Do These Cereals Taste Different In Other Countries? 

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Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning 9 dagar sedan
Watch the extra banned GMM episode for free as an initiate on mythicalsociety.com !
sbeccy 6 dagar sedan
@Noelle V the only other banned one they did was called something along the lines of “trying strange addictions”. that video was originally posted to youtube but got taken down because it was against youtube’s rules, so it’s on the mythical society. the new “banned” episode is called “what am i spanking?” but was never actually posted to youtube, just the society.
Noelle V
Noelle V 6 dagar sedan
@sbeccy what is that episode. I want to watch the first banned one
sbeccy 7 dagar sedan
@Jay R. Tee the episode wasn’t ever posted to youtube, they had asked youtube if it was ok to make and post first and they said no, so they just filmed it for mythical society
sbeccy 7 dagar sedan
@Samantha Lake i did it on the website and there were three bars, worked for me
Jay R. Tee
Jay R. Tee 7 dagar sedan
What is the original band episode?
L0ST S0UL 3 timmar sedan
Oh great not another comment section dumping on the US
L0ST S0UL 3 timmar sedan
Oh great not another comment section dumping on the US
ً 5 timmar sedan
Hmm I kinda want to try cinnamon toast crunch ..
kendall hughes
kendall hughes 6 timmar sedan
my favorite natural distaster, the psychedelic fruit tornado
DFTGamer 18 timmar sedan
I think this is going to be an easy challenge, just pick the sweetest one.
Khris Makaruk
Khris Makaruk Dag sedan
It would be interesting to know the win ratio between Rhett and link
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Dag sedan
Things may not taste as sweet or as good in the uk as we have the sugar tax which taxes us on the sugar in our food.
Sarah A
Sarah A Dag sedan
Im an American and I live in Australia now and the American cereals are so much better!! I miss usa cereals and chocolates🥲
HYPER Dag sedan
I’m eating cereal and watching this
Astro World
Astro World Dag sedan
Lol gmm has always been one of my favorite channels !🤘🏽 since I was in middle school
Mew __
Mew __ 2 dagar sedan
Wow just came back after 6years and this is unbelievable you guys HAIRRRR
Jools Gibson
Jools Gibson 2 dagar sedan
Disgusted that they pour the milk first
SW33ToXic 2 dagar sedan
Those Canadian fruit loops must be new cuz the one I have been eating used to be like the American one.
Eircandir 2 dagar sedan
the UK's sugar tax is the reason most of the stuff doesn't taste as good as the American products
FritzHotZone Fritz
FritzHotZone Fritz 2 dagar sedan
Cereal gives me more joy than I care to admit.
FritzHotZone Fritz
FritzHotZone Fritz 2 dagar sedan
Seems like every time that I go to the grocery store there's another cereal I've never seen before.
simlover00 2 dagar sedan
I'm actually glad I live in the UK now 😂 I already thought most of our cereal was sweet but now 😳
Trapghanistan 2 dagar sedan
we use those same face cages in indoor lacrosse
Caroline Lefebvre
Caroline Lefebvre 2 dagar sedan
Why does the toucan have arms :(
Kat TheKatFace
Kat TheKatFace 2 dagar sedan
Still have my coin from the first 1000th celebrations 😊
ajallen212 3 dagar sedan
I've tried some food from the UK and Australia, its really weird how bland everything is. But then I remember Sweet Tea is apparently a sin in the UK, and it makes sense. I can't drink tea or coffee without Sugar/Honey/Cream, its just so bitter, and I usually put extra sugar in Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies.
Aimee McAllister
Aimee McAllister 3 dagar sedan
The Canadian fruitloops i think arnt that good.. they changed the recipe.. to like real fruit juice
Mr Cairo
Mr Cairo 3 dagar sedan
I would assume the American versions have more sugar in general
Jay 3 dagar sedan
I think I would like the cereals from the UK and Australia. I’m American, but our cereals are way too sweet for me. I grew up eating granola :p
Ryder Jollymore Hillier
omg hockey is not canadas original sport link was right its lacrosse
Jessica Sebastião
Jessica Sebastião 3 dagar sedan
Curiously cinnamon is my favourite and its pretty sweet, I think American cereals are just ridiculously sweet 😅
宮内裕也 3 dagar sedan
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Flamecrew9 At roblox
Flamecrew9 At roblox 3 dagar sedan
Omg I fricking love this episode . I love trying new foods and comparing them. Wee need more of these! Thank you.
Flamecrew9 At roblox
Flamecrew9 At roblox 3 dagar sedan
We like our cereals full of fibre.
