Do You Trust Me? Challenge 

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Alicia A.
Alicia A. Dag sedan
The TWIST at the end!!!!
Dani Gentry Evans
Dani Gentry Evans 3 dagar sedan
I NEED to know why Rhett fainted..
silver raven278
silver raven278 4 dagar sedan
Do they have a friendship ring? :3
Alayna Ford
Alayna Ford 4 dagar sedan
I thought the answer to link’s riddle would be “bee”
Jace Porter
Jace Porter 8 dagar sedan
I thought you gained his trust from the nicklebackmonkeysnake
Jiamil 10 dagar sedan
Would have enjoyed if the camera stayed on the cups all the time so could play along.
Josie 10 dagar sedan
Me and my best friend have been friends for seven years, I know for a fact that this is going to be us when we’re older
Sarah Summer
Sarah Summer 11 dagar sedan
They already shared that first embarrassing story of Rhett before! I think it was on ear biscuits
RAMEN BOI 14 dagar sedan
3:39 I cannot stop watching it
Amelia The Small HOOMAN
Straight but not straight
That Guy Called Tunde
That Guy Called Tunde 15 dagar sedan
Rhett forgot about Tokyo :(
Eve Lambrick
Eve Lambrick 16 dagar sedan
Why did they say if you said the other person's story was read the chooser's wouldn't be... But then they read both anyway?
shaderfaderf 16 dagar sedan
Rhett's story wasn't embarrassing :( I have vasovagal syncope and I faint at least once a week. I'm glad that he wasn't hurt and I pray it wasn't related to any underlying health problems. Fainting is embarrassing because you feel helpless. I'm sad that it was the example used in this video. It's like someone having a heart attack and someone thinking it's funny because they were embarrassed.
sugarnnndiesel 18 dagar sedan
god stevie is so cute
Sped demons Skating
Sped demons Skating 19 dagar sedan
Stevie is exactly how I imagined her to be
Gabriel Hernández
Gabriel Hernández 22 dagar sedan
this is one of the best episodes I´ve seen of GMM, i really hope you do another one
CynicVash 24 dagar sedan
wait thats stevie?! wow!
Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl
Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl 24 dagar sedan
Rhett's like..ooo, now I KNOW you're gonna hit me in the junk, but ON Purpose! Tryin' to smile around the pre-imagined pain. I can see this devolving fast into a whole lotta hurt!
Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl
Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl 24 dagar sedan
Ah, Link..you're a better man than I (I'm female).. I think this is the point that you should "unFriend" him. Or, do boys hit each other in the junk by accident..ALL the Time?
Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl
Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl 24 dagar sedan
Oh, that second shot..I should NOT be laughing at another's pain. 😳 But, almost fell outta my chair with laughter...I kid you not! 😂
Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl
Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl 24 dagar sedan
Truster..and Trust-ee? Or Trust-ie?? Hmm...
Marte Grand
Marte Grand 25 dagar sedan
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ALHADJJ TOURE 26 dagar sedan
Wannna see two friends helping each other and making it through a hard time in survival song type this: sing the survival song gumball
Caitlyn Hernandez
Caitlyn Hernandez 26 dagar sedan
Rhetts embarrassing story has been told before lol...don’t remember if it was a GMM episode or an Ear Biscuits podcast though...
Ash R
Ash R Månad sedan
....have they been friends since they were 7?
chuiu Månad sedan
After watching a few seasons of GMM I knew exactly how this was going to end.
Ben Cuentas
Ben Cuentas Månad sedan
Is chase 4 feet tall
Katie Brooke
Katie Brooke Månad sedan
This has been one of the best I’ve watched in a while.
BlueBedouin Månad sedan
I was sooooo happy Link won tbh it's so adorable seeing him win, joy of an underappreciated underdog.
Jeremy Heck
Jeremy Heck Månad sedan
Waking up after fainting is odd and weird
Natasha C
Natasha C Månad sedan
Omg Link is a BEAST!! 🤣🤣🎉🎉
SWEET LELE Månad sedan
sorting the mail in the car oh yeah
Carter McBride
Carter McBride Månad sedan
Why is stevie so beautiful 😭
Coen Watt
Coen Watt Månad sedan
yoooooooo, I have the exact same Rolling Stones shirt as you Link
RandoLando99 Månad sedan
Two Katanas
Two Katanas Månad sedan
Lucinda Stanchak
Lucinda Stanchak Månad sedan
So basically amoung us 😏
Two Katanas
Two Katanas Månad sedan
Salty Stick
Salty Stick Månad sedan
Link: Rhett hates seeming vulnerable... Rhett: 👁👄👁
Tohar Onyeulo
Tohar Onyeulo Månad sedan
This was a really fun episode :)
infinite4infinity7 Månad sedan
To be fair, link did almost impale chase with a dart. So the lack of trust is probably a survival mechanism for Rhett now.
USMCTitanslayer Månad sedan
I don't think Link should've gotten that point. He shot Rhett twice in the chest
Swirly Kalen
Swirly Kalen Månad sedan
This was the best episode ever, which i've said before - but it's def true, TRUST ME. :)
dustywillis79 Månad sedan
Does Rhett and Link's friendship make anyone else feel lonely? LoL
Huchata Månad sedan
Rhetts reveling thing was already said on Ear Biscuits. Link man you need to tell more on EB!!
