Can We Make Our Dads Laugh? Challenge 

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karl 6 timmar sedan
Steven L'Hirondelle
Steven L'Hirondelle 2 dagar sedan
300 dollar machine,, "what? I didn't approve that".. .. the way Rhett says this, makes me think he DID approve this, and he probably ate the sandwich too..
Eeee Hee
Eeee Hee 4 dagar sedan
I love how they look just like their fathers lol
crispy cream
crispy cream 4 dagar sedan
Links dad is gomer pyle
MyCLOWNpwNz 4 dagar sedan
Links dad is awesome
Seana Epley
Seana Epley 4 dagar sedan
"There's some sweatin' going on" - Link's dad is so flipping cute.
rikan 5 dagar sedan
this is one of the funniest gmm eps I've seen recently 🤣 too many golden moments
aliyamoon80 5 dagar sedan
I adore this episode! So much fun listening to you guys talk to your dads!
Noble Lundberg
Noble Lundberg 6 dagar sedan
If there ever is a definition of a Carolina accent it’s link’s dad.
sirroxalot 7 dagar sedan
I'm from SC, but almost my entire family is from NC. I just refer to the region as "The Carolinas".
SamuelPlaysVideogames 7 dagar sedan
I'm going North Myrtle Beach in a few weeks
Amanda 8 dagar sedan
Omg!!! Link looks so much like his dad!
GCAST Fishing
GCAST Fishing 8 dagar sedan
Post retirement LOLOL
Surpluhs 8 dagar sedan
I think we all can agree we all love links dad
Jamie Rodriguez
Jamie Rodriguez 9 dagar sedan
Link : I'm gonna have to ask your grandaddy to help pay for that LD: Well maybe I should've kept that Corvette and sent it to em Link (sexually): *Well you know that sure makes me feel frisky* HOWD WE GET THERE LMAO
Christian A. Stacy
Christian A. Stacy 9 dagar sedan
Their dads are forever precious.
dkelly387z 9 dagar sedan
That was fun!
Just trying to be a decent human
Rhetts dads “love you” 😬😬
Nathan Leal
Nathan Leal 11 dagar sedan
Hahahahaha this was awesome
Megan Bumstead
Megan Bumstead 11 dagar sedan
links dad literally makes me so happy everytime hes on, hes such a wholesome man 🥺🥺
Nicolai Eibeck
Nicolai Eibeck 12 dagar sedan
my favorite episode to date😂 also Rhett’s dad doesn’t love Link 😂😂
Ray West
Ray West 12 dagar sedan
damn link looks just like his dad
Samuel Bergeron
Samuel Bergeron 12 dagar sedan
14:17 I was just as excited as them when Link's dad said "mosquitos"
Addison Bragg
Addison Bragg 12 dagar sedan
I live in sc 🤬
Karnes 12 dagar sedan
Link's dad is the cutest man ever!
Hannah Gs
Hannah Gs 12 dagar sedan
Links dad accent just feels like home lol he talks like my extended family does
olivegreenwell 13 dagar sedan
You know watching Rhett and link over time has kinda started to feel like watching adventure time again. They really do feel like Finn and jake.
random tutorials
random tutorials 13 dagar sedan
We must protect links dad at all costs
Sunny O. Reacts
Sunny O. Reacts 13 dagar sedan
Links dad is hilarious 😂
Sunny O. Reacts
Sunny O. Reacts 13 dagar sedan
I used to grow oats 😂😂
Bethanie Bentley
Bethanie Bentley 13 dagar sedan
Oh my god, Links dad is soooooo damn cute. 🥲
Austin Coy
Austin Coy 13 dagar sedan
Keep dislikes at 333
RachelB 13 dagar sedan
This episode made me miss these kind of chats with my dad, I lost him 8 years ago.
Anthony Nieves
Anthony Nieves 14 dagar sedan
I wish I had a dad..
IAM NÚI 14 dagar sedan
ah yes using dads for content
Amy Jolly
Amy Jolly 15 dagar sedan
This is my most favorite episode ever 😭❤
simp4bokuto:} 15 dagar sedan
Rhett and his dad: 🧔🏼👴🏻 Link and his dad: 👨🏻👨🏻
Swan Peacock
Swan Peacock 15 dagar sedan
Links dad looks like him
Lindsay Hillard
Lindsay Hillard 16 dagar sedan
Link's dad is painfully adorable omg
Anna Ratliff
Anna Ratliff 16 dagar sedan
Links dad is a national treasure
Omer Aamir Shah
Omer Aamir Shah 17 dagar sedan
Wait Rhett laughed but links dad laugh counter went up
Omer Aamir Shah
Omer Aamir Shah 17 dagar sedan
Link complaining about leading the witness, the next round. How do you greet ppl in Hawaii that one word to say hello 😂😂😂😂
kiki Cat
kiki Cat 17 dagar sedan
So cute 😢
Joshua Johnston
Joshua Johnston 17 dagar sedan
wish i had a dad
S M 17 dagar sedan
Link was really good at this one lol.
WeirdGearPlays 18 dagar sedan
I was born and raised in south carolina. It is awesome.
Laura Stewart
Laura Stewart 18 dagar sedan
OMG I didn’t realize links kids were that old. 😮😮😮
NADAV MEIR 18 dagar sedan
this is so precious!!
Jocelyn Ayers
Jocelyn Ayers 18 dagar sedan
Links dad reminds me of Gomer Pyle, they have the same accent haha!