Flamecrew9 At roblox
Flamecrew9 At roblox 3 dagar sedan
Yaya Australia! I love seeing this.
Flamecrew9 At roblox
Flamecrew9 At roblox 3 dagar sedan
We have cinnamon currio cereal..! Its okay.
Honey B
Honey B 3 dagar sedan
this episode got me eating cereal at 10:46 pm lol
Dylan Svresky
Dylan Svresky 3 dagar sedan
0:46 challenge accepted Link!
Octorpio 3 dagar sedan
These comments of UK people, ought to wake some Americans up. That's insane to think about, even if I already knew it lol. It's even in our bread. Also, am I the only one who enjoys Rice Krispies as is, for the flavor?
BB Child
BB Child 4 dagar sedan
lol @ Rhett, lacrosse is actually one of the National Canadian sports, right next to ice hockey. I was surprised when Link said lacrosse for the helmet, since that is a very Canadian sport (somewhat... surprisingly).
S 4 dagar sedan
someone needs to make a compilation of link hating british food 🤣
bob reno
bob reno 4 dagar sedan
obviously the sun in the UK is diff than the one in America..duh
Athena Bolton-Steiner
Athena Bolton-Steiner 4 dagar sedan
Stevie made link change his answer 🥲
Living Room
Living Room 4 dagar sedan
Does anyone know where to get the shirt Rhett is wearing in this episode?
Marijn Gabriëls
I just bought it from Scotch & Soda
Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller 4 dagar sedan
You probably bleach the rice in the US. We have sugar limits on things in the UK and we’re not allowed to use the colours you do because they are known to cause ADHD and cancers.
SNMG 4 dagar sedan
the big smiling characters on the packaging is something people are generally against as it makes the sugary unhealthy cereals appeal to children lol
M G 4 dagar sedan
Tastes bland = not packed full of sugar and chemicals
nomer440 4 dagar sedan
ok keep link away from casinos
nomer440 4 dagar sedan
why tge heck were they blind folded?
amanda Sondergaard
amanda Sondergaard 3 dagar sedan
So they didn’t have a better advantage of knowing which one was the us version
Monica Mason
Monica Mason 4 dagar sedan
Always added sugar to the Rice Krispies and original Cheerios
Quezadilla_2123 4 dagar sedan
Se párese al Thor gordo
MemberBerryJuice 4 dagar sedan
Man...I 'member when these guys first started on SVdown!!!
Mythical Moose
Mythical Moose 4 dagar sedan
Staaaaap with the food every episode
Courts 4 dagar sedan
What i’ve learned from this is that Americans just put way more sugar in everything they eat lmao yikes
Ebu Gamer
Ebu Gamer 4 dagar sedan
All Americans is not bland because of the sugars.
Fozzard94 4 dagar sedan
In the uk we actually have food safety standards so we don’t give our kids diabetes
Landan Cybak
Landan Cybak 4 dagar sedan
Love watching them try to find the bowls and spoon.
Womble901 4 dagar sedan
The American froot loop colours look nearly fluorescent 😬
Mrtrip69 4 dagar sedan
And as you can see in the comments people getting butthurt and complaining because America uses more sugar
Lee Minhyung
Lee Minhyung 4 dagar sedan
Dw, Lacrosse actually (well at least a version) originated in Canada, and it is our national spot. (Though now, national summer sport)
Adam 4 dagar sedan
I bet the US uses a Cassia cinnamon which has a bolder bite compared to other types of cinnamon
HS YJ 4 dagar sedan
oh my god can’t stop laughing 😂
Kris Mahlberg
Kris Mahlberg 4 dagar sedan
Come to the town cereal in Saskatchewan canada
RedneckRich 4 dagar sedan
Rhett and Link Forever
Stephen Davidson
Stephen Davidson 4 dagar sedan
This is making me wonder if our fruit is sweeter too...
Juen 4 dagar sedan
Joke's on Rhett. Lacrosse is Canada's official national sport, not hockey.
Shaun Craig Parkinson
Shaun Craig Parkinson 5 dagar sedan
You guys are f&*kin morons, but hey, it's working for ya!
Carolyn Jones-van Heezik
Really?! You think MORE sugar in your breakfast cereal is better?
Diesel Dawg
Diesel Dawg 5 dagar sedan
GMM can't post "What Am I Spanking?" but that vile woman can post videos of herself pulling live animals apart and eat others alive. Wtf?
