Apparently YouTube Doesn't Want You To Watch This 

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Tinyde1986 Dag sedan
And they were afraid of the fanfiction's before? Hilarious XD
GimmeYa Beans
GimmeYa Beans 2 dagar sedan
Who knew watching two grown best friends cuddle would bring me so much joy hahah!
Markis Miller
Markis Miller 3 dagar sedan
Birthyear episode!!!!!!!
Jeana Marie
Jeana Marie 3 dagar sedan
How do people possibly down vote this??
Daniel Faliszewski
Daniel Faliszewski 3 dagar sedan
this is so wholesome
teagan 3 dagar sedan
i cant believe cuddle jean was just on the bachelorette. i saw her and immediately recognized her from GMM
Cassieosaurus _
Cassieosaurus _ 5 dagar sedan
Apparently youtube doesn't like joy
Kelsey H
Kelsey H 5 dagar sedan
Try every cotton candy flavor to see which is #1
Genevieve Watson
Genevieve Watson 6 dagar sedan
20:15 weirdo alert
Edward Schoenman
Edward Schoenman 6 dagar sedan
I want to cuddle with Stevie. I’ll turn her to the dark side.
Mackenzie Desire'
Mackenzie Desire' 6 dagar sedan
It's so fun seeing how the show has changed over the years as their kids have gotten older (which I mention only because I remember them saying that is a lot of why their content has 'grown up' as well). I literally don't even remember how young I was when I started watching, but it was way back in the Good Morning, Chia Lincoln days!
meheredoingstuff 8 dagar sedan
This is such a rewatchable episode haha 😄
Olivia Suggs
Olivia Suggs 8 dagar sedan
Oh my gosh 🤣🤣🤣 I’m just now catching up and my only question the whole time through my hysterical laughter is why are y’all doing this 🤣🤣🤣 Now y’all know better lmaooo They’re actually pretty awesome for doing this 😊
Gray Alien
Gray Alien 9 dagar sedan
True friendship is platonicly cuddling your bois
Gray Alien
Gray Alien 9 dagar sedan
These two are so comfortable in their masculinity, I love it. Especially Rhett's manly viking beard, love of apocalypse prep, and comfort cuddling his best friend
allimac85 9 dagar sedan
Shelbie Atwood
Shelbie Atwood 9 dagar sedan
I love randomly hearing Stevie's disembodied laugh
JerseyLeft 10 dagar sedan
This is entertainment
brad 10 dagar sedan
Eric Carson
Eric Carson 10 dagar sedan
Kyle Carlos
Kyle Carlos 10 dagar sedan
17:50 can we realize rhett and link just did 96 instead of 69. this is my favorite video ever
Joy Kwa
Joy Kwa 10 dagar sedan
Wow link and Rhett locked in cudddle 🤗oh I love this video I love the plushy stuff toy of Rhett and link g8t to cuddle when going to bed
Joy Kwa
Joy Kwa 10 dagar sedan
Omg crokroach on link intro eeyo…
Chloe Morrison
Chloe Morrison 10 dagar sedan
"It takes an expert's eyes to see this kind of talent"
Eliastheleon 24
Eliastheleon 24 10 dagar sedan
I ducking love links jerry shirt
Joanna Ramos
Joanna Ramos 10 dagar sedan
jean hitting on link is funny 🤣
simple name
simple name 11 dagar sedan
Mom: what are you watching young man. Me: it's rett and link I swear mon
Dany 11 dagar sedan
This is so cute lmao and I'm surprised by how relaxed it made me
Brookelyn Estrada
Brookelyn Estrada 11 dagar sedan
Definitely should have won you guys did great!
Weesnaw Nation
Weesnaw Nation 12 dagar sedan
two sweaty boys cuddle
Alex Vincent
Alex Vincent 12 dagar sedan
The algorithm messed up the views
charlie 12 dagar sedan
that was the most adorable thing i've ever seen
Ruben Caballero
Ruben Caballero 12 dagar sedan
i can't believe that after all the weird stuff they do they seem "to straight" to fully commit and enjoy a cuddle,
UnionJack26 12 dagar sedan
If only she switched that last score from a 6 to a 9, they would've achieved 69!!!!