Michelle C
Michelle C Månad sedan
Rhett’s hairrrrrrrr 😫😫😫😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😟😟 he looks so beautiful
DemonWolf Månad sedan
Link with a knife: “Do you trust me?” Rhett: *nervous sweating*
SpudVak Soundtracks
SpudVak Soundtracks Månad sedan
...so easy a Rhett could do it... (think geico)
Dodaal Månad sedan
Yaaaay stevie
Owen Witters
Owen Witters Månad sedan
Oof 3:39
CrashvanderSpek 21
CrashvanderSpek 21 Månad sedan
Chase with the paddleball 😂
Dadstiny DePoop
Dadstiny DePoop Månad sedan
the fact that they’ve been friends for 37 years is a huge flex
Skylar -
Skylar - Månad sedan
No matter how old I get, watching another man get hit in the junk will always have me in tears.
Courtney Bell
Courtney Bell Månad sedan
I bet all of the meatballs and falafel were good. Just a game about trust. 😉
Curry Boy
Curry Boy Månad sedan
I miss the old intro..... anyone else??? If u do like this vid and this comment
Menace Månad sedan
hotduelist Månad sedan
Im upset that they kept cutting away from the cups. I wanted to at least try my eye at watching
dawson johnson
dawson johnson Månad sedan
Gabe Albert
Gabe Albert Månad sedan
My respect for link 📈📈📈🤣
Andrew Almalhi
Andrew Almalhi Månad sedan
He's told the story of Rhett falling before
Marcos Gava
Marcos Gava Månad sedan
Rhett's looking like a beast
It’sMe Månad sedan
Friends wouldn’t read the secret, but best friends would
Happy Smiles
Happy Smiles Månad sedan
Impressed with Link!
Rayana Rodriguez
Rayana Rodriguez Månad sedan
ANGERY OTTER Månad sedan
Erin Mullen
Erin Mullen Månad sedan
Huey Månad sedan
Would have been cool if they kept the camera on the cups. I wanted to play along :(
Tim Gillam
Tim Gillam Månad sedan
I love when Rhett tries to manipulate Link but LinK isn't Forest Gump and Retaliates
Lewis Mierka
Lewis Mierka Månad sedan
I can't believe that Link chose the right one!
Abdullah A
Abdullah A Månad sedan
Guys please introduce the calendar to the merch line… I’d really love to own one already!
Johannes Halberstadt
The first thing has little to do with trust in someone intentions. It's only about their skills. It's more of an assessment or a conviction, than relational trust.
Skol Blues
Skol Blues Månad sedan
Could Stevie be like one of the most sexy women alive? I think so
Rachel G.
Rachel G. Månad sedan
Just for the GMM algorithm ... I hated this video
Ultrox Infinity
Ultrox Infinity Månad sedan
Rhett seems like a really bad friend.
Ms. Anonymous
Ms. Anonymous Månad sedan
I never doubted you Link 😎
David Bloom
David Bloom Månad sedan
Link: *holds a knife* do you trust me? Me: *runs behind a steel door* nope
mish roeder
mish roeder Månad sedan
I just remembered, Link and the hypnotist with tomatoes was way more embarrassing than the story, That was crazy. I don't generally believe in that kind of stuff but I don't think Link could have faked it without laughing!
Sherry Workman
Sherry Workman Månad sedan
I'm laughing laughing so hard
gregorius Månad sedan
Rhett could have lied at the end and won or maybe he did now that's a Friend lol
Foundfuture Shannon Lorraine
Great episode!
A Potato
A Potato Månad sedan
Is not that Rhett doesn't trust in link, is that he trusts his own knowledge of his friend xD
thatone3kidd Månad sedan
Stevie is so fine
Lennoxrenol Månad sedan
The prisoners dilemma at it’s finest 😂
WarTech Månad sedan
I heard rhetts story on the podcast first
246kisses Månad sedan
I love Rhetts hair! So natural and free
Ryan Månad sedan
omg this was the funniest episode in years... im crying lmao
Streety Mc Meaty
Streety Mc Meaty Månad sedan
A real life experience. 😂😂😂
horisontial Månad sedan
I've heard the story about Rhett feinting before but cannot remember where. Maybe on a Ear Biscuits episode??
Living On Mars
Living On Mars Månad sedan
Twist: *they are all regular falafel*
Grugel Gaming
Grugel Gaming Månad sedan
We already heard the rhett story
M_Geiger Månad sedan
The true friendship test for Rhett would be if he lied the meatball was good just said it to make his friend happy.
Sped Boi
Sped Boi Månad sedan
Ur old
Raymond Elsayed
Raymond Elsayed Månad sedan
This one's kinda confusing
Raymond Elsayed
Raymond Elsayed Månad sedan
Stevies so beautiful. She must be a model
GrandMasterApple Månad sedan
I am so proud of link
Gabby Johnson
Gabby Johnson Månad sedan
I’m a little salty Rhett didn’t respond to Tokyo.
Kivencito Månad sedan
I feel like Link's hair is growing back to the original GMM Link hairstyle :D
Jay Illest
Jay Illest Månad sedan
Link is the man!!!!!!!!!
Vinvandle Månad sedan
Jose Daniel Lopez
Jose Daniel Lopez Månad sedan
Last few episodes have been fire
Roebey Månad sedan
Dang, no Tokyo yell?