Mean Matts World
Mean Matts World 5 dagar sedan
Team Canada
Chasan .Dayve
Chasan .Dayve 5 dagar sedan
Both Rhett and Link mentioned the colours of the US Froot Loops being so much more vibrant. I wonder if that's because the Australian and Canadian boxes both say No Artificial Colours or Flavours, whereas the American one only says Natural Fruit Flavours, with not a word on the artificial colouring.
Will Farrant
Will Farrant 5 dagar sedan
Y'all can say what you what about the UK, but don't come at the packaging; the US packaging is mickey mouse compared to the UK's delightful simplicity.
Reginald Bradbury
Reginald Bradbury 5 dagar sedan
I believe lacross is also from Canada.
LV RB 5 dagar sedan
16:01 lol Canada's national sport is ironically lacrosse
Phys Astra
Phys Astra 5 dagar sedan
No one has as much cinnamon as USA. All of our cereals are not as sweet, even crunchy nut cornflakes. You can’t handle non artificial massive sweetness Uber chemical cereals.
Dillon Hume
Dillon Hume 5 dagar sedan
lacrosse is Canada's national summer sport so no offense taken
Montana White
Montana White 5 dagar sedan
The Canadian and Australian front loops are disturbing. Human hands.
Jake Jackalneck
Jake Jackalneck 5 dagar sedan
11:15 Fruit Medley Aura: applies 10 fruit damage per second to enemies in the area.
T-Dawg 5 dagar sedan
Before watching, I bet all of the American ones taste better because of aaaaallll that sugar lmao
Elizabeth Sacha
Elizabeth Sacha 5 dagar sedan
"I gaUrEnDADGUMTEE ya" 😂😂😂
crazynirvanalover 5 dagar sedan
UK girl here: one of my favourite snacks is Curiously Cinnamon mixed with Lion bar cereal
Corrine Ilan
Corrine Ilan 5 dagar sedan
This episode was so funny😭😂😂
Chelsea C
Chelsea C 5 dagar sedan
The Australian ones are colored differently because they tend to use more natural colorants
That guy who Does things on YouTube
Dissing Australian fruit loops disappointment
DemonOx 32
DemonOx 32 5 dagar sedan
Lacrosse isn’t Canadian
Luna X
Luna X 5 dagar sedan
I genuinely find curiously cinnamon too sweet ..HOW SWEET ARE AMERICAN CEREALS???
Layla Crooselind
Layla Crooselind 5 dagar sedan
My birthday is tmrw the 20th :)
Jooiey 5 dagar sedan
happy birthday!!
Madaja Farmer
Madaja Farmer 5 dagar sedan
It's only "curiously" cinnamon, that's why there's not much cinnamon flavor. America's version eat each other 😂
Odelia Law
Odelia Law 5 dagar sedan
I donno why but i have tried so many cereals when i was in the uk, and they all tasted like cardboard to me lol
D Vaughan
D Vaughan 5 dagar sedan
Rice Bubbles 😂
Nic 5 dagar sedan
In links defence Canada’s official sport is Hockey AND lacrosse. 😂
zeyadsaadeh 5 dagar sedan
Lax is the national summer sport of Canada
Emanuel M
Emanuel M 5 dagar sedan
It looks so awkward to share the same bowl 🤨
Kelsey H
Kelsey H 5 dagar sedan
Try every cotton candy flavor to see which is #1
spacewater7 5 dagar sedan
The Sultana Bran at 5:50 gives a whole new depth of meaning to'taman shud'. Or does it? Cue the mysterious music...
Sydney Nance
Sydney Nance 5 dagar sedan
I’ve been hopping around seasons catching up and I have to say today’s hairstyles are my favorite!
Aviana Martens
Aviana Martens 5 dagar sedan
Lacrosse is actually our national sport (Canada).
Jason Shaw
Jason Shaw 5 dagar sedan
Raisin Bran is in Canada???
Brooklyn Vandenberg
Brooklyn Vandenberg 5 dagar sedan
When Link said the Canadian part of the hat was for lacrosse 🤣 As a Canadian I found it hilarious
Tyler Dill
Tyler Dill 5 dagar sedan
Link got 4 but than wagers it all. So he lost
Dudeman9339 5 dagar sedan
Lacrosse is LITERALLY the official sport of Canada…
Whiskey Gordon
Whiskey Gordon 6 dagar sedan
My boys live some fruit loops. Just like their dad.
KamsWarNPeace 6 dagar sedan
Rice Crispy NOT A GOOD ONE WHAT! they do have sugar btw lol
Jack Sinister
Jack Sinister 6 dagar sedan
I have an INSANELY sweet, sweet tooth but I cannot eat American cereals. How you give them to kids, I will never know
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