Gray H
Gray H 13 dagar sedan
Something I noticed was that instead of being the “guy or girl” they were “cuddler one and cuddler two.” Just a nice inclusive note
Hillz HaveEyesShadow
Hillz HaveEyesShadow 13 dagar sedan
Oh my goodness me and my bf loved this video!!🤣🤣
Kaitlyn Hannah
Kaitlyn Hannah 13 dagar sedan
I laughed so hard.. this is gold 😂
Pizzazz Music
Pizzazz Music 13 dagar sedan
Title makes sense. This is one of their least viewed videos in a while.
Little Yellow Dog
Little Yellow Dog 13 dagar sedan
No no, I don't want to watch this. Don't go blaming SVdown. Much love lmao. Can't wait for GMS
FMD BD 13 dagar sedan
Definitely David
Definitely David 13 dagar sedan
These guys way overthink things!
Yoyo & Min Thai Kitchen
"Second date they'll be facing each other" sngjennfiajfnjcjen
MarioMadness 14 dagar sedan
When Kama Sutra becomes a problem ... people don't bend that way 90% of the time
Misty Valzania
Misty Valzania 14 dagar sedan
I think this is one of my favorite videos! 😂🤣🤣🤣The awkwardness and the dedication just made this wonderful!! 🤣🤣🤣
Samantha Hanson
Samantha Hanson 14 dagar sedan
I feel bad for everyone who hasn’t watched this because it has quickly became my go-to video when I need a good laugh!! let the people watch it SVdown!!!!!!
Killian 15 dagar sedan
You guys should try fermented liver
Peritye 15 dagar sedan
Its not youtube, its that we didnt like the first cuddling vid. But I watched it and its not bad.
Taylor Bryden Pro-Wrestler
The people who write fanfic about Rhett and Link are loving this episode 😂
Cumpi Linux
Cumpi Linux 15 dagar sedan
Best channel, greetings from Argentina
Elizabeth Hodgson
Elizabeth Hodgson 15 dagar sedan
Link: "Crotches don't really work like that" Me: ......
Kaitlyn Reynolds
Kaitlyn Reynolds 15 dagar sedan
Link's litte foot wiggle during the matching pillow set gets me every time. Imma go cry now. He's so cute!
JEO 15 dagar sedan
BOINGGGGGGG! Only Ronstadt fans will know what im talking about 🤣💯💯
Zach Reacts
Zach Reacts 15 dagar sedan
What is the title LMFAO
Abby Reaves
Abby Reaves 16 dagar sedan
Scott Hiszem
Scott Hiszem 16 dagar sedan
I’m watching this even if SVdown doesn’t want to
blue33063 16 dagar sedan
Link is so homophobic!!
Kay S
Kay S 16 dagar sedan
You guys had amazing content about 4 years ago
Sienna Moeller
Sienna Moeller 16 dagar sedan
not me thinking for the last cuddle pose Rett and Link did a 96 instead of a 69.............
Mariam Aiyad
Mariam Aiyad 17 dagar sedan
this episode was great i'm sad it doesn't have more views
Addi Sullivan
Addi Sullivan 17 dagar sedan
Link looks so small
Kathryn 17 dagar sedan
i feel like this was just an excuse to cuddle
a can of tomato soup
a can of tomato soup 17 dagar sedan
Omg, a frakkin stealie!!!!!
Aaliyah D
Aaliyah D 17 dagar sedan
Maaaaaan i wanna cuddle Davin
conchees3 17 dagar sedan
I cried from laughter. Best episode thus far.
Wednesday SImpson
Wednesday SImpson 17 dagar sedan
Love this 😄
jurrione 17 dagar sedan
This show is getting weird. Maybe I am unhealthy strait. But C.C. Randy is the least disturbing part. Can you make cuddling part 2 with female staffmembers? Or link and Stevie or something?
Holly Pierce
Holly Pierce 17 dagar sedan
I think this is my favorite episode of all times!!
Holly Pierce
Holly Pierce 17 dagar sedan
I love the Cuddle Queen Jean!!
venn 17 dagar sedan
Usual Weirdo
Usual Weirdo 17 dagar sedan
This episode was exceptional! Laughed so hard.
King Adeft
King Adeft 17 dagar sedan
I originally didn't think this would be funny. I forgot that Rhett and Link always make things so unintentionally funny.
Jac Davies
Jac Davies 17 dagar sedan
The new title has me dying tho
Anna Grey
Anna Grey 18 dagar sedan
The namechange and low viewcount made me crack up
crazy craab
crazy craab 18 dagar sedan
Omg this channel is still I thing I watched you guys every single morning lol.
LoneShadow Gaming
LoneShadow Gaming 18 dagar sedan
What did I just watch
PietheCreator 18 dagar sedan
I saw this on my recommended soooo. I think SVdown understands now
Keith Mossey
Keith Mossey 18 dagar sedan
Well I’m watching ANYWAY!
Keith Mossey
Keith Mossey 18 dagar sedan
Fr tho they’re kinda forcing you to eat food and do nothing else hahah
Something 18 dagar sedan
Every time I comeback Rhett looks crazier and I love every minute of it
Chris Mac
Chris Mac 18 dagar sedan
0:44 Rhett and Link went a little bit Online Nation on us there :)
bippeli 18 dagar sedan
Now THAT'S a great title for a video
sedriensmorgasbord 18 dagar sedan
I would cuddle with Davin.
Sarah Powell
Sarah Powell 18 dagar sedan
Up next, SVdown will be demonetizing videos because a woman showed a flash of ankle.
SillyMationNation 18 dagar sedan
Yay! GMM!
ThaVangsta 18 dagar sedan
Gosh Stevie’s laugh is adorable lol. I feel like it can be contagious at times haha
abby o
abby o 18 dagar sedan
this is too funny
Mandy B
Mandy B 19 dagar sedan
I love when Jean Franzblau is on here!!
Sarah White
Sarah White 19 dagar sedan
ROFL...I laughed so hard with this one!
TJ Kushington
TJ Kushington 19 dagar sedan
I’m not sure where else to say this, but I ordered a hoodie 2 months ago and still haven’t recieved it… anybody know what I should do?
Zebra Butt
Zebra Butt 18 dagar sedan
TheToasterBurntMyToast 19 dagar sedan
Apparently being a cuddling expert is a thing now. To each their own I guess….
Sonny G
Sonny G 19 dagar sedan
Oh gosh
Samantha Nichols
Samantha Nichols 19 dagar sedan
So we’re not gonna talk about the 69 part-?
Sylvani Starchild-St.Clair
IcesBloodyPoop 19 dagar sedan
i dont think anyone wanted to watch this. the show has just become unnecessarily perverted and i stopped watching after i saw what you were doing. You know you have kids watching clean it up
Tammy Strub
Tammy Strub 19 dagar sedan
Oh lord I am so embarrassed for these guys and all I keep thinking is I hope they have fresh breath 🤣😳
Gabriel Logan
Gabriel Logan 19 dagar sedan
Bringing back bromance and denouncing toxic masculinity one cuddle at a time
Lucien Delaney
Lucien Delaney 4 dagar sedan
@Baka Baka , yea, but the stigma around two guys cuddling is toxic
Baka Baka
Baka Baka 9 dagar sedan
Just cause a guy doesn’t want to cuddle with another guy it doesn’t make them toxic.
Kristen Goss
Kristen Goss 19 dagar sedan
This is truly the best video 😂😂😂
Remy the rat fangirl
Remy the rat fangirl 19 dagar sedan
was link in waynes world
Echo Ally
Echo Ally 19 dagar sedan
You must be new
Jordz xD
Jordz xD 19 dagar sedan
I called their final position a reverse 69 lol
Nick Franklin
Nick Franklin 19 dagar sedan
"SVdown Doesn't Want You To Watch This" say no more...
Noodles 19 dagar sedan
And this is how Rhett & Links sleep overs go 🤣
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