DatOneGuy 18 dagar sedan
Im pretty sure links dad has the same security system as us.
Audrey 18 dagar sedan
im from sc o.O
arianna 18 dagar sedan
links dad has my whole heart he’s so southern it’s hilarious and and just so cute
Rhita Padilla
Rhita Padilla 19 dagar sedan
link's dad is so sweet
M 19 dagar sedan
I love how Rhett's dad rolls his eyes every time he has to say something sweet 😂
acquaisaria 19 dagar sedan
When Link’s dad was speaking I literally had to pause to go “aweeeeee”
Danielle Johnson
Danielle Johnson 19 dagar sedan
I love link’s dad’s accent!!
Olivia 19 dagar sedan
Crazy how a like, Link and his dad look.
Dalton Cooke
Dalton Cooke 19 dagar sedan
As someone born and raised in Myrtle Beach, go to North Myrtle Beach
Thea U.
Thea U. 20 dagar sedan
thankful for the subtitles when they called Link's dad
Grace Bauer
Grace Bauer 20 dagar sedan
I was saving this for a day I needed it and ***yes*** 🥺🥲😊
Ima Karimah
Ima Karimah 20 dagar sedan
Link's dad wants Lilly to have a convertible car is hilarious 🤩
Jaime L
Jaime L 20 dagar sedan
Is Link's dad wearing a Hawaiian shirt? lol
Billythecowdog 20 dagar sedan
Straight outa Mayberry
S_k_y_e 20 dagar sedan
Oh geez louise, Links father’s country
B T 20 dagar sedan
Livyatan 21 dag sedan
That is definitely Link's dad.
Channel Dani
Channel Dani 21 dag sedan
The real question... how tall is Rhett's dad?!!
Charlotte Sullivan
Charlotte Sullivan 21 dag sedan
They’re dads are adorable 😂❤️
Vidhi Rajda
Vidhi Rajda 21 dag sedan
this made my day
Sleepy_Sensei 22 dagar sedan
This segment was golden :D
k1773ns 22 dagar sedan
🥺 protect links dad at all costs.
Christian Campbell
Christian Campbell 23 dagar sedan
Links dad is the goat
Ari Tombolesi
Ari Tombolesi 23 dagar sedan
Charleston SC! Lets go!
Rednecker Comedy
Rednecker Comedy 23 dagar sedan
Links Dad seems southern not expected at all
Justin Thorington II
Justin Thorington II 23 dagar sedan
most patient fathers I've ever seen. My dad would've yelled at me by the third question lmao
Savannah Carter
Savannah Carter 24 dagar sedan
I love how Link's dad says "oat" 😂
pikadonrich r.d.
pikadonrich r.d. 24 dagar sedan
Rhett’s gonna be like dad in 25 years time me senses.
Adam Gillespie
Adam Gillespie 24 dagar sedan
Hearing link being called charles is weird man
Jessica Spence
Jessica Spence 24 dagar sedan
I love this episode, both your dads are great and I was giggling the whole time. I hope all four of you had an amazing Father’s Day!
Itzel Sanchez
Itzel Sanchez 24 dagar sedan
Meagan B
Meagan B 24 dagar sedan
Links dad is so adorable
Rachel Groth
Rachel Groth 25 dagar sedan
Rhetts dad is so nice!
grace barber
grace barber 25 dagar sedan
Southern people: *see snake* “oH boy time tUh catch it and talk about it with my friends.”
Retain your seed and be a king
As a Tennesseean who hates snakes, I can assure you this definitely isn’t true lol
grace barber
grace barber 25 dagar sedan
Rhett: “Well, ya know, if you had to be honest.” Rhetts dad: “Well i love charleston🥰😋😁" Rhett: “hEhe uH weLL um if you had to be hONESTT.”
Travis Phelps
Travis Phelps 25 dagar sedan
This is one of my favorite episodes
The Percussionist
The Percussionist 25 dagar sedan
Link's Dad has the strongest southern accent! lol
Kelly Millikan
Kelly Millikan 25 dagar sedan
Erica Hughes
Erica Hughes 25 dagar sedan
I live in Charleston, SC so Rhett's dad really coming in clutch with that one!!!
Ariel Gon
Ariel Gon 25 dagar sedan
Yo, this is akward. I love this
Gloria Gomez
Gloria Gomez 25 dagar sedan
I don’t think I have smiled more watching one of their episodes than this one 🥺
Krystal Salisbury
Krystal Salisbury 26 dagar sedan
I needed this in my life!!!
Rachel Gardner Daniel
Rachel Gardner Daniel 26 dagar sedan
My grate ant is mrs.Mclam In buiescreek elementary school and that’s the school I go to and I’m Nathan gardner
ItsAJoeyBeat 26 dagar sedan
The southern twang in those accents lol
Rickelle Jones
Rickelle Jones 26 dagar sedan
Leavi 27 dagar sedan
Rhetts dad is wholesome. Links dad is like a cartoon character.
espie 27 dagar sedan
links dad is so cute 😂💖
VaX 27 dagar sedan
Is Link's dad Gomer Pyle?
Briyanna Beamon
Briyanna Beamon 27 dagar sedan
Yess Rhetts Dad ! Charleston is the best 🥰♥️
elan norsyarif
elan norsyarif 27 dagar sedan
Ann N
Ann N 27 dagar sedan
Their dads are so wholesome 🥺
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