Alternate Universe Snacks Taste Test 

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Joanna Dzenowski
Joanna Dzenowski 18 timmar sedan
Bottom ramen enema...
Jacolionne Dag sedan
Fun Fact: This was the first episode I seen of GMM. Yeah, *THIS WAS MY FIRST EPISODE I SEEN OF GMM*
Joe Fish
Joe Fish Dag sedan
1st one would not work in the UK. We call them squares though there rectangles.
Scoobz 2 dagar sedan
this was uploaded right before my birthday lol
JavierRowdyruff 3 dagar sedan
I never heard of Sno Caps and I never had one
Simontendo 6 dagar sedan
This video made me look up Jeb Bush
Conner Jones
Conner Jones 6 dagar sedan
Rick and Morty in real life
Madison Blois
Madison Blois 7 dagar sedan
These are my favorite gmm episodes I love snacks from other denominations
Karum Othman
Karum Othman 7 dagar sedan
I like verse ramen 😏
Uehara Nakamoto
Uehara Nakamoto 9 dagar sedan
yes do not let link get the cleaver
Chelsea Pradels
Chelsea Pradels 16 dagar sedan
Never thought id imagine someone having a ramen enema.... just wish it wasnt while i was eating ramen.
Pears Fan Panthers fan from a Bears family
To the people that see this first, this was more made for people that know a lot about this show. Please watch at least one more until you make an opinion about them
Lizzy Arceo
Lizzy Arceo 17 dagar sedan
So random and hilarious
kiri shimx
kiri shimx 17 dagar sedan
wow ... how nice to see the youtubers I saw in 2014 again.
jesie martin
jesie martin 18 dagar sedan
He didn’t really do that did he?
el opa
el opa 19 dagar sedan
mr awesome pants
mr awesome pants 21 dag sedan
oh god im in tears this episode brings back the best memories from when i was a teen
Barack H. Obama
Barack H. Obama 22 dagar sedan
5:18 I don't like where this is going
Landon Mead
Landon Mead 23 dagar sedan
when link poops it will be just noodles.
Vicarious One
Vicarious One 23 dagar sedan
K V 24 dagar sedan
Hank Makel
Hank Makel 25 dagar sedan
This is my favorite type of video they do
Amal Zayyanah
Amal Zayyanah 25 dagar sedan
I'm from Brunei and I still love the fact that Link threw that dart and is continuing to flex about that throw haha love yalls!! ♥️
BlueDawgo 25 dagar sedan
Y’all should do an episode of this for April Fools where instead of you eating alternate snacks, it’s an alternate dimension GMM eating normal snacks
Kyle Fearing
Kyle Fearing 27 dagar sedan
This is probably my favorite episode 😂
SansSerif 28 dagar sedan
why didn’t y’all do spice crispies 😭
Sebastian Cardullo
Sebastian Cardullo 29 dagar sedan
They shouldn’t consider if the snack would be good in our dimension, because they are saying whether it is a delicious dimension or not. Not if it would go good in our dimension. Just consider this 👍
Chris Lamis
Chris Lamis 29 dagar sedan
Caleb Coleman
Caleb Coleman 29 dagar sedan
I love the multiverse munchies (just saying)
Iowa Retro Gamer Dad
I want some Lava Caps. LOL
No Thanks
No Thanks Månad sedan
I... think that's where I'll end my binge today!
Jan Bush
Jan Bush Månad sedan
Do sundrop vs moonrise
Sara Richey
Sara Richey Månad sedan
s o u t h m o u t h
kari w
kari w Månad sedan
I Wanna Try Lava Caps!
Ryan Månad sedan
Links Hair looks like clowns Hair.
Steve Jarvis
Steve Jarvis Månad sedan
Oh I remember those sno cap candies haha.
Michael Galusha
Michael Galusha Månad sedan
Will we get a video about how they make the wrappers?
Hot Dog
Hot Dog Månad sedan
How do you enter a he alternate dimension
Ryan D
Ryan D Månad sedan
You better give Steve-O his credit for that Butt Chug
Jonathon Hackett
Jonathon Hackett Månad sedan
Intresting video idea
CutiePie4325 Månad sedan
surprised there’s not a “do not attempt” on this one lol
Jamie White
Jamie White Månad sedan
The plastic coat surgically puncture because liver informally confess vice a recondite alphabet. nutty, calm index
Hudson Remillard
Hudson Remillard Månad sedan
Make a podcast
Brianna Watson
Brianna Watson Månad sedan
Sno-Caps are my mom's absolutely FAVORITE movie snack. X'D
blake keating
blake keating Månad sedan
Actually stopped watching this one.
Midwest Monstaz
Midwest Monstaz Månad sedan
Lava caps need to be a real thing
Retarded Cats
Retarded Cats Månad sedan
In my universe we have W&A Roots Beer sinks, its a barky summertime refreshing beverage.
Isaac Eagles
Isaac Eagles Månad sedan
Kathy Strange
Kathy Strange Månad sedan
Bottom ramen could have gone in so many directions...
mentilly all
mentilly all Månad sedan
this hasn't been a family show for years. don't lie
Coolcon Comedy
Coolcon Comedy Månad sedan
So they just get food from a omega mart
Ricardo Maza
Ricardo Maza Månad sedan
Now thats a big fanservice. Rhet and Link do butt play?
