
They should have had a GMM "on location" at a Brazilian Steakhouse. But we understand they had to pander to the sponsor... GrubHub.
Dave Nelson
Dave Nelson 25 dagar sedan
this turned way gayer than I would have thought
Quoc Nguyen Tran Bao
Quoc Nguyen Tran Bao 25 dagar sedan
The pink comfort electronmicroscopically own because textbook focally queue across a reminiscent double. warlike, rainy divorced
Chris Rahman-Mair
Chris Rahman-Mair 25 dagar sedan
I think the thing I have learnt this episode is how much plastic packaging America uses for not a lot of food
Rohan Kannegulla
Rohan Kannegulla 25 dagar sedan
You guys gotta start uploading in 4k it's about time now lol
James Lionheart
James Lionheart 25 dagar sedan
This is perfect for a mukbang!!
Leviathan5402 25 dagar sedan
Vegans watching this be like: 👁👄👁
Ash Ley
Ash Ley 25 dagar sedan
I thought “Guy Fieri” before Rhett said “In It to Win It” so…same, same?
Vicarious One
Vicarious One 26 dagar sedan
I'm really glad you preemptively apologized for eating Carne Asada with a spoon because that was egregious af
Michael Antonio
Michael Antonio 26 dagar sedan
11:11 Their's so much Science in this video that Science, couldn't Science. Fellow scientists, do not watch this; for the Science.
TMAMovie 26 dagar sedan
I understand that they needed to eat a variety of dishes because of the sponsorship, but it pained me when they weren't even finishing the first few small dishes
Isiah Pagan
Isiah Pagan 5 dagar sedan
@dardarbinks I'm sure they started eating it all after, and definitely the crew!
dardarbinks 15 dagar sedan
Hopefully it would help to know that they either finish it later with the crew or they donate it 🤗
SnopFop 26 dagar sedan
I get sweat under my eyes when i eat too much chocolate...
Bradley Brown
Bradley Brown 26 dagar sedan
Links: Oah yeah!! 🤣 5:01
Saddamo De Beers
Saddamo De Beers 26 dagar sedan
They always find a way how to eat delicious food in front of the camera 👍😀
Rob B
Rob B 26 dagar sedan
You both need to do something with those rugs.
Crazyflowereater 26 dagar sedan
So is it an on purpose thing with the titles or do they say something dorky then change it
Petru 26 dagar sedan
From 7:42 til 7:52 : THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID 😂
iCampTooMuch2 26 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who noticed they’ve changed the title 3 times now
Christian 26 dagar sedan
All the dislikes are from vegans 🍖
Austan Brown
Austan Brown 26 dagar sedan
Vegans watching this: 👁 👄 👁
Shalini Pehrinparaj
Shalini Pehrinparaj 26 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who got frustrated that they didn’t finish each round?!! Clean your plates lads!
Spitecvlt757 26 dagar sedan
Rhett you're too attractive. Please tone it down
Wallinku 26 dagar sedan
Weird because when I eat too much i feel really cold, as if all my strenght were in my stomach in order to digest!
neel shemlani
neel shemlani 26 dagar sedan
I am a vegetarian still watched the entire video.
cookie_ jar
cookie_ jar 26 dagar sedan
It just feels right to watch this while eating breakfast
Faustaao 26 dagar sedan
Kenny VS Spenny already beat this. Where my Canadians at?
Sanjay Murda
Sanjay Murda 26 dagar sedan
Vegans have left the building
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 26 dagar sedan
the sweat detector goggles make rhett and link look straight from an anime!
Kodi Angel
Kodi Angel 26 dagar sedan
Me when I go to a buffet
Kayci Prohaska
Kayci Prohaska 27 dagar sedan
"if you're feeling it.. im gunna check ya"
Troy Larsen
Troy Larsen 27 dagar sedan
Im that rando.
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore 27 dagar sedan
I wanna eat that much
Grady Harper
Grady Harper 27 dagar sedan
Ingrid Elizabeth Newkirk The CEO Of Peta Would Not Be Happy about this episode.
Louis Hoey
Louis Hoey 27 dagar sedan
what link was asking on the steak the outer part is called the cap .
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes 27 dagar sedan
Link's burp in Rhetts face made my day.
Biggie 27 dagar sedan
The Mia Khalifa challenge.
matt tim
matt tim 27 dagar sedan
Link: "I've made a huge misteak."
matt tim
matt tim 27 dagar sedan
Link looks like bubbles from Trailer Park Boys with those sweat glasses.
iprocane 27 dagar sedan
Let’s be honest u tried doing the alphabet backwards too
Garrett Reyman
Garrett Reyman 27 dagar sedan
The title of this episode has changed 43 times now
Britton Green
Britton Green 27 dagar sedan
I wanna be Rhett. Tall, Handsome and Smart. What a stud.
Petru 27 dagar sedan
I always watch GMM at night, right before I go to bed. Not ONCE have I watched GMM in the morning lol 😂
Cam 27 dagar sedan
2:57 Nah...he didn't invent it. That's done in tons of places all across America. I actually did it too before I knew it was a thing.
izoli 27 dagar sedan
Those first steaks were on far on the well done side :(
Moonbot 7
Moonbot 7 27 dagar sedan
Rhett and Link should Challenge Randy Santel to a food eating challenge. 2 vs 1 Randy would still easily beat them
Not Important
Not Important 27 dagar sedan
The way Link showcase the knife before he use it makes me doubt his rights to use knifes again
Helga Bluestone
Helga Bluestone 27 dagar sedan
I miss good kielbasa
Gabriel Audlarock
Gabriel Audlarock 27 dagar sedan
I like how they measured their outer body temperature instead of sticking an electronic thermometer in their mouths. Wouldn't that be more accurate? Wouldn't the sweat have cooled down the outer temperature of their bodies?
Epicperson 111
Epicperson 111 27 dagar sedan
I learned the alphabet backwards when I was in kindergarten
Brayden Kinder
Brayden Kinder 27 dagar sedan
Did they get those steaks well done?
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