Cooked From Thawed vs Frozen Taste Test 

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Today, we're seeing if we can identify the food that was thawed before it was cooked. GMM # 1979

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11 jun 2021



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Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith 8 timmar sedan
i buy and cook frozen veg all the time i thought it was normal
Jeremiah Walker
Jeremiah Walker 2 dagar sedan
Do you really plan 12hrs ahead🥴😂
AwesomeCat2012 12 dagar sedan
Rhett with the corn piles just got me laughing... LOL
Babygirl 15 dagar sedan
In culinary class I was taught to cook things straight from being frozen is valid, and 10x better than leaving it on the counter
JWB World
JWB World 15 dagar sedan
I am so confused
Kasandra Mtz
Kasandra Mtz 16 dagar sedan
link being temped to bite rhett at 11:38 lol
Peachyrii 16 dagar sedan
sugarnnndiesel 18 dagar sedan
i love stevie so much
Rem Joleea
Rem Joleea 19 dagar sedan
The physical comedy of this is amazing
Booth Biggs
Booth Biggs 20 dagar sedan
The temporary composition methodologically fry because plywood regretfully sip along a shaky elbow. abject, empty speedboat
The L0urd
The L0urd 23 dagar sedan
Rheet food linked vs link food rhetted
Jacob Oliver
Jacob Oliver 26 dagar sedan
Boy I'd like to show Stevie a corn pile!!! Sorry.
Josh Brookhart
Josh Brookhart 29 dagar sedan
What was Rhett trying to do at 4:10 😂😭
大卫 29 dagar sedan
9:07 Why isn't anyone interjecting? Is he joking? Ever heard of hepatitis? Listeria?
Dana Nicole
Dana Nicole Månad sedan
LOVED THIS!!! Such a cool concept. I’ve always wondered this…And I completely agree with the comment that you should do a frozen vs canned vegetable
Jesusa Fluhman
Jesusa Fluhman Månad sedan
The childlike committee july twist because shelf subsequently exercise aboard a lucky violin. tough, curved swordfish
ogrejd Månad sedan
@9:00 - Wait... There are people who thaw their frozen veggies? Weird.
No Name Avalible
No Name Avalible Månad sedan
Nice Tucker Carlson impression, Link. 7:48
stumpy ypmuts
stumpy ypmuts Månad sedan
"Vegetables aren't carrying diseases" XD
Cody Powers
Cody Powers Månad sedan
Need more Stevie content, bring back ltat
Nite Owl
Nite Owl Månad sedan
That was quite interesting. I'd also like to see them taste test all those milk alternatives, soy vs rice vs hemp vs almond vs coconut vs cashew vs oat, etc etc.
Rebekah Spears
Rebekah Spears Månad sedan
Rhett and Link eating the corn is them behaving like when they live in the same nursing home when they’re older.
Pops Daddy
Pops Daddy Månad sedan
A mill views an only 1000 comments?! Wow
Aly Mcdonald
Aly Mcdonald Månad sedan
Are Rhett and link not doing a new episode every day now?
ATimelessLove Månad sedan
Idk if they have, but they should make a sleep mask that says "As you can see, we can't."
Sarah Hemmerling
Sarah Hemmerling Månad sedan
Link, we saw that, dont bite Rhett
RickLeowSK Månad sedan
Elise Månad sedan
yAaAY 😒
Logikure Månad sedan
I know alot of food you cook when frozen
J 9 G
J 9 G Månad sedan
Everything they do is perfect gmm will never get old
Woodshadow Månad sedan
Impossible burgers are good. They aren’t as good as ground beef but if you go into it expecting impossible burgers they are very good. I would not be mad if someone gave me one
B B Månad sedan
Day 158 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us
Future Me
Future Me Månad sedan
Happy pride month everyone 🥰
alaska washington
alaska washington Månad sedan
“ah yeah i like it, reppin it over there in what I once thought was my homeland” - Rhett McLaughlin, 2021
Rob Hart
Rob Hart Månad sedan
prawny12009 Månad sedan
links gone all bride of frankenstein
Jeffy Ng
Jeffy Ng Månad sedan
so this is why Gordon gets so grumpy
Claudia Bolaños
Claudia Bolaños Månad sedan
8:13 that was hilarious link
Claudia Bolaños
Claudia Bolaños Månad sedan
This is so relevant to my life right now
Elder Skorm 13
Elder Skorm 13 Månad sedan
Vegetables don’t have diseases * listeria and botulism have left the chat*…
Faith lmao
Faith lmao Månad sedan
"if you've got a corn pile at home" oh who doesn't
Caleb Fondren
Caleb Fondren Månad sedan
The elderly thistle likely match because fibre cumulatively hug past a distinct offer. tidy, puny taxicab
Lennoxrenol Månad sedan
Aye throwback to the bro-sectomy
Kate Apple
Kate Apple Månad sedan
“Vegetables don’t have diseases!a” yeah bc E. coli is totally not bad for you 😂🤮
T Gauff
T Gauff Månad sedan
I legit forgot you can buy frozen vegetables 😂😂😂
Diego Dominguez
Diego Dominguez Månad sedan
seems like they are getting sick of each other
Richard Terry
Richard Terry Månad sedan
Link: "Step right up! Watch Link get lucky between the corn piles!" Me: Why is the mailbox in the cornrows?
Kaylyn Seleman
Kaylyn Seleman Månad sedan
Does link not have eyebrows
Brianna T
Brianna T Månad sedan
The way Link jacked his chicken tho
Stine Jakobsen
Stine Jakobsen Månad sedan
PLEASE GUYS YOU SHOULD COMPARE FRESH FOOD VS FOOD THAT HAS BEEN FROZEN!!! Like steak that has never been frozen, vs steak that has been frozen and thawed! It’s such a missed oppourtunity! I have aleays wondered if fresh food really is better than thawed food