Ryan Pippin
Ryan Pippin Månad sedan
Kinda wish Vat9 would team up with Nicole on the lava caps idea
James Esplin
James Esplin Månad sedan
Really didn't like the bottom ramen bit, pretty bad.
riley p.
riley p. Månad sedan
lmao y’all never fail to make me belly laugh
stecky87 Månad sedan
Sno-caps really are underrated . . .
Cici Woods
Cici Woods Månad sedan
How...is this not an april fools video
CS Brown
CS Brown Månad sedan
"The more cows that fart in their dimension the more their galaxy cools." - Albert Einstein, probably
SyCoREAPER Månad sedan
This was literally the dumbest episode you guys have ever done and that's saying something. I've at minimum liked all previous episodes.
Nicholas Boulay
Nicholas Boulay Månad sedan
Yeah this episode was great
Charlie Durnford
Charlie Durnford Månad sedan
Bovine flatulence is not a threat to our existence 😂
Aaron Rudy
Aaron Rudy Månad sedan
Videos are just as good today as they where on day 1 when they first started
Abdullah A
Abdullah A Månad sedan
Guys please introduce the calendar to the merch line… I’d really love to own one already!
TBEBEAST Månad sedan
I love when they do this 🔥🔥🔥
Yoshi Waffles
Yoshi Waffles Månad sedan
Can they enter the dimension where they sit on opposite sides for a video it will be weird
Odd Whips
Odd Whips Månad sedan
Rhett looks like he is getting younger well link looks like he is getting older🥲
Animated Gamer
Animated Gamer Månad sedan
rhett: rick link: morty
Kenny Månad sedan
There isn't typically and sort of gushy center in a sno-cap
Bishop L.
Bishop L. Månad sedan
Right when I said “let me guess, bottom ramen?” I was precisely right and said “called it!”
Bianca Malan
Bianca Malan Månad sedan
lmao you guys.....
Sierra DBB
Sierra DBB Månad sedan
Alexander Caulfield
Alexander Caulfield Månad sedan
Is it just me or is Link turning more and more into Garth from Wayne's World every time they say good mythical morning 🤣🤣
We Remotely Low
We Remotely Low Månad sedan
"Quite a broth"
Randall Cantal
Randall Cantal Månad sedan
Were do they get these items i did my research and they don't exist
amanda Sondergaard
amanda Sondergaard Månad sedan
Josh makes them in the mythical kitchen
BCav Månad sedan
Just got the lost causes of bleak creek from audible and I think I’m only ever going to imagine them as Rex and Leaf every time I watch GMM now
Flying Sushi
Flying Sushi Månad sedan
Me being a shifter:🤭
Lindy Nicholson
Lindy Nicholson Månad sedan
Shoutout to my hometown where UTK made national news for butt-chugging beer at frat parties
Snek Månad sedan
Rhetts avocado toast looks like the surface of mars
PrismaTAO Dean
PrismaTAO Dean Månad sedan
The fact that I used to eat Sno-Caps all the time as a kid brings me back too much
Adventure Discovery
Adventure Discovery Månad sedan
Funky Butt Lovin!
Beached-boy Månad sedan
oh no please not the bottoms
Derick Clement
Derick Clement Månad sedan
The best part is hearing the crew laughing in the back🤣
Hana Verrier
Hana Verrier Månad sedan
Rhett honey no, chicken's don't have anuses..they have cloaca's
Dan Rose
Dan Rose Månad sedan
Not a huge fan of these alternate dimension videos. Sorry Guys!
Artanis667 Månad sedan
What were they thinking??
Alleigh Bal
Alleigh Bal Månad sedan
*Uncomfy.* :)
Tanner Doty
Tanner Doty Månad sedan
This episode made me loose humor. Boofing is not a joke, it's an art.
Zachary Kine
Zachary Kine Månad sedan
They assume we wouldn’t want to travel to a new dimension. Pfft. Let me at that vending machine.
I would've rather seen them eat the bottom ramen
Rebekah Williams
Rebekah Williams Månad sedan
11:15 so unsanitary
The Gun Bandit
The Gun Bandit Månad sedan
Definitely wanted to see you guys eat that bottom ramen
Adina Cooper
Adina Cooper Månad sedan
ok guys...some of us watch your show as a family while we eat dinner. 🐔🍑🤢
TheGarlandLogs Månad sedan
I want to see the texts that go on between these two 😂
YoItsXziuto Månad sedan
I remember when you guys got atomic wedgies that was hilarious
Tula QT
Tula QT Månad sedan
Snow caps are my favorite
Vale Sousa
Vale Sousa Månad sedan
Definitely not my first time watching gmm. Been about 9, 10 years now
Julian Moran
Julian Moran Månad sedan
nintatsu akaninja
nintatsu akaninja Månad sedan
Ok. I want lava caps.
ActOfLove *
ActOfLove * Månad sedan
“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭9:10‬ ‭NIV‬
haresh singh
haresh singh Månad sedan
No one better watch this as their first gmm episode
James Daniel Juste
James Daniel Juste Månad sedan
When did Rhett go vegetarian?
Carbonated Food Taste Test
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This'll get ya a high five