Danyal A.
Danyal A. Månad sedan
Should've given them a placebo round, both frozen/thawed.
Niterythm Web
Niterythm Web Månad sedan
They actually say cooking a steak from frozen helps keep the juices in and the flavors. :)
Andrew Sheffield
Andrew Sheffield Månad sedan
yo why did they serve my boys whole chunks of skirt steak?
Literally just a ferret
So you need to thaw food before cooking or it makes the pan cold
Sauville Bonnefoy
Sauville Bonnefoy Månad sedan
years of watching spongebob, i thought you cook burger when it is frozen 🤣
Father AxeKeeper
Father AxeKeeper Månad sedan
as a viewer i really wish they wouldnt tell us the answer ahead of time. i dont want to know where the food is from ht how it was cooked. i want to be as surprised as rhet and link.
TruBoo22 Månad sedan
Do you think we will still get GMM when they're 70? I hope so
Alex Santibañez
Alex Santibañez Månad sedan
Alex Santibañez
Alex Santibañez Månad sedan
Do another Jenga video guys!!!!
Samuel Fotheringham
Samuel Fotheringham Månad sedan
Those forks on the plates were spine tingling lol great show tho
Kimberly Quinn
Kimberly Quinn Månad sedan
Should be Fresh vs Thawed vs Frozen
Carlos Guevara
Carlos Guevara Månad sedan
It's crisper but the water from being cooked frozen isn't in it anymore
Tony Langley
Tony Langley Månad sedan
I feel like a rebel watching them at night
ryan voorhees
ryan voorhees Månad sedan
Yakkin Tyler
Yakkin Tyler Månad sedan
I don’t get your notifications
Prince Gill
Prince Gill Månad sedan
You forgot to do FISH!!
Aaron Mecina
Aaron Mecina Månad sedan
Anyone remember the episode will it ice cream
Monito_Gamer Månad sedan
Yo veía a estos vatos pero en español y ya no hay videos de ellos en españo
Raven Rivenburgh
Raven Rivenburgh Månad sedan
12:40 when Link pretends to bite Rhetts arm
Luke Månad sedan
How is no one talking about Link looking like the swedish chef every time he grabs the silverware.
Alexander Gerdes
Alexander Gerdes Månad sedan
Not if you have an oven with thawing function.
PietheCreator Månad sedan
"He thought I was a lesbian and I was like, pfff, well that's ridiculous-"
luufia Månad sedan
Microwave burgers? Wtf murrica?
Croissant Baguette
Croissant Baguette Månad sedan
Do toast, toast is better from frozen
Aishah Munirah
Aishah Munirah Månad sedan
Celebrate, Man! ....yay..... HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHA LINKKKK
hellagood67 Månad sedan
I love you two 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aloha Lowah
Aloha Lowah Månad sedan
I sincerely hope I never step right up and see anyone get lucky between the corn piles 😂😂😂
Teagan Darcy
Teagan Darcy Månad sedan
This question is one I’ve wondered for the LONGEST time! Brilliant topic!!!
Michael Sajjad
Michael Sajjad Månad sedan
How about an episode where Rhett and Link rate the best of all the things they have claimed were one of the best things they ate on the show.
LillerThatIsMe Månad sedan
“Well I ate both of them....completely.” lol yes, we noticed. 🤣
comn_tube Månad sedan
Rhett and Link are like the weedless Cheech and Chong!
DeVante Quinn
DeVante Quinn Månad sedan
Have they done charcoal vs propane grilled food? That'd be a dope one
Tierney McMullin
Tierney McMullin Månad sedan
Link has such a dad way of pointing at things and I'm totally here for it
Obert Brinley
Obert Brinley Månad sedan
Corn is a grain and not a vegetable.
Creeplyawsomeness 1
Creeplyawsomeness 1 Månad sedan
“Your supposed to thaw frozen veggies” Me who never knew that
King Solomon
King Solomon Månad sedan
Try freezing bacon... it takes all the flavor away and it's disgusting.
Corinne Beau
Corinne Beau Månad sedan
I listen to y’all to help me fall asleep and ngl my dreams have never been as interesting 😆😆
Brandon Rubright
Brandon Rubright Månad sedan
EPISODE IDEA!: Another snack tournament but summer road trip edition. 4 categories of favorite road trip snacks competing to be the snack king of the ol dusty trail
Madeline Brown
Madeline Brown Månad sedan
You should do can it cotton candy Crush up candy corn or life savors etc. to pour into machine
Lg the Gamer
Lg the Gamer Månad sedan
This video is still useful
Mountaindew Månad sedan
10:24 wholesome moment when link moved the bowl for blind Rhett
Kulture Månad sedan
So no one is gonna talk about how Rhett said “takes me back to my vasectomy days” like WHAT??? 💀
Brooke B
Brooke B Månad sedan
They did a video getting vasectomies together a few years ago.
Angel Blake
Angel Blake Månad sedan
Rhett is a food dumpster
J.W. Brogan
J.W. Brogan Månad sedan
I'm starting to think there's very little consistency in their cooking process in the "versus" videos.
haden loyd
haden loyd Månad sedan
I’d like to suggest a “Will it fruit roll up?” episode!
deprofundis Månad sedan
I LOVE practical food-info episodes like this (they are my favorite)! But, seriously...CORN??..but no FISH????
G V Månad sedan
Frozen vs fresh I think would’ve been better
Perestroika Protivogaz
You serious with these game titles? It used to be cute.
Yong Lu
Yong Lu Månad sedan
Famous last words part 4 plz
Nilanjasa Kundu
Nilanjasa Kundu Månad sedan
Why was link trying to bite Rhett? 😂😂😂 @12